Monday, March 29

Why Do I hate Mondays?

Hi everyonee :)

So. I have blog has definitely turned into more of a diary/document my life blog...and not enough about fashion, which is what I originally created it for :).

So. I am devoting this ENTIRE entry to my latest chictopia post :)

I went shopping two weekends ago and picked up some great spring clothes! Ahhhh. Shopping has always been a blast, but it usually ends in me finding things I love...but leaving them in my closet WITH tags for months. But, since chictopia, I honestly wear everything because I have the confidence to do so! It's a BLAST.

I saw this dress on the sale rack at forever21...and once I saw the 12.50 price tag, I knew it wouldn't be leaving my arms! It is seriously SO comfy. It's kind of silky and really really soft. I'm going to be wearing it allll summer long!

I've wanted a knit cap for too long. And...much to my luck...found one :)

I also loveee these tights!I have been searching desperately for some polka dot sheer tights and FINALLY found some at forever21...for 3 dollars!

I love spring. I thought it was going to be so hard to create outfits for spring without using tights....but it was easy to incorporate something springy with my winter tights!!

tights: forever21 dress: forever21 cap: charoletterusse shoes: michael kors

I hope you all have a wonderful week :)
I had a fantastic Monday!

love always,

Thursday, March 25

promenade 2010! (and other exciting things..)

Hello all!

WOWWW. This week...... consider my mind BLOWN. It was been terrific/wonderful/amazing/adorable....and the best part? It's only going to get better and better :).

You know you're happy when reality is better than your dreams!


I've never been one of those girls who needs a guy to be complete. I've never been one of those girls that always has a boyfriend. To me, I'm better alone. At this point in time being 17 and a full time student and athlete and workaholic, it works for me.

But it goes without saying...that sometimes things just happen and things just fall magically into place and you can't ignore the fact that someone makes you smile like no one else can. And while it's not the basis of your is definitely an asset.
a;lsdfja;lj!! I'm so excited. SO excited.

Welllll.... I need to get looking for a prom dress and I told you all I would post about dresses. So, here it goes.

My absolute favorite evening designer is Marchesa. I am absolutely inspired by their designs and the femininity of their work. I love the tiny details and the heavy use of draping. So, I have found my favorite Marchesa gowns, and because I'm not actually incredibly wealthy...found alternatives :).

( click on the multi-dress pictures to see them larger :)
I lovelovelove the poof of it :). I love the sequins and different colors in it. This is the epitome of gorgeous in my opinion. Here are some alternatives:

one: $99
two: $129
three: Night Moves $218
four: $70
I love all four of these! I like the black classic appeal to them all and I think the poof is so pretty. All of these seem like so much fun!

Second (these aren't in any particular order!):
I honestly think this dress is amazzzzzzzingly gorgeous. I am in love with the draping!! And, the sparkles on the bodice are so pretty. My favorite color is purple as well ;). And it would be fun to make my date wear a purple tie :)!
one: Maggy London $158
two: Unique-Vintage $109
three: Unique-Vintage $88
four: Mori Lee $78
Ahhhh I just love the purples!! I realize the last dress is short, but I still love the draping and sparkly bodice influences.... I also love the Maggy London one!!

I lovelovelove this dress!!! Gosh, I love Marchesa. Seriously, if I could design clothes, it would definitely be in this style. So feminine. And Selena Gomez wears it well! I love the shimmery layers and sparkles on this dress. The color is gorgeous as well! Whenevvver I watch award shows, I sit anxiously on the edge of my seat waiting for Marchesa gowns to appear. I was so excited when I saw Selena in this one!
Here's what I found:
one: simplydresses $218 definitely my favorite of the three and most like Selena's!
two: simplydresses $148
three: unique-vintage $88

Fourth: (and last!)
This is honestly one of the prettiest dresses I have EVER seen. Look at the white and the way the chiffon hangs perfectly off the shoulder!! I want to live in this dress. I want to get married in this dress. It's so so so so pretty and I really can't get over it! And I feel like I found great alternatives too:).
one: ONLY $130!
two: simply dresses $218
three: Faviana- ON SALE for $120!!!

So. Here are my dresses :)
Can't wait to tell you all how I actually get asked (he's going to ask me, it was confirmed! EEEE!)

it's kind of amazing, ya know? How sometimes, when you least expect it, things just work out. I can't imagine a better way to end senior year than this!!!

Have an excellent weekend :)

Love always,

Sunday, March 21

you belong with me

Hi lovelies.

It's 9:01am, and I am showered, fed, madeup, and dressed. This is a MIRACLE. My spring break daily schedule went like this:
11:00am: Be awaken by my phone vibrating with a text from the dear and wake up slowwwlllyyy- usually this meant laying in bed for 30 minutes drifting in and out of sleep and soaking up the sun.
11:00am-12:30pm: Watch the movie we decided not to watch the night before from redbox.
12:30pm-1:30pm: Make waffles/pancakes/french toast and eat a slowww lazy brunch while on the computer. Blogging :).
1:30pm-2:30pm: Shower. Get dressed. Clean up my room. Blog some more :).
2:30pm-3:30pm: take my doggy for a walk in the sunshine- SUCH great weather all week.
3:30pm-7:00pm: read books!!!
7:00pm-8:00pm: make dinner, eat dinner, lazzyy and slowly
8:00pm-midnight: Rent two movies from Redbox and watch one with my sister and/or our neighbors.
midnight-2AM: Brush my teeth, snuggle up in my bed, listen to iPod, blog, and text the dear until I pass out from tiredness.

And that's how the past 6 days have gone!!

But. It's Sunday. Time to face the reality that school starts TOMORROW and spring break is over. Time to get into high gear and really work hard for the last 2 months of my high school career. I'm kind of worried about how this blogging/chictopia thing will go seeing as....I'm working 8-10 hours a week, playing soccer w/ practices 3 times a week PLUS games all day Saturday, and staying on top of school...but. We will figure out a way!

So yesterday was kind of a perfect day. I followed my daily routine, except scratch the reading and insert taking chictopia pictures with my friend, visiting another friend who returned from Cali, and going to the arcade to spend Jenni's gift certificate. (pictures below!)

The dear got back from the much too long trip (a week! ahh! ;) ), so we hung out last night. I can't even tell you how elated I was just to SEE him. It really surprised me, actually, how good it felt to see him. Oh, college will be a challenge.... Anyways, we got blizzards, which is always so much fun because we have to drive the 10 miles out of town to get them and it just makes it a wee bit more exciting to leave the premises. I gave him a Taylor Swift cd (she's my favorite) before he left along with other legit "guy" music, but.... I think it's safe to say Taylor is his favorite. He was singing along to the lyrics and cute! After that we watched New Moon and giggled. It was delightful.

P.S. (no news on the big "confrontation" hahah :) )

So, here are the pictures from me and my friend's tour around our little town. Warning: Picture overload here!:)
meet marlee :)
she is the cutest thing ever!
she also snapped some outfit pictures for me! eep!

I look so happy in most of these pictures. It makes me laugh! I was laughing and giggling the entireeee time. ahahaha.

so here ya go:)
have a good week all!

Love always,

P.S. I'm going...SHOPPING today!! We are making the 2 hour drive to hit up forever21! eee! That's pretty much the only exciting store in the mall there.... no Urban, no H&M, nothing exciting like that. Just your typical Hollister, American Eagle, Abercrombie..... but they have a f21 so I'm a happy girl :)

Tuesday, March 16

my dream armcandy (Fantasy Glamorous Bag Challenge)

Hey allllll-

I can't believe it is already (Thursday). Crap. My spring break is officially halfway over...and the second half of everything always goes so much faster. I have been semi-productive, I have to say. I cleaned my room (I'll blog about this latttter!), finished my english paper (ya-ya!), and all I have left to do is calculus! Spring break is so lovely. Even if I'm home while all my friends are leading exciting vacations: Disney Land, Mexico, LA, Florida, Portland....sigh. But, I love waking up as late as I want, eating brunch, working from about two to till five on whatever I need to complete, having dinner with my family, and watching movies until midnight. It's loveeely!

So. With my extra freetime, I have been shopping for....prom! i don't actually know IF I'm going to go..... and I was challenged with the Fantasy Glamorous Bag Challenge contest to find your dream bag and then your dream contents inside.. so here it is! I was tagged by the amazzing Erin from Spreading the Sunshine. She is seriously a doll and you should go visit her blog if you haven't :). Soul Sisters! teehee.

Here is my FIRST choice deluxe amazzing bag I will never be able to afford in my life:
This baby is Valentinooo :). It is also $2,695. More money than I've spent cumulatively on all the clothes I have ever purchased. Even if I were a billionaire, I just...can't see myself spending this much money on bags. Maybe ONE bag...but not a closet of them... Plus, I found, that I actually did not drool over that many of the designer bags... I found so many more I loved on f21. I do love the huge bow on this one and the studs. I love that it is feminine, but still really edgy because of the studs :). So pretty. I bet it smells amazzzing...

Close seconds!
I LOVE this bag. I almost love it more than the first one....I love the fringe and I love the star studs :). It brings out the inner "Wyoming" in me I think. This bag is Jimmy Choo...and $1675. So sad....

and finally. This is actually a bag I COULD afford, maybe. It would be a splurge, for sure, and I would rather buy a plane ticket to Peru than buy it, but it is within the realm someday.
I love the flowers :). I'm such a sucker for anything really overly cute/feminine. I kind of wish it were in black...but the cream color is so pretty too!!

So there are my bags. I have a feeling I could have done better and searched harder....but that's alright.


I always keep lipstick/chapstick in my purse. ALWAYS. And I honestly swear my life by anything MAC. This lipcolor in particular is SO pretty. I don't have a picture of me with it on....(I should), but it isn't too bright but is still a wee bit noticeable. It also lasts all day, and it's not weirdly sticky or crusty like a lot that I've tried.

Second, I bring my camera EVERYWHERE. Currently, I own a Canonpowershot SD780 that I loveee. But, in my dream bag, I would have a digital particular, THIS one. It's been my dream camera for monthsss.

Thirdly, I always bring a book with me. Wherever I go. My two favorite books are Pride and Prejudice and Lolita :).

And last, I would have my handy-dandy Kindle/Ipod/Netbook :).

Soo....I tag:
Ebony from Ebony and Ivory
Tieka from Selective Potential
Kimberellie from Kimberellie
Sophia from Sophiasa

I'm going to add another post either right I click post or later about prom dresses! :)

I love you allllll.

Love always,

Monday, March 15

the curse of the good girl.

For the entirety of my life, I've been known as the "good girl". The girl that gets perfect grades, respectful and polite to her elders, loved by everyone, and a genuine "sweetheart". I am not being arrogant when I say that I can not count the number of times in a day that I am told that I am "cute" or "adorable". I've just always been the girl that won't tell someone what I really think because I'm afraid it will offend them. I've always been the girl that helped my friends endlessly to make them happy, sometimes jeopardizing what I want so they can be happy. I've always been the infinitely happy one, who oozes of sweetness and nothing but positivity. Because that's who I am. Happy. I've always been the girl that stood on the sidelines during every spat and drama among my friends instead of getting caught in the middle. I've never had a drop of alcohol nor smoked a single butt. I've stayed home on Friday nights because I didn't want to go to a party my friend was going to, and made up excuses because I didn't want to tell them I disapprove. I've always been the girl that waited for things to fall into place, the patient one. Instead of initiating a course of events and being the pebble that shakes the pond, I wait for the rest of the world to be the pebbles and hope the ripple reaches me until I get what I want.

I'm not saying any of this is bad. I love who I am and I love that it isn't a secret that I am a huge dork at heart. I love that I get excited over stupid things, like taking a bubble bath with spongebob bath salts, or simply driving ten minutes and blasting a ridiculous song. I love that the smallest things make me the happiest girl ever. I really don't care what people think of me, and I don't try to be anyone I'm not. I love that I don't give in to peer pressure and that I can stay true to who I know I am when I see dozens of people change themselves for other people. I love that I have so many friends that treat me well and trust me enough to tell me their problems/secrets. It's not that I'm afraid that they won't like me or want to be my friend, I honestly just don't want to hurt their feelings by telling them they are making mistakes or bad decisions. I usually watch them make their mistakes, and then hold their hand as they learn their lesson. I do tell them when I don't think what they are doing is exactly "wise", and always advise them to think deeply about what they are doing. I love that, truly, I am innocent in the fact that I am always kind, helpful, and uncultured in the world of sexual innuendo. It's just me. Innocent little me.

And yet...for the first time in my life...I want to tell every single person in my life exactly what I think. I don't want to wait for him to figure his thoughts out and wait for their relationship to go off the deep end. I don't want to wait until I leave for college and he is left here never knowing what I feel and think. I want to get right in the middle and cause a hot mess. I want to tell him we belong together and mess everything up between him and her. I want to sob and scream and cause a huge scene. I want to get exactly what I want right this second. I want him to be forced into making a decision, instead of waiting silently with a dollar scoop of ice cream from baskin robbins just for him. I want him to make the choice, and be faced with the realization that I am leaving. It's choosing right now instead of in a year and a half when we live in the same place again. It's choosing to be happy- because I know that's what he is when he's with me. I want to yell it from a rooftop or from the top of the empire state building. What do I have to loose? Him. His friendship and everything we've built together. And, honestly, there's no way in helll I can loose that. I've become too attached. I've fallen. But I'm scared. I'm scared he won't choose me. Because they are still them, they are still eachother's. No matter how many hours on the weekends we spend together, no matter how many times we dance, go to dinner and ice cream, and no matter how many text messages we exchange in an hour.

For once, I want to shed my good girl reputation and be the bad girl. Because the bad girls always seem to get what they want, in the end. Even if it's for five seconds, they get the guy that they are obsessed with right there and then. Even if it means they are the "other" girl and cause their split. Even if it means they hook up with them at a party and lure him into something he desperately wants right then and there; but maybe not forever.

I don't want to be cute. I don't want to have a sweet smile on my face. I want to be irresistible. I want to be irreplaceable. I want to be angry and loud. I want to be the unattainable, the one that he can't stand to loose.

Sunday, March 14

I just want us.

Hi dears!

Well. I had quite the jam-packed three days. Which isn't a bad thing. I love being busy. But it was very, very busy.

On Friday, I went to my top college to tour that I have already been accepted to and given a fat chunk of a scholarship. And....I think I found my future home :). I loved everything about the place. The people seemed so much like ME. It wasn't like high school at all, which was wonderful! I even sat in on some classes and talked to professors/advisers. I must say, I totally hit it off with the English adviser :). We talked about my favorite book (Lolita), one of my newest favorite bands (Fun), and about writing (she totally understands me). It was so exciting!!! Everything was so new and fresh and huge and full of endless opportunities. I am about 99% certain that this is going to be my new home for the next four years:).

Anyways...all this college stuff got me lookin online for dorm materials! Here is what I've found so far that I would la-la-love to decorate my dorm with!

As you can probably tell...I really like the "bird" pattern. And I love the vintage-y feel to these! The last time I got to shop for new bedding/room stuff I was 13 when I thought Hawaiian Flowers were the shizz. This is SO me right now!
I would love to pair either of these with really BRIGHT colored for the blue, bright pink or even YELLOW! And with the second bedding, I'm thinkingg red or yellow walls :).
Room (two)
Rooms I'm inspired by:

I'm really, really excited for college after this weekend.
in the back of my mind.... I'm so not looking forward to it. I never really thought about what this would feel like...leaving my family and friends behind. To be honest, I wasn't really too worried about leaving my friends behind until this year when I met some new people I fell in love with....but now there is so much I will miss. It's going to be amazing living on my own and embarking on my future (!) and meeting new people. It's going to be amazing to study new subjects I actually have a passion for (U.S. government=bye bye!) and be challenged in school. It's going to be amazing to be independent and take responsibility for myself....but at the same time...I'm never ever going to be this young again. I'll never be the older sister who drives her little sister and neighbors to school every single day and acts as the "role model". I'll never be 17 and have the security of living in my parents house and having all my bills paid. I'll never quite have the fearless freedom I have now and be able to make the same small (but meaningful) mistakes... It's sad. And scary. And I'll miss a lot of all of this...But it has to happen someday, I suppose. And all I can do is love every moment I do have left and embrace what is to come.

Love always,