Wednesday, October 10

mint and camel

in theory, i love this outfit. inspired by none other than kylee herself to put camel and mint together, on my hangers they looked awesome. so much so that if i saw a girl on the street wearing it, i would try to get her number and become her best friend. now, i do love this skirt and this shirt is one that i just can't stop wearing. however, would i be brave enough to wear this in the real world? that's the question of the day. this skirt, everyone, is so LOUD in person. it's long, for one, and it swishes to and fro. i feel a bit like a peasant in it.

aside from my outfit woes, i've recently started stealing the girl who sits by me in physics' nail polish ideas. every single time she switches nail polish, i change mine to exactly what she just had. i'm starting to think she is picking up on it because she asked where i bought mine today. when i said essie she spasmed and said she had the same. and then we talked about nail polish for a good ten minutes. that's how i make friends?

i'm also writing this blog post in the middle of a paper writing crisis. in other words, i shouldn't be writing a blog post and i should be writing my actual paper. then there's physics and my warm cozy bed with a cat waiting for me to turn out the lights behind me. this is my life.

p.s. i think i gained ten pounds in cookies this week. that my RA from last year who we couldn't be friends with but now can because we are no longer his residents made. YES, i said his and yes, that's right, make friends with your RA. they make really good cookies.

p.p.s. i really need to get my bangs cut.

p.p.p.s. this is my first attempt at tripod photos. yikes?

DSC_0502 DSC_0511 DSC_0510 DSC_0505


skirt & top: shop ruche // shoes: steve madden


Marie @ Lemondrop Vintage said...

You did great with tripod pics! I am inspired to try again. Love those colors together,

Marie @
Lemondrop ViNtAge

I am having a fabulous giveaway right here.

Carla said...

That's a very pretty combination. I think you can totally pull it off in the real world. ;) Also, good luck on your paper! - Carla

becca said...

the colors are so great! what did you not like about this outfit, again?
don't be too hard on yourself! it's terribly cute.

kylee said...

oh my YES! the mint looks perfect!

Abbey said...

I want those boots! So cute! The skirt looks great on you, too!

Beautifully Pure said...

First of all: you rock that skirt so don't be ashamed of it!

Second of all: I need to get my bangs trimmed, too! I tried to go into the salon today, but they were full when I was free and vise versa. :-P

Good luck on your paper! <3

Meg! said...

YOUR BOOTS. THAT SKIRT. You look amazing!! Show them Missoulians what for. This is how you dress, not Northface fleeces and whatever else they wear in Missoula that I've tried to forget about. xx

Z said...

What a cute story about becoming friends with someone in class over nail polish! I love the how-we-met stories from down the line and that sounds like one of the best. :] Also I love your skirt - embrace the loudness! Sometimes loud is very, very good. :]

Dillon said...

Tripod pics are so hard, but you did superb! Good luck with finishing all your work, I understand academic crisis to the fullest extent.

Jen Hsieh said...

Yay for tripod photos! You did a great job and I'm IN LOVE with this outfit. Can I steal it? PLEASE?

I miss taking pictures with my tripod but if I do that, most likely, someone in NYC will run over and grab it, haha. There goes my camera!

hellolyndsey said...

you look stunning, and way to go on making a nail polish buddy!! that's the best (and most honest) way to make friends, amirite?

ps, i just had 3 cookies tonight. i feel you.