Friday, October 5

something i wrote (and i hope you don't hate)

it's very rare that i have nothing to say. 
i mean seriously, i was so scared for my first blogger meet-up with kylee because i can talk and talk and talk all day about absolutely nothing and in real life, i'm not that funny.

so today i give you something i wrote.
creative writing non-fiction is my favorite class. hands down. even if i'm terrified to get my first real paper back tomorrow and i think my professor probably hated it because i didn't get to obsess over every detail like i normally do.

the assignment was to tell a story in 50 words.
and i'm embarrassed at just how long i spent writing this one. hate it, love it, rip it to shreds... i'm starting to become a little bit okay with show and tell. then again, i wrote this nearly six weeks ago and it's only 50 words. i can only imagine how long it would take to reveal 500 words. yikes.


*yes, this is a non-fiction class so yes, the story behind this is...well, true. and i'm sure you can figure out who/what it's about and all of its careful little hidden meanings?


Shawnee said...

fantastic piece..!! especially with only 50 words! you're a great writer, i don't think you should feel the need to put a 'warning' on the title of your post:)

kylee said...

any time i see my name on your blog i remember that we met in real life and then i get overly excited becasue that was the best blogger meet-up of my liffeeee. also, i love when you post things on your blog that i have already seen. i always feel so honoroed when i see something here i've seen in an email or text. i've said it before & i'll say it again, such a good execution of the assignment.

becca said...

paints such a good picture in so few words! good for you, girl. I think you're going to kill it in writing class.

Brissa said...

creative non-fiction was my favorite section in my creative writing class. kylee's right, so good. it really is.

Meg! said...

I hate you. I couldn't write a 50-word story if I spent my life trying. I'm suuuuch a wordy writer. >_____< Loooove this though, so much! I might beg you to read my 2nd draft and give feedback in the near future. If you want. But I'll beg regardless.

Z said...

Aw this is wonderful! Nonfiction writing is what I'm currently studying and I completely read you - isn't it fantastic!? I love the 50 word story idea...I love what you did in just a paragraph! Might have to try it...