Saturday, October 6

what's on my playlist

into you ingrid michaelson // hopeless wanderer mumford & sons // red taylor swift //
gone head and the heart // nothing the script // come over kenny chesney 
// 3 rounds and a sound blind pilot // stars the xx // i can feel a hot one
manchester orchestra // hurricane matt hires // begin again taylor swift //
hazy rosi golan

can anyone else guess that i'm peeing my pants over the fact that there are only SIXTEEN 
days left until taylor swift's new album comes out?
this album was written for me. i'm convinced. 


Jasmine, Transient Withdrawal said...

Currently youtubing the songs I haven't heard before. But...Begin Again has been on repeat for the last week! Ah!

Rachel said...

I love Nothing by the script. Heck, I love the Script. And Taylor Swift..... You've got pretty good tastes in music;)