Wednesday, October 3

the most awkward time of the year

DSC_0201 DSC_0219
bright colors after labor day?
i know the rule is technically white after labor day, but i can't help but look in the mirror in the mornings now and wondering if it's still okay to wear my bright coral pants, bright mint shirt, and my light yellow pants. it's not quite fall yet so i feel weird (and unbearably hot) wearing my fall colored clothes so instead i'm stuck in a limbo of the two: gray fall skinny pants and a bright colored shirt. let's move on from september, shall we? my fall colors are calling!

i've realized my spontaneous purchases usually end up being my favorite and most worn. i guess it's true what they say.. when you know, you know? i knew with these pants. and they're polka dots, so how could i not snatch them up when they were on sale and in my size and perfect? awesome, right? while i'm at it, let's talk about some things that are cool and not so cool...

not cool:
-having to take an emergency trip to target to buy a plunger because, well... we know why, and realizing i just happened to hop into the line of the cashier who knows me by name now (is that bad?) and is also cute and when i step up to pay snickers at my purchase. yeah, yeah, buddy. 
-no shower saturdays turning into no shower sundays, therefore, no shower weekends. actually, it was pretty cool...
-when ruche decides to throw their 'back to stocks' at me and three items i've wanted since june are back. 
-accidentally washing the same load of laundry twice because i forgot that i had already washed them?
-running out of coffee grounds on a sunday at 9am before a full day of homework. 

-realizing the songs by the head and the heart on this website are actually available to DOWNLOAD when i've been listening to them off of the website for months. hellloooo new music on my iPod!
-running out of hairspray and buying the cheapest kind on the shelf and coming home to realize it's the best hair spray you've ever used (suave, pink can).
-pumpkin spice latte season.
-getting stuck sitting by a guy in lab who quite literally takes your breath away. actually, this isn't that cool because it means being thoroughly distracted.
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top: Modcloth // polka dot pants: Target // shoes: Urban Outfitters


Aayla @ said...

Love that color of your top.

Shawnee said...

those shoes are stunning with your pants. pumpkin spice lattes are the best right now. xo

kylee said...

remember when you texted me before purchasing those pants? i love these pre-blog texts. no shower weekends sometimes lead to no shower weeks, it's fine. i love your ruche life. OHMYGOSH, that head & the heart page? killll me now they are soooo gooood! breath taking boys? you should probably sneak photos of him & send them to me. ps. i think i comment on all your posts. sorry, but i'm definitely not sorry.

hellolyndsey said...

you are so adorable and so silly! i really really really love your entire outfit and I am currently in the same situation as well. No tights or jeans will be seen on my blog til probably mid november, lol! i love your cool and not cool lists- i laughed at the plunger one hahaha.

ps, can we know about le guy??? pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!!?


Jasmine, Transient Withdrawal said...

Maggie! I love it when you make these lists! :) You look so good Maggie in those pants! And I have to agree--the spontaneous purchases are sometimes the best ones! :) I keep looking for those polka dot pants when I go to Target, never there :( Ugh!

Jennifer said...

Those pants are amazing! Also, I am with you on the no-shower weekends. If you don't go anywhere it's not necessary haha x