Saturday, October 13

i love you

no, really, I DO.

it has come to my attention that as much as i still pretty much like to think that i live inside my own blog world where no one reads what i write and no one thinks anything of it, i don't. you read it. you comment on it. you email me your personal stories i can't believe you entrust with me but am so happy you do. i love it more than anything. i've been pretty lack luster about replying to your comments but you should know that i read every single one and i read every single email and even if i don't comment back, i look and read all of your blogs. i'm listening!!! more than you know.

let me tell you a story. there has been a reader/follower/commentor on my blog who has commented on nearly every single post since i can remember. every single one. and because i always read them and always look at their blogs, i have helplessly read her amazing comments even though she didn't have an email or blog attached to her profile. IT KILLED ME. because, completely unsolicited, her comments at times were what kept me blogging; writing on days i felt like i had nothing interesting to say, days i felt like i should go enjoy life instead of writing about it, and days when i even question the point of blogging to begin with. the comments i get from people that tell me in some way, they connected with me and appreciate not the outfits i post, but what i actually write remind me of why i do it. i do it for myself primarily but making the connections i have is what has made me commit to it.

everything you say is read. and now that the craziest month of my life is over, it's time i give back. i don't know how yet, but i will. you all are ten times more awesome than i am and i love you for it. i just love this internet world a lot. 

this week, in the comment sections of my post, before anyone at all could comment on it, i myself commented on my own post asking said reader to please please please email me. and she did! and now we're friends and i'm awestruck again by this community and the amazing people reading my blog. i should really bow down to all of you, folks. truly.


Ilana @ My Modern Vintage said...

such a beautiful post my dear this is pretty much how I feel about blogging and it is nice when people leave a link so you can visit their blog and comment too!
xoxo Ilana @ My Modern Vintage

Peace.Love.&Shoes. said...

This is perfect. You know when sometimes you wait for a sign to assure you that what you're doing is right? I took this post as one. Thank YOU for having this blog, the gumption to write nearly every day, and thank you for continuing to do whatever your heart's content is, because that is truly what happiness is. And happiness is a trait that's beautiful on any girl.

Jennifer said...

This is precisely why I blog too. I love making new friends and having the support of such a wonderful community. I love your blog because of how open and honest you are, it means I and your other readers can really connect with you :) Never stop blogging Maggie!