Sunday, October 7

true story

i started taking pictures this summer truthfully because i needed to. i was going to think about this abrupt change in my life regardless of anything that happened and hard as i tried to not think about it, i couldn't. so i figured i may as well do something with my time so that when i looked back on my summer i wouldn't have to think that i wasted a summer thinking about something out of control. and that's what i did.

i didn't know it at the time because for me, it was just a dinky little hobby, but possibly choosing to buy that lens may have changed my life. while it's still small and nothing to boast about, all of the sudden i'm taking pictures of strangers I don't know and being asked to travel hundreds of miles to do it. and all because of something unplanned i didn't want to happen. things happen for a reason and i've found myself through all of it. i'm maggie and i'm maggeygrace, i like being awkward and i like staying at home by myself with my cat on saturday nights editing pictures, watching parks&rec and community, and baking. i like reading for ten hours straight barely stopping to go to the bathroom. i like wasting 45 minutes in line at starbucks listening to music because i honestly have nothing else to do. having nothing to do anymore is amazing. i like doing my homework. i love writing. i love myself and all of this is proving to be the absolute best thing that could have happened to me. i'm so excited about what's happening these days for me and where some of my passions (old and new) are leading me.

go be yourselves, guys. it's seriously the best.

*the girl pictured is the first person who paid me to take her senior portraits and had faith that i could do it. THANK YOU FOR GIVING ME A CHANCE JULIANNE. yours are still some of my favorite.


Abbey said...

Love this post! I feel the same way! Seriously we're twins... parks&rec is my favorite and all I want to do right now is edit edit edit. (Then again I'm in a media production major so thats all i do anyways.. ) That's awesome that you're getting asked to travel- I'm jealous! Glad you're happy. :)

Mary said...

Love love love love love. I hope you read my comments, haha, and I hope my sincere appreciation for your posts shines through my comments.

kylee said...

that whole second paragraph was so inspiring maggie. you being you, learning about you, loving you. just all so dang inspiring.

Beautifully Pure said...

I'm so glad everything worked out well! Your photography is amazing, and it's great that you have such a great attitude about your break up. <3