Sunday, October 30

Halloween Weekend

alright, guys.
in the spirit of "new" and "change",
i went out twice this weekend.
here we go.
-meeting Thor, an abercrombie model with a 2011 Camaro who proceeded to take off his clothes halfway through the night. he told me i was cute. and then he made out with a girl who wasn't his girlfriend.
-taking our very, very happy friend home with us after her house party got to be a little too much
-moving our mattresses in the living room
-minne mouse in two costumes
-watching my roommate "plug" herself into a different outlet throughout the night everytime
we switched locations. she went as a christmas tree.
-meeting an adorable 22/23 year old couple who are engaged to be married. 
-texting my sister who had an amazing seattle weekend.
-spending all day in bed watching friends.
-destroying my bedroom. completely.
-getting my makeup done by my friend's roommate. never gone dark before. i looked gooooood, friends.
-being approached by a hobo. with a black eye. who asked to join us in our festivities. um, no.
-getting lost trying to find the warehouse rave.
-oh yeah. rave anyone?
-walking around downtown lost. one man telling me my glittery boobs were "niiiiiiiiice". ew.
-seeing my ochem cutie downtown. whilst lost. freaking out.
-finally locating the rave. a warehouse. crazy. getting in. showing my id. my first event ever requiring an id
-losing our friends within four minutes of entering the building.
-getting my bottom squeezed on infinite number of occasions. seriously. 
-taking pictures with random people. many times.
-watching a very, very happy group of friends be very, very happy on the dance floor.
-dancing. like carazzzyyyy for three solid hours.
-watching my roommate be asked to dance. and then dance. so awkwardly. cute. 
-a really, really attractive man engaging in a witty banter about the historical accuracy of his Shakespearean costume. i almost thought about saying yes when he wanted to grind. 
-being ground on by a very, very happy friend. female. 
-screaming every single time a mascot came near me. masked figures are not cool.
-proving you don't have to be on anything or drank anything for people to think you are.
-realizing that real people read my blog. and are finding it every day. and it's like whatevs now.
-and lastly, a secret for just us to know.


Gentri said...

haha! Sounds like quite the weekend. :) You look super cute as minnie mouse. :) You should link this up to my Halloween party!

Sarah said...

Sounds fun haha. Love the outfit, and the gnome!! (!) I didn't get to dress up this year :(


Elyse (Give Me Bows) said...

You look adorable, love the polka dots!

Kuleigh said...

You were such a cute Minnie! You look so fabulous with fake lashes! I can never get mine to do right.

Steffys Pros and Cons said...

aw youre so cute! we were both minnie ;)

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons

Bethany Kellen of bunnypicnic said...

you're so cute! it sounds like the best of weekends. just what you needed.

♥Abby said...

Adorable pics, I love your costume! :)
I've always wanted to meet a hobo! Lmao.
Gosh you meet some really weird people!! Telling you they like your glittery boobs, getting your butt squeezed over and over, and your female friend grinding on you?? Sheesh!

Sounds like your weekend was very eventful. A little TOO eventful. ;)


Jamie Rose said...

Hooray for Halloween partying! Looks like you had a really fun weekend!

Celynne said...

Is Thor the blonde with grey underwear? 'Cause mm-mm Thor lookin' good. Ahem. Also, yay rave! I must admit, I'm a raver :p If you can get into the music, the people are usually really amazing folks.