Friday, October 12

i knew you were trouble

this shirt. oh, this shirt. i could probably talk about it (or ruche, for that matter)(no, they didn't pay me to say that) for days and days. i think i could wear this shirt three times in a row. oh wait, i did that. i'm not really sure why i put these two things together but hey, do i ever? i think the navy bows are kind of to die for and the buttons on the sleeves my favorite thing ever. i'll just stop now.

at first, when i heard the 30 second preview of taylor's new song (i falsely like to think that because i met her, we are on a first name basis)(humor me please) and realized it was dub step, i freaked out. what was i going to do if i didn't like it!? not only has that never happened but breaking my fandom loyalty?! unheard of. not possible. i was sweating buckets by the time it was finally released at 10pm and... and... i'm hooked. absolutely sold. it's not all dub step, guys! and while i realize the absurdity of taylor swift tampering in such a genre, have you listened to the lyrics!? this album was made for me. i beg of you, just listen to it for what it is if you do. a killer break up song. there you have it.

my writing class has turned me into a nosy snoop. the last "postcard"/50 word story i wrote was based entirely on a conversation i overheard. it earned me an A, but it didn't help my sneaky habits. it just fueled them. in fact, this class so far has made me see almost everything differently and all of the sudden i'm ten times more observant of everything around me. at first it was about an assignment and now i'm realizing just how much there is to see when you're really looking. i've seen beer bellies of old men wearing only suspenders with a santa beard, girls on the bus applying their bronzer (IN PUBLIC), middle aged women in my classes carting their children to classes because they want to get a better paying job than a secretarial position downtown (we're friends now- i always befriend the moms somehow), and frat boys on twitter. i'm learning.

i hope you all can get used to train tracks. at the moment, they're the best my tripod and i can do to keep out of public's eye. will there come a time when i can take pictures in public with my tripod? of that i am certain absolutely not. never. one of these days i will explore and locate more secluded spots but for now the train tracks on my way home are the golden ticket to frequent posts. 
DSC_0452 DSC_0475 DSC_0472 DSC_0463
top: Ruche // skirt: Francessca's Collections // shoes: Urban Outfitters


Jen Hsieh said...

I have those shirts I just want to wear every single day until it's too gross to I don't blame you for wearing this one so much. You look adorable in it!

And I have to say, I really love Taylor's new song. There really isn't that much Dubstep in it at all (coming from a huge dubstep fan) so I say she's still staying true to the genre and just giving it a twist. :)

Talia Candler said...

Mags, I love the skirt! Also, let's mint up the world shall we? I just bought a new pair of mint skinnies...pair number 2? I think yes.

Sara, Swing The Day Away said...

Gorgeous outfit! I love the color scheme. :) It's good to know I'm not the only one who would feel completely awkward doing a photoshoot in even a semi-public place. I need to find some good secluded places.

By the way, anytime I hear a Taylor Swift song, I think of you! haha. :)

Abbey said...

Gorgeous photos. :) I LOVE tswizzle's song. Obsessed. Its not too dubsteppy... just enough.

Gizelle Faye | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

i really love your top. <3 and i know what you mean about closet staples that get overused because they're so chic and comfortable. <3

i have to tell the hubby about taylor's new song..he's a huge fan. haha

♥ vanilla ice cream | a cebuana's personal style blog ♥

Tonya said...

Gosh you are the cutest! I love this outfit! If only we lived closer so we could share closets! And I love the location of the photos...too cute :)

kylee said...

stop it. i think i say this every time i read your blog but maggie... this outfit?!?? i am IN LOVE. i want to wear the exact same thing and be yout style twin.

Mary said...

Jiving with moms -- me too! I don't understand it. I think I'll be in my prime when I'm in my late thirties/forties.

And yeah, as everyone's saying, the outfit is lovely lovely lovely.

Mary said...

Jiving with moms -- me too! I don't understand it. I think I'll be in my prime when I'm in my late thirties/forties.

And yeah, as everyone's saying, the outfit is lovely lovely lovely.

Jasmine, Transient Withdrawal said...

I can't get over this outfit Maggie! I love it! You've mastered the tripod pics so quickly (not that I ever doubted you for a second!)! :) I love the railroad tracks! It definitely beats the park near my house any ole day! I know I haven't been commenting on your posts, but just know what I do read everyone and I've loved them all! <3

hellolyndsey said...

You are like, the guru of navy. Seriously! THIS OUTFIT.

I love the way you express your current thoughts/emotions on things. You're hilarious and so heart-felt. I love that about you.

lyndsey of hellolyndsey

Bethany Kellen of bunnypicnic said...