Saturday, October 27

the craziest thing i've ever done

reasons why i think i might have dyed my hair:
  • the angst of the last six months is finally showing face? 
  • i am on board to achieving all the things in life i've ever wanted to and i wanted a tangible reflection of that in my appearance?
  • i was bored?
  • every time i've cut my hair short i've regretted it so doing something different meant i had to take a different route aside from using the scissors?
  • i've always wanted to try ombre but didn't have the guts until i met tonya and realized how awesome it is?
  • i've never ever added any color in my hair, so why not?
  • i wanted to do something just for myself?
i honestly don't know what it was. one second i'm just drooling over hair on pinterest and the next i'm meeting tonya and asking my best friends, "should i do this?" jokingly. and then i'm getting a hair cut and decide to ask my stylist (and soul mate, let's get real) what she'd think about going ombre. she loved the idea. and then i was making the appointment and doing something i have never done before. EVER. make this the craziest thing i've ever done. i kind of think that means i need more crazy in my life. i've just never really been interested, to be quite honest. so who knows what finally made me take the plunge. regardless, i love it. i'm not convinced i'm cool enough to work it, but if i have to fake it, i will.

also- quite possibly jenny and i were the cause of a car accident while we took these. one second we are taking pictures on the railroad tracks and the next i'm peeking over jenny's shoulder because we hear a huge crash. right. in. front. of. us. a male college student had rear ended a truck. i'm going to pretend like he hadn't seen us and therefore only rear ended someone because he was texting while driving.

lastly, montana has already experienced its first snow. sorry but i might just use my hunter's to double as snow boots for the time being because i love them so much (and they're the infamous boots that get complimented on by writer boy.)
DSC_0947 DSC_0921 DSC_0912 DSC_0932 DSC_0951 DSC_0937 DSC_0949 DSC_0944
dress: forever21 // cardigan: urban outfitters // tights: modcloth //
boots: Hunters via Zappos


gwenivere said...

I love this outfit and I'm totally jealous of your hair. I wish I hadn't chopped all of mine off!

sarah welsch said...

I was JUST telling my stylist as I was getting my hair colored that next time I wanted to try ombre! Maybe I will try it next time.

Beautifully Pure said...

You look so gorgeous! Ombre hair suits you really well, and your Hunter boots are VERY cool! <3

Hope you're having a good weekend so far!

Hailey Nichelle said...

Your hair is beautiful! I absolutely love it! I've been wanting to get ombre hair, myself. Also, that outfit is to die for! :)


Shelby said...

Um, that outfit is pure perfection! I am in love. Those rain boots are absolutely to die for!! My friend and I are taking a trip to Seattle next year, and getting some rain boots is definitely on my list of things to get before I go to Seattle for the first time! Also, the hair is killing me! I LOVE it! It looks so good!

Robyn said...

oh I LOVE YOUR HAIR. it is probably the best ombre that i have seen achieved. The color transitions are so subtle and it is gorgeous!

Kirsten Wiemer said...

love these photos.
love your outfit.
it looks so good.
you look so gorgeous!


Poppy Smith said...

WOW YOUR HAIR, it really suits you & makes you look really different. I love it!

lets drive far away

Elanor said...

you look so gorgeous! i'm actually in LOVE!

the ombre looks fantastic on you. you're just the cutest. i CAN'T WAIT to meet you!

Ginger Snap ♥ said...

Your hair looks absolutely gorgeous! Lovely photos too! x

Autumn said...

I love the brunette hair color. If I were you I would go all brunette to try it out because I love it! I love the outfit and I bet you are excited to try out different makeup colors than before :)

Meg! said...

Oh my god, Maggie! Your hair looks so good! It suits you so well, ahhhh, how exciting!! :D You look amaaaaazinnnnng.

hellolyndsey said...

i LOVE it so much! I was so excited when i saw it on instagram- you look fantastic :). I seriously adore your outfit as well and I think the cutie was totally off gaurd because of you guys. Hahah! Amazing on the first snow too!
lyndsey of hellolyndsey

claire said...

your hair looks AMAZING!! xxx

becca said...

this is perfect for you, maggey!
the color makes your face look even nicer, and prettier, somehow.

go you, being gutsy!

Girl and Closet said...

Oh, yay! So excited to see a post with your new hair it looks beautiful!! And your dress could not be more perfect paired with the tights & super swoony red hunters!! Oh no, about the accident... I had that happen to me a few years back, glad everyone was okay & too funny! xo V

Jennifer said...

Wow, your hair looks absolutely amazing! It really suits you. I love how happy and smiley you always are in your photos, and loving the red Hunters x

Janice Thi Tran said...

Love this! Sending love from New York City, hope you are well. Please follow me! & like me on Facebook! If you have bloglovin, we should follow each other!

Natalie said...

Your hair looks so gorgeous! A lot of the dip-dyed, ombre hair type things I've seen lately I hadn't really liked, but on you it looks so natural and I love it. And your dress and boots combo! I'm using my Hunters + super warm socks to double as snow boots cause I have no other options, haha.

Kelly said...

That second photo really is divine :)

I like your new hairdo!

Z said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new hair. it looks so wonderful on you and I'm so glad you took a chance with it. I'm also on the precipice of a new hair decision...I think I might just take the plunge! :]