Wednesday, October 31

someday i swear


  • i will buy an old, old victorian home that needs renovated in the historic district of whatever town i decide to live in and fix it up myself. 
  • i will keep my room clean for longer than three days.
  • i'll raise four kids and we'll dance around the living room together, read a dozen books before bed every single night, go on family road trips across the country seeing absolutely everything there is to see, wear matching socks, go out for ice cream on friday nights, and be the weirdest family on the block. oh, and i'll love them more than absolutely anything in the world.
  • i will learn to make my own coffee perfectly; not too watered down but not too strong, either.
  • i will publish something. anything. 
  • i will become an every-single-day runner (the biggest reason i'm going to do a half marathon).
  • i will purge my closet of the dresses i don't wear.
  • i will spend less time on tumblr.
  • i will learn to stop talking so much (just kidding, probably never).
  • i will photograph a wedding.
  • i will be able to look him in the eye and not see the person i used to know.
  • i will learn to wear my glasses to class every day.
  • i will ask someone out who i think is lightyears out of my league.
  • i will be able to openly admit i love oprah and her shows still make me cry.
  • i will quit pretending rory and lorelai gilmore are real people.
  • i will meet taylor swift again and tell her that her "red" album came when i needed it most (and 'we are never ever getting back together' was a sign from the heavens quite literally the day it came out).
  • i will get a "B" in organic chemistry.
  • i will live in seattle for at least a year of my twenties.
  • i will learn to be able to appreciate the good and the bad, bitterness absent. 

Monday, October 29

honest to blog

  • i've reached the point where i'm 100% me and happy again. being there and being in this confident good place feels amazing. however, while i don't miss being in a relationship and i don't want to just go out and get a boyfriend, i've started to miss the kind of connection that comes with being that close to someone. realizing this, i've also figured out through meeting so many new people and in exploring a bit that i'm terrified. i'm absolutely terrified of even "liking" someone again and forming a connection like so again. i am excited to do it all over again someday because i know that it's going to be so much better the next time around having learned what i have. but that moment when i meet someone, and it's going well, and i'm not choking on my words or forcing the conversation to flow, tends to make me freeze in the middle of it.
  • the hardest lesson i have learned in the past year? the people you least expect to disappoint you probably will. the best lesson i've learned? time is the best testament of trust and the people who have always, always been there will still be there when the others leave.
  • i had a bit of a weird situation where something happened and instead of addressing me about it, it was left to me to find out about it through every single one of my other friends. yes, i was hurt. and yes, i was in a position to say something if i wanted to. but the best tool i've learned is indifference. starting something isn't worth it, defending myself isn't even worth it when i know that it doesn't affect my life in any big way anyways. being the better person goes far. and i can't say i would have reacted the same way just a year ago and that makes me proud.
  • there are days in college where i find myself feeling like i'm just over the whole scene. it's not that i feel superior to anyone or anything, but i feel ready for what's next sometimes. i realize i know who i am and the number of people i actually need in my life are few. but if there's one thing that i think about constantly it's the words my aunt said during our last phone call. she told me not to rush anything too quickly, to enjoy each day for what it is, because the day will come when there aren't any major milestones ahead. and if they are, they are few and far apart. truthfully, though i may feel "over" it, there are still three semesters of learning and growing to do. and i am thankful for it all regardless of how mundane it all gets to be sometimes. 
*idea taken from one of my favorite bloggers whose "honest to blog" feature is my favorite.


Sunday, October 28

halloween 2012

i did a halloween recap last year and after the night we had,
i knew i had to do it again. halloween, after all, is my 
favorite holiday and forever will be.
-fake eyelashes purchased again because it's the one time a year i can wear them and no one will judge me because it is halloween and people do a lot worse.
-a costume thrown together from the contents of my closet, once again.
-lipstick bought and used for the first time in my life.
-a plan change mid-day and previous tickets sold on facebook last minute.
-"you're a...maid?"
-spotting "the coffee boy" yet again. instant recognition. coffee order recited. and now i can never go get coffee there again.
-asking a girl in a white bra and skirt what she is. "a polar bear!" ...of course.
-dancing with a boy in physics class who sits behind me. "you're one of the cute girls that sit in front of me!" 
-dancing simultaneously with his shirtless friend who could be an abercrombie
-finally getting the thumbs up to do jenny's make up.
-getting asked to tie someone's shoe because "you're so close to the ground already!"
-my conversation breaker in the bathroom = asking everyone if they like taylor swift.
-making best friends with the guy in the fleece tiger costume.
-messing up the dance to gangham style. getting called out on it by everyone.
-bringing our best guy friend with us to serve as a 'bouncer'.
-finding a girl who sits behind me in my writing class and talking about Hunter rainboots boy for twenty minutes.
-"you're not a freshmen?"
-"you're not 21?"
-stealing hats right and left. wearing them.
-finding the friend of someone i'm not so fond of.
-coming home to eat a bowl of pumpkin ice cream.
DSC_0359 DSC_0344 DSC_0354
top: modcloth // skirt: francessca's collections // shoes: urban outfitters

Saturday, October 27

the craziest thing i've ever done

reasons why i think i might have dyed my hair:
  • the angst of the last six months is finally showing face? 
  • i am on board to achieving all the things in life i've ever wanted to and i wanted a tangible reflection of that in my appearance?
  • i was bored?
  • every time i've cut my hair short i've regretted it so doing something different meant i had to take a different route aside from using the scissors?
  • i've always wanted to try ombre but didn't have the guts until i met tonya and realized how awesome it is?
  • i've never ever added any color in my hair, so why not?
  • i wanted to do something just for myself?
i honestly don't know what it was. one second i'm just drooling over hair on pinterest and the next i'm meeting tonya and asking my best friends, "should i do this?" jokingly. and then i'm getting a hair cut and decide to ask my stylist (and soul mate, let's get real) what she'd think about going ombre. she loved the idea. and then i was making the appointment and doing something i have never done before. EVER. make this the craziest thing i've ever done. i kind of think that means i need more crazy in my life. i've just never really been interested, to be quite honest. so who knows what finally made me take the plunge. regardless, i love it. i'm not convinced i'm cool enough to work it, but if i have to fake it, i will.

also- quite possibly jenny and i were the cause of a car accident while we took these. one second we are taking pictures on the railroad tracks and the next i'm peeking over jenny's shoulder because we hear a huge crash. right. in. front. of. us. a male college student had rear ended a truck. i'm going to pretend like he hadn't seen us and therefore only rear ended someone because he was texting while driving.

lastly, montana has already experienced its first snow. sorry but i might just use my hunter's to double as snow boots for the time being because i love them so much (and they're the infamous boots that get complimented on by writer boy.)
DSC_0947 DSC_0921 DSC_0912 DSC_0932 DSC_0951 DSC_0937 DSC_0949 DSC_0944
dress: forever21 // cardigan: urban outfitters // tights: modcloth //
boots: Hunters via Zappos

Friday, October 26

goals (big ones!)

accepted i told you in a post a few back that i'd started making some goals for myself. well, it's true. i think in light of the last six months, the best thing to come out of it was time alone to just think. about myself, about what i wanted, about my future, about things i wanted to accomplish, how i was spending my time, and was i happy? have i been happy? and in the end, i realized i wasn't happy with what i was doing and i wasn't feeling full-filled. i'm a person that's easy to make happy but there comes a point when you have to do things in your life to feel satisified and full. i'm a person that likes to work. and i haven't been working outside of school in two years. i was focused on just graduating and getting through school which truly, just isn't enough for me. i like projects. multiple ones. i like working for short term goals and reaching them. i like the big and the small challenges in life.

so that being said, here's what i've been working on/what's ahead for me:
  • running a half marathon in may 2013
  • getting into upper level creative writing workshops
  • studying abroad in ireland next june on a scholarship
  • minoring/double majoring in creative writing
  • building my photography business
  • becoming a CNA
i was holding out until i found out if i'd made it in our not, but i was accepted into the creative writing workshops i wanted that are competitive (!!!!!). i'm doing everything on my list. i'm running a half marathon to prove to myself that i can do something i don't think i can. i'm studying abroad because i crave adventure and i want to push myself to try new things, finally. i am taking more writing classes because it makes me happier than anything else. i'm shooting back-up at a wedding next summer and being paid for it. i've done fourteen senior shoots, three "couple" shoots, and four family shoots. i'm going to do CNA training because i have ideas of where i want it to take me after. and i'm doing it all just for me. what better way is there to do something?

and thank you, to all of you, yes, you, for being a part of the journey. this is all just really, really cool.

Thursday, October 25

all too well

DSC_0847 my approach to blogging has changed drastically in comparison to when i first started. i used to have a precise schedule of what days i would blog what i was wearing and never veered from my pattern. blogging quickly became a passionless chore and then i discovered lifestyle blogs (KYLEE!) and after a long break from outfit blogging, i came back. i'll be honest, i definitely don't have a pattern anymore. most of the time, i blog about what i want in the moment and if i'm wearing something i like that day and have time, will take pictures of it. but it's not the end of the world if i can't take pictures on a tuesday to post at exactly 3:00PM on wednesday. i don't stick to "one" thing anymore and tend to post regular lists and stories. it was kind of my way of saying "this blog is now going to be all me and only what i want to post now". is that rude?  it's easier. i feel no pressure. maybe sometimes i slack or sometimes i don't post an outfit for two weeks, but i'm happier this way and it keeps me posting continually with passion. because if i'm not  ' it, i doubt you will.

today, however, was definitely a "feelin' it" day. um, hello perfect dress. i've had a lot of perfect dresses come into my life lately. SEE, dresses and i are definitely back together. if you remember, when i met up with kylee, the fate gods sent me this dress. after holding out and listening to the nagging voice in my head that said don't spend your money on something you just 'like', maggie, something you love is around the corner! this one took the cake. it makes it all better that i was with kylee when it happened and that it just happens to be the best fall dress in the world. and i also just happen to love these shoes which magically walked into my life last month as well.

anyways, i get my news back tomorrow. and after that i'm excited to spill the beans about every *big* choice/goal i've made in the last few weeks. for the first month and a half of the semester, i really took alone time seriously. i came to the conclusion that i have indeed gotten myself "back" and i know myself again (...if only i could go back six months and be who i am now in the same situations). and thus, it's time to push the envelope a bit. AND I'M THIS EXCITED EVERYONE! DSC_0856 DSC_0890 DSC_0869 DSC_0843 DSC_0905
dress: nordstroms // tights: target // shoes: forever 21 //
headband: modcloth

Monday, October 22

the dresses are back in black and peter pan collars

DSC_0327 alright, everyone. i figured out my dress problem. it's not that i fell out of love completely with dresses. no, that's not it. because i realized if anything, wearing this dress made me realize i'm not done with them and they are still my best friends. and then i went to salt like city and found the fall dress of my dreams. and most recently, saved my giftcards for THIS dress. it's safe to say that it wasn't that i wasn't feeling emotionally connected to my dresses anymore, just that what i want out of a dress has changed (ha, read between the lines here please). no more crazy patterns, please. no more empire awkward fitting waists that make me look like a teen mom. i'm not sure what this means for my closet (sophie? any of you?) but i'm going to have to purge soon. regardless, i'm just happy to say that i've got my dress mojo back.

there's this guy in my class that has complimented my Hunter rain boots all three times i've worn them to class. and here's the problem. i'm positive he is straight (all it takes is looking at his cargo pants and nike dunks)(wait, maggie, what kind of guy are you going for here!?!?!) but what i don't know is how long i have to wait before i can reply with, "so when are we getting coffee after class?". seriously, i'm awful at this. my strategy at the moment seems to be wearing my red rain boots and making sure i shower that morning. advice is welcome.

during my homework free weekend, i spent an entire day in bed doing HTML and crocheting and then another entire day outside taking pictures. if i didn't love montana before, it's official. i voyaged into the wilderness to find a park i had read about online. at first the massive crowds of joggers, bikers, family walkers, and children freaked me out. if i was at home, i would have gotten the inquisitive stink eye from each and every passerby. but missoula! oh missoula. every single person smiled at me with my camera and ridiculously impractical outfit for hanging out in the woods. several stopped and asked if they wanted to take a picture of us and several stopped to ask about our photography. no second guessing, no questioning our sanity. no! they thought we were awesome. it was fantastic. in missoula, it's perfectly normal to do obscene things for the sake of getting a good picture.

p.s. thank you to shelby for taking these lovely pictures! meeting people from the internest is becoming an addiction? she posted more pictures of me over there!
DSC_0348 DSC_0264 DSC_0262 DSC_0343
dress: Ruche // tights: target // shoes: Urban Outfitters

Sunday, October 21

my obsession with taylor swift explained

4529_79908152507_2497602_n i don't think i've ever attempted to explain fully my juvenile obsession/borderline creepy/love for taylor swift. not to anyone. in fact, i'm pretty sure the only reason i've avoided it is because i've heard the rebuttal a thousand times before even though i am probably more acutely aware of what is wrong with worshipping her than anyone else. yes, i know that she only writes about love and relationships, yes i know she idealizes love similarly to a 13 year old girl, and yes i know that the way she scorns those who have done her wrong is slightly self indulgent and it's very likely that they aren't the only problem.

trust me i know

the first time i listened to a song by taylor swift, i rolled my eyes. a little hard to believe now, but truly, when i heard "our song" for the first time i thought kill me now, another blonde bopper with an auto toned voice singing about boys. i hated it. hated every moment of it so much that i vowed i would rather pull a van vogh and cut off my ears before i heard another note from miss swift.

fast forward just a few months. i don't know what it was about the moment or what it was exactly about the song, but i heard "should've said no" on one of my therapeutical country drives after my nannying job i took the summer i was 16. experiencing the first whiff of being scorned myself, there was something about every single line that just made me say YES, this is it. YES, this is what i'm thinking better than i can put into my own words. perfectly. and maybe it was her somewhat boring unimpressive voice that made her lyrics all the more powerful. she wasn't a carrie underwood hitting unforeseen notes, she was just a regular joe singing about this and that. and what shone through her mediocre voice was the pure raw feeling behind them. it could have been me or you or my best friend singing her music and it hit me that she was just like us. she is us. the regulars. and all before i found out that she wrote her own songs, manifested her dream all by herself, used names in her songs, and was the most humble person in the music industry.

i closely followed her after that and learned her entire story. without reciting it myself, i was struck by her pure dedication; choosing her dream at 12 years old and spending every waking second dreaming about it without spending a hesitating which was exactly what i wasn't doing. i second guess myself and the dreams nearest and dearest to my heart constantly and i realized that when i listened to her music. i didn't believe in myself the way she did to get herself as far as she did. when i found out that taylor swift, after her fearless album was released, was performing just eighty miles from me, i cried. i can't explain it but i just knew that something about this was meant to be. i think looking back, when i was 16, i was looking for a reason i should believe in my dreams and as corny as it is, i made taylor swift, the girl literally singing her stories to the world and making herself heard, that reason. 

the night before her concert, i went to walmart. i had the idea of making a sign but i had no idea if it was something that was going to actually do anything. my friend taylor urged me to do it and i went to walmart last minute to buy 8 poster boards in the brightest color i could. my sister painted the words and i finished my homework so i could miss the two days of school i'd need to. the next day, because the sign wasn't done, i missed two periods so i could finish painting it. my mom lectured me and the mood in the car the entire way to the concert was anything but a happy one. however, and it's a feeling that wasn't present when i went to seattle last year to see her, i had these freaky unexplainable chills. i didn't know how or what, but i knew something big and life changing was about to happen.

her concert was the best two hours of my life. singing out the words to her stories with her in front of us was a high unlike anything i've experienced even today. the fact that she had this dream, wrote about things so personal and dear to her heart, and made them real to a crowd of 10,000 people was unbelievable to me when it felt like she was just like me. 

it was during her acoustic set that taylor switched ends of the arena and performed on the floor right next to us. i freaked out. we jumped up and down and screamed louder than anyone around us and pissed a lot of people off because with our signs raised above our heads, we cut off a lot of people's view. during tim mcgraw, i saw her smile in our direction but i had no idea if it was actually because of our sign (the only in the concert). however, less than five minutes later, i felt someone tapping my hand from below me and looked down to see a lady with a paper bag.

"do you want to meet taylor swift?" i started crying right then and there.

meeting her solidified any doubt i had i have ever had about myself, which i know will sound stupid so anyone who reads this but i honestly don't care what anyone exactly thinks, either. i can't explain it, i really can't, but forming this goal of meeting her 8 months before i found out she was coming, and achieving that goal proved to me that yes dreams come true. i did that. being able to tell her and hear her say back that i loved her (among a slew of embarrassing things) and hug her has ever since quieted any self doubt. i met taylor swift because i made the biggest sign i could. i did that. taylor swift is just like anyone of us and with hard work, i can make anything i want happen happen for myself, too. we all can. yes, i love that she sings her heart out much like the way i write my heart out on my blog and in my journals. i love the entire taylor swift package, bangs and curly hair included, but i love the "anything is possible" and "just like anyone else" persona even more. i love her because she is so normal. standing before her in one of her shows, you just know that this is what she was born to do.

i'll always be a fan. always. no matter what. of the girl, the writer, and the stories she tells.

video of taylor swift telling us she loves us here.

Thursday, October 18

it's tuesday? i mean wednesday? wait, thursday!?

this week has been a big giant blur.

i spent all week working on something obsessively (which will be revealed monday)(that is, if i'm accepted!).

thankfully, as of right now, all has been said and done and i took myself out for a celebratory iced starbucks drink because regardless i can say i tried. no matter what, i'm taking risks right now and i had to stop and remind myself that these risks are good. i've accomplished more in six months than i have in two years and i'm pushing myself in places i have always wanted to go.

another thing i have to remember? just because i'm choosing to focus on writing right now and sidestep my college track just a bit and although it's the thing i'm good at and love, it doesn't mean it's just going to all come easily. i forgot that. there will be mean people out there and there will be the occasional bad grade but in the end, the fact that i believe in myself whereas i didn't necessarily in the pre-med world, just means i will come out on top. i know it. 

i'm sorry for the minuscule blogging break but i'll be back at it next week and i'm also writing an article for an online magazine right now and working on more photography projects so YAY to all of the above! you all rock. you won't see me around these parts over the weekend but perhaps you will on this blog when i finish coding her layout ;). she's a HOOT, i tell you.

Tuesday, October 16

it could be...

that i celebrated the success of a wonderfully successful photography weekend and a good grade on a physics midterm (WHAT!) by a little *more* retail therapy. on that note, my christmas is basically already accounted for and my handmedown iphone 4 is about to be bedazzled.

i have decided on two crazy crazy goals for myself that make me both extremely happy and extremely nervous that i can't let myself go into detail about yet until i've actually made significant progress in both (for commitment is one of my bigger struggles).

i finished an entire season of sherlock in less than 24 hours. which means 4.5 hours of those 24 hours were spent watching sherlock. i'm okay with this.

i fail in the art of getting a boy to ask me out. 

one of my all time favorite bloggers is BACK!

blogging nearly every day is becoming a habit i'm growing to love.

i was told i'm not a hipster because i'm not annoying. biggest compliment of my life (let's ignore the fact that i have NO idea why people are still trying to say i am, it's not flattering).

i designed my first ever complete blog layout for someone and it was the most tedious exciting five hours of my life (link to come!).

my cat and i have an abusive relationship. and the more i ignore him, the more he hurts me when i finally have time to cuddle before bed. 

i think i love my parents more than anything in this world. and their phone calls make my day. it scares me sometimes to realize i'm truly never going to "live" at home with them again but knowing also that i have two amazing people to forever watch and learn from is extremely comforting. they're only as far as i want them to be, really.

Monday, October 15

meeting my blog crush

DSC_0743 DSC_0733
if you didn't already know, tonya is my ultimate style blog crush. i mean, just look at her blog. and if you have a tumblr/pinterest, you've probably seen her. she's basically a celebrity, really. when kylee showed me her blog months and months ago, after the shock of finding an amazing blog that now felt like a gaping hole had been missing my whole life (okay, a slight exaggeration but still), i realized that she lived in spokane, washington. SPOKANE. if you didn't already know that idaho/eastern washington/the entire state of montana lacks all things cool (i.e. style bloggers), well i'm telling you, THEY DO. i have always felt isolated in this little blogging bubble so to learn there was a style blogger of such mass awesomeness, i freaked inside.

driving back to montana yesterday, i was able to somewhat spontaneously meet-up with tonya in coeur d' alene, idaho! i'll be honest, the first thought that went through my head when i met her was... holy crap. this girl is way too cool to hang out with me. i mean, you just have to look at her, really. the hair. the tights. the boots. i apparently have a tendency to burst out the 'holy crap you are so pretty/cute/gorgeous!' comments within two seconds of meeting a blogger as well. tonya is an absolute gem and i had a blast hanging out with her and her boyfriend. she is so so nice and genuinely adorable. also, to find out she is my age was pretty nifty, too. we had a lot to talk about and i just know we will find a way to meet up again. 

i'm kind of becoming obsessed with blog meetups. is there anything better than meeting your blog crushes and distant bff's (lookin at you, ky!) from the internet in person!? NO.

also, the fact that i got to take pictures of this girl!? photographer's dream. cloud 9. sorry, i'll stop now tonya before you think i'm too much of a big creep... 

p.s. blog meetups should consist of a mandatory "maggie talks A LOT" warning.

DSC_0732 DSC_0729 DSC_0712 DSC_0755 DSC_0741

Sunday, October 14


i went home this past weekend to "work" so to speak. six photoshoots in all done in one and a half days. i can't really call it work when i'm walking around my favorite little town in the world taking pictures and even though i was more exhausted by the end of it than i remember being since i did trail crew in high school, it was a blast. i'm so excited about how some of these turned out and it's somewhat  heartbreaking to look at my photos now compared to how they looked when i first started. i almost wish i could redo several of my previous clients' shoots.

i really do love doing this. 
DSC_0900WM DSC_0063WM DSC_0521WM

Saturday, October 13

i love you

no, really, I DO.

it has come to my attention that as much as i still pretty much like to think that i live inside my own blog world where no one reads what i write and no one thinks anything of it, i don't. you read it. you comment on it. you email me your personal stories i can't believe you entrust with me but am so happy you do. i love it more than anything. i've been pretty lack luster about replying to your comments but you should know that i read every single one and i read every single email and even if i don't comment back, i look and read all of your blogs. i'm listening!!! more than you know.

let me tell you a story. there has been a reader/follower/commentor on my blog who has commented on nearly every single post since i can remember. every single one. and because i always read them and always look at their blogs, i have helplessly read her amazing comments even though she didn't have an email or blog attached to her profile. IT KILLED ME. because, completely unsolicited, her comments at times were what kept me blogging; writing on days i felt like i had nothing interesting to say, days i felt like i should go enjoy life instead of writing about it, and days when i even question the point of blogging to begin with. the comments i get from people that tell me in some way, they connected with me and appreciate not the outfits i post, but what i actually write remind me of why i do it. i do it for myself primarily but making the connections i have is what has made me commit to it.

everything you say is read. and now that the craziest month of my life is over, it's time i give back. i don't know how yet, but i will. you all are ten times more awesome than i am and i love you for it. i just love this internet world a lot. 

this week, in the comment sections of my post, before anyone at all could comment on it, i myself commented on my own post asking said reader to please please please email me. and she did! and now we're friends and i'm awestruck again by this community and the amazing people reading my blog. i should really bow down to all of you, folks. truly.

Friday, October 12

i knew you were trouble

this shirt. oh, this shirt. i could probably talk about it (or ruche, for that matter)(no, they didn't pay me to say that) for days and days. i think i could wear this shirt three times in a row. oh wait, i did that. i'm not really sure why i put these two things together but hey, do i ever? i think the navy bows are kind of to die for and the buttons on the sleeves my favorite thing ever. i'll just stop now.

at first, when i heard the 30 second preview of taylor's new song (i falsely like to think that because i met her, we are on a first name basis)(humor me please) and realized it was dub step, i freaked out. what was i going to do if i didn't like it!? not only has that never happened but breaking my fandom loyalty?! unheard of. not possible. i was sweating buckets by the time it was finally released at 10pm and... and... i'm hooked. absolutely sold. it's not all dub step, guys! and while i realize the absurdity of taylor swift tampering in such a genre, have you listened to the lyrics!? this album was made for me. i beg of you, just listen to it for what it is if you do. a killer break up song. there you have it.

my writing class has turned me into a nosy snoop. the last "postcard"/50 word story i wrote was based entirely on a conversation i overheard. it earned me an A, but it didn't help my sneaky habits. it just fueled them. in fact, this class so far has made me see almost everything differently and all of the sudden i'm ten times more observant of everything around me. at first it was about an assignment and now i'm realizing just how much there is to see when you're really looking. i've seen beer bellies of old men wearing only suspenders with a santa beard, girls on the bus applying their bronzer (IN PUBLIC), middle aged women in my classes carting their children to classes because they want to get a better paying job than a secretarial position downtown (we're friends now- i always befriend the moms somehow), and frat boys on twitter. i'm learning.

i hope you all can get used to train tracks. at the moment, they're the best my tripod and i can do to keep out of public's eye. will there come a time when i can take pictures in public with my tripod? of that i am certain absolutely not. never. one of these days i will explore and locate more secluded spots but for now the train tracks on my way home are the golden ticket to frequent posts. 
DSC_0452 DSC_0475 DSC_0472 DSC_0463
top: Ruche // skirt: Francessca's Collections // shoes: Urban Outfitters

Wednesday, October 10

mint and camel

in theory, i love this outfit. inspired by none other than kylee herself to put camel and mint together, on my hangers they looked awesome. so much so that if i saw a girl on the street wearing it, i would try to get her number and become her best friend. now, i do love this skirt and this shirt is one that i just can't stop wearing. however, would i be brave enough to wear this in the real world? that's the question of the day. this skirt, everyone, is so LOUD in person. it's long, for one, and it swishes to and fro. i feel a bit like a peasant in it.

aside from my outfit woes, i've recently started stealing the girl who sits by me in physics' nail polish ideas. every single time she switches nail polish, i change mine to exactly what she just had. i'm starting to think she is picking up on it because she asked where i bought mine today. when i said essie she spasmed and said she had the same. and then we talked about nail polish for a good ten minutes. that's how i make friends?

i'm also writing this blog post in the middle of a paper writing crisis. in other words, i shouldn't be writing a blog post and i should be writing my actual paper. then there's physics and my warm cozy bed with a cat waiting for me to turn out the lights behind me. this is my life.

p.s. i think i gained ten pounds in cookies this week. that my RA from last year who we couldn't be friends with but now can because we are no longer his residents made. YES, i said his and yes, that's right, make friends with your RA. they make really good cookies.

p.p.s. i really need to get my bangs cut.

p.p.p.s. this is my first attempt at tripod photos. yikes?

DSC_0502 DSC_0511 DSC_0510 DSC_0505


skirt & top: shop ruche // shoes: steve madden