Sunday, October 30

Halloween Weekend

alright, guys.
in the spirit of "new" and "change",
i went out twice this weekend.
here we go.
-meeting Thor, an abercrombie model with a 2011 Camaro who proceeded to take off his clothes halfway through the night. he told me i was cute. and then he made out with a girl who wasn't his girlfriend.
-taking our very, very happy friend home with us after her house party got to be a little too much
-moving our mattresses in the living room
-minne mouse in two costumes
-watching my roommate "plug" herself into a different outlet throughout the night everytime
we switched locations. she went as a christmas tree.
-meeting an adorable 22/23 year old couple who are engaged to be married. 
-texting my sister who had an amazing seattle weekend.
-spending all day in bed watching friends.
-destroying my bedroom. completely.
-getting my makeup done by my friend's roommate. never gone dark before. i looked gooooood, friends.
-being approached by a hobo. with a black eye. who asked to join us in our festivities. um, no.
-getting lost trying to find the warehouse rave.
-oh yeah. rave anyone?
-walking around downtown lost. one man telling me my glittery boobs were "niiiiiiiiice". ew.
-seeing my ochem cutie downtown. whilst lost. freaking out.
-finally locating the rave. a warehouse. crazy. getting in. showing my id. my first event ever requiring an id
-losing our friends within four minutes of entering the building.
-getting my bottom squeezed on infinite number of occasions. seriously. 
-taking pictures with random people. many times.
-watching a very, very happy group of friends be very, very happy on the dance floor.
-dancing. like carazzzyyyy for three solid hours.
-watching my roommate be asked to dance. and then dance. so awkwardly. cute. 
-a really, really attractive man engaging in a witty banter about the historical accuracy of his Shakespearean costume. i almost thought about saying yes when he wanted to grind. 
-being ground on by a very, very happy friend. female. 
-screaming every single time a mascot came near me. masked figures are not cool.
-proving you don't have to be on anything or drank anything for people to think you are.
-realizing that real people read my blog. and are finding it every day. and it's like whatevs now.
-and lastly, a secret for just us to know.

Saturday, October 29


my favorite months of the year are 
may, october, and december.
as october comes to a close, i'll be honest when i say that 
i will be glad to see it go.
we all need a fresh start sometimes, you know?
a new month, a new day, a new morning,
a new way of living, a new mentality,
a new routine, a new outlook,
a new everything.

 both big and little
 happen for a reason
for good and bad and most of all,
for the better.

this month has been good
but it's been challenging
and i'm trying to believe that what's challenging
makes getting through it more rewarding.

Friday, October 21


The past couple of weeks have been long. Two nights ago, my roommates and I were all on the floor near tears and we each had to call our momma's for a pep talk. School. I've had some sort of midterm every week for the past four weeks and they're taking over my life. Seriously, if they were "mid-terms" shouldn't they happen in the middle of the term? Not...four times a term!? I have also needed a break from the blog. Needed. Desperately. I'm working and going through some stuff right now that deserves my full attention. 
(the library has turned into my best friend)

Thank you blog friends for being wonderful.

Sunday, October 16

Fall Trek

fall has arrived in montana, folks.

Tuesday, October 11

Sparkles and Railroads

The best part of having roommates is sharing clothes. Definitely. If you can find a roommate that has good taste in clothing, you're golden. A couple weeks ago, I walked out of my closet bored and stumped and into my friend Maggie's (remember? the girl I thought was too cute to ever be friends with me?) to find an amazing sparkly gray cardigan. It's funny how just one cardigan can make you see your closet in a whole new way. I was throwing it with a white lace dress and leather detailed belt before I knew what I was doing. For the win!
If you've been following my twitter, you might have seen a glimpse of my weekend trip home! I went home to Ideeho, and boy oh boy, was it lovely to just sit around with my sister and do things like introduce her to cake pops from starbucks and continue to be surprised by the crazy things my dad does (per example: walk into the living room to see him in my mom's running shorts)(one might call them short shorts) and give my mom the hug I've been missing/needing. I'm sure that this week, you'll see a couple of my pictures from the trip home!
Anyways, school is definitely happening in full speed these days. Tests every week, lab reports, papers, reading, quizzes... it doesn't seem to ever end! I keep telling people about replying to letters or going to movies, "Oh, maybe next week when things die down!"...but I'm quickly realizing I'm fooling myself- until 3PM on December 15th, things are never going to "die down" and I'm stuck running around and studying during my every opportunity from now on. As a result...sleep is on the decline if I'm going to try to achieve everything I want. Yikes! I can't even imagine having a job right now..
Well, I hope you all have a glorious Tuesday and rest of the week! I hope I'll be back shortly but with a psych midterm and lab reports due plus a Miranda Lambert concert (EEEE! You heard me right!) blogging might have to go on the back burner for a few days- but we'll see!
Dress- Forever21
Cardigan- Urban Outfitters c/o my roommate
Belt- Anthropology c/o my roommate
Bow- Forever21
Shoes- Thrifted

Sunday, October 9


evan 2
Dear Evan,
I waited for you for a grueling eleven and a half months to finally have you delivered into my arms. And yet, not a day went by that I didn't think about you nor fall more and more in love with you while you waited for me on shelves of Target and Walmart waiting for that moment. Now that you're here, I know that we are two peas in a pod and every night cuddling with you makes my whole night better. You make the perfect pillow and the best pet a girl could ask for.
Love always,
evan 3

Tuesday, October 4

Photography Adventure

sometimes all you really need is to find the highest point you can get to
and look over your little big college town with your friends.

Monday, October 3


The homesickness of being away at college is definitely setting in. The excitement of a new school year, new school supplies, a new dorm, new roommates, and having that extra little oomph of freedom on my own is waning. I'm really missing home and being surrounded by family and I can't help but wish for those precious nights of eating dinner on the sofa with my family even if it meant watching a football game I was disinterested in. I miss seeing the smiles instead of hearing them. Sometimes I look at the present and wonder how I really got to be here when it feels like I should be 16 and sneaking into Mom's bed to read the paper with her in the morning. I remember specifically during my senior year of high school thinking about what it would feel like when I didn't live at home and what it would feel like to miss everything at home. If I could tell my 17 year old self something, I would tell her to skip the Friday night outing with friends and spend it watching another movie with the family. I can't wait for this weekend in which I will spend every single second for 48 hours by my sister's side.
i love these guys.