Wednesday, July 28

home is whenever i'm with you

Eeee!! So, I'm sitting here in my undergarments (inappropriate for blogging? yes..probably) furiously typing at my desk and throwing clothes onto hangers so that I can go outside and hang out with my boyy!! I actually typed out this blog post last night, but I was in such a mopey mood last night that when I went back in to blogger to post this, I decided to erase everything I'd said and type again! I know, I know, me in a bad mood? Believe me, it happens. And probably more often than most think. Actually, I used to hate myself because I couldn't stay upset for too long before I was myself again and got over it. But the truth is, more than anything, I hate being in a bad mood and can never be upset for more than an hour, a night at most. I just get so mad at myself for being mad that it turns into this ridiculous cycle and finally will myself to realize I'm over analyzing something and thinking too hard. And viola! It's fixed. It's really silly, actually.
Anyways, back to the point: I am in a really good mood! I guess this is because I'm so excited to be actually home. It's been weeks!! And funny enough, I wasn't that excited until we came to the crest of the hill overlooking my little town and then I was just absolutely elated! I felt like the energized self that I am and it felt so good:).
This has to be in the top 3 of my favorite photoshoots so far. I wish I could say my boy took them...but he was gone when I took these, unfortunately. One of my friends took them and it was SO much fun!! We bought these nerd glasses for the fun of it and really just went with it. I felt like a different person! I love how the colors looked against the brick and I couldn't be happier with how these tights worked with my shorts! I was lucky enough to order 5 pairs of tights during Urban Outfitter's sale a while back, but because of the season, I hadn't used them until now. I love them!! I wear these shorts about twice a week with tshirts, tank tops, and different lightweight tops, so I definitely loved that I could mix it up in this shoot. It proves to me that they can transition into fall!
I have had this cardigan for so long that I've lost track of how many times I've worn it. I just love how rich the color is! I borrowed my friend's Run DMC tshirt and had been wearing it with this cardigan for a couple days and on impulse, decided to mix up the styling and throw it with shorts and tights. Keeping in theme with the "school" look, I added a pair of oxford heels that I LOVE. So cute. It may be a bit busy of an outfit...but honestly, it was so fun to wear!!
So I'm officially 18, by the way. Wow. Adulthood, here I come!
tights- urban outfitters $15 sweater- AE $40 tee-borrowed heels- Kmart flounce shorts$15- H&M belt-f21

I'm sorry for all the pictures. I just liked so many of them!! I've figured out that as beautiful as the weather is on sunny, lovely days, the best picture taking weather is when it's overcast outside. Seriously. But you all probably know that already haha :)
I hope you have a great day! OH!!! Also! Another reason for my superb mood is the fact that....I HAVE 100 FOLLOWERS NOW!!!! I can't believe I'm already here in 4 short months. Holy cow. Thank you. All of you. Each and every one. You make my day just that much brighter :)
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Thursday, July 22

hiding in your arms.

Look, look, look! I'm mixing patterns BUT they aren't a floral/stripe combo! eee! Strange isn't it? You better take a mental picture (or just marvel in these pictures whilst you read), because I can't guarantee when it'll happen again. Ha! I'm only kidding. I have really been trying to mix it up though.
It's strange to write this in advance, but I have no other choice seeing as currently while you're reading this, I'm out of service in the middle of the woods without access to my phone let alone wifi. Right now, it is Friday night of the 9th and trying to get ahead before I can get behind in preparing for my trip! What I can tell you about the future (your present) with complete certainty is that A) I am having a blast with my extended family boating, tubing, and camping B)I miss all of your blogs and being inspired by you all C) I miss my dear. On Saturday, we will pack up our campsite and my dad and I will continue our trip onward to Wyoming. Wyoming is near and dear to my heart. I could probably talk for days about how important Wyoming is to me, but I'll refrain mostly because I'll probably start tearing up and who needs that? :)
Confession: I actually took these pictures back in April. Before I was braces-less, had an official boy, had been kissed, adorned bangs, graduated, owned an SLR...oh my, so many things. I've grown up so much. Hehe! But anyways, I've been lazy in bringing my USB to my good friend Taylor's house to download these pictures she took, which is a shame, because they are some of my favorites of the photoshoots I have done! I felt so comfortable with her and was able to be myself-plus, the setting she chose was so pretty!
I giggle a lot in my photoshoots (below)

I have had this skirt and shirt since last summer before my fashionista days (ha!), but I love that I have been able to incorporate them into my current summer wardrobe. Actually, I take that back, one of my favorite things ABOUT blogging is that I have had this fashion epiphany and I've been able to see every single piece in my closet in a new light. Like this skirt! And shirt! Last year, I only ever wore this top with jeans and a tank. And I only ever wore this shirt with a casual v-neck tee. NEVER would I have put these two completely different patterns together. They are both truly the most comfortable items ever. The tribal skirt is this delightful linen/cotton blend that feels like I'm in my pj's!
If you haven't ever listened to Jillian Edwards- you should stat. I've been listening to her on REPEAT! Again and again and again. She even tweeted me the other day! Eeep! I kind of really want her to be a star someday:). I always have so much more respect for artists that write their own music. It was such a letdown when I found out Kelly Clarkson and Demi Lovato and Goo Goo Dolls don't write their own music. Ha! Maybe poor examples...but still! I honestly have never heard a better voice- better than Ingrid, Meiko, and Regina if you ask me.

top- forever21 skirt-Wetseal Necklace-Claires Belt-forever21
wedges- Michael Kors
My favorite picture of the day ^! I guess I don't have a whole lot to say...I'm just loving this summer and getting to love my youth before I turn 18 and go off to college :). This summer is about as happy and carefree as I could have ever imagined. It's the greatest feeling in the world. I'm really going to try to post more frequently- maybe 3-4 times a week? Sound good? As always, I love you all:) You all inspire me more than you know. I just wish I could take every single one of you out for a good cup of coffee and a muffin and talk about clothes and life and boys!
eeeee! My 18th birthday is in TWO days. I can hardly believe it. I'm going to be an adult!! In a lot of ways, I feel 18. I feel like an adult who has surpassed adolescense and is more than ready to take on the world. But then there is a part of me that doesn't really feel ready to leave childhood behind. Everyone keeps telling me, "It's okay Maggie, you will never lose your childhood, it will become a part of your adult self." Ect. Which is very reassuring. I feel like...this year, turning 18, is perhaps the happiest I have ever been in my entire life. Actually, it definitely is. I have been given everything I could ever ask for in the world and more and it all came together so well. I'm so happy. If the past year is any indication as to how my future years will feel, then I can't wait. I am continually somehow loving everyday more than the previous and I just hope it never stops.

P.S. be prepared, I have more scheduled posts coming so I hope you'll be back soon! I'll get to commenting you all back when I return:)

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Wednesday, July 14

$100 5 dresses GIVEAWAY!!!

I purchased five dresses/rompers and spent probably way too much money. Here is the list of items I got for you all:

1)Denim Romper: $14
2)Floral Romper: $18
3)Thrifted Floral Dotted Dress: $26
4)Miley Cyrus Floral Romper: $12
5) A. Byer Black Ruffle: $17

First Dress:
Okay, technically this is a romper but it's the cutest thing in the world. Totally versatile and totally comfy. It's also very flattering! I got it from Ross for SO cheap. It's denim and the adorable "belt" detail is so sweet-plus the buttons couldn't be any cuter! The back is rouched and stretchy, allowing versatility in how it will fit :) I was so proud of this purchase! I got it in a size Medium (7-8), but honestly, it could fit a lot of different body types given the elastic give in the back and buttons.

Second Dress:
This romper is OH SO PERFECT. The floral detail is absolutely gorgeous, if you ask me, and it is seriously the most comfy item in my closet. Yes...I did have to buy myself one, hehe :). But it seriously is SO versatile and you can wear it with a blazer, cardi, tights, heels, flats, layered shorts, shirt, tee under, lace shirt under...anything!! But, gosh, let me reiterate, this is SO comfortable. And I got it on sale for so cheap. It was $18 off of about $45 I think?? Yes. It's a thing of beauty.
Check out the back!! The back has a criss-cross design that is SO CUTE! Also, the sides are elastic and stretchy so also very flexible for sizing. THIS ROMPER IS AMAZING. Also a size Medium.

Third Dress:
This dress was by far the most expensive and probably the "splurge" of the giveaway. I picked it up at this AWESOME store in my hometown called Storm Cellar that sells used but in good condition vintage clothing. Seriously, it's my favorite place to shop. You can find amazing vintage everything and for cheap! Not goodwill cheap, but not brand expensive. I picked up this adorable polka dot navy button dress there for $26...which was steep, but it's so worth it. Vintage!! Can I say that again?? VINTAGE! You won't find it anywhere else! I really tried to pick items for every type of girl's wardrobe and this definitely was aimed for the classier/vintagey girl :). Anyone could wear this so cutely though! The ruffles on the button up and sleeves are SO precious.
Size 11. Which is so strange because it fit me (size 4) but then it fit my best friend (size 10) and my sister (size 0). It's like the sisterhood of the traveling pants dress!!!!
Fourth Dress:
Okay, please don't hate me....yes, this romper is of the Miley Cyrus/Max line...but isn't it adorable?? This dress was more aimed for the hip/modern/boho fashionista side, but again, so easily versatile. I can see specific bloggers adding a blazer, or belting it and wearing bad ass heels/boots, wearing a cardi/tights...easily versatile. (note: most used words in this post are cute and versatile ;) ). I got it for $12 and couldn't be happier. It's so comfortable! The tribal print is so sweet. Oh! And the bows on the straps are a nice touch, too!:)
 Dress Five:
If you ask me, this is the big STEAL of my blog shopping. It's A. Byer and so, so classy. Definitely more aimed for the girly/classy/chic side. It was originally over seventy dollars but I got it for seventeen!! The pearls are an amazing touch that just adds to the whole thing, plus, they aren't attached to the dress or anything so you can easily wear them with other clothes. I love the satin ruffled skirt- it's perfection!!! This might be my favorite piece of the giveaway....but I truly love each and every one.
all applicants:
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# of entries:
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you do not need to comment more than once if you apply to the additional requirements. Just tell me if you followed me (I will check) and tell me if you blogged about it. You can do this later if you wish, just be sure to let me know!!! I will be using the random number generator. 

*********ENDS August 18tb**********

also, if the winner blogged about my giveaway, they will receive an ADDITIONAL prize in the form of TWO skirts :) Value of an additional $30!!!!

Thank you again.
I love you.

Saturday, July 10

best days of our live

I've been tagged about a thousand times to answer questions and tell you things about myself. I really hate when I don't fill these out because I am so flattered honored that someone would want to know anything about me, but I always put it off for various reasons; the most likely candidate being laziness. Sorry! But instead of telling you ten or seven or sixteen things about myself, I'm going to tell you one thing and give you like twelve sub-things off that.
My big secret about me: I am a playlist whore.
I could bet you five thousand dollars I'm listening to my "Marlee" playlist in this picture)
It's true. Anyone who really knows me in my deepest form (ha!) knows that on my ipod, I have a ton of playlists. Currently as I'm staring at the screen, my current on-the-go is listed as on-the-go forty seven. And I have about, oh, half that in my labeled "by-month" playlists of songs I obsess and add in a given month alone, plus playlists for every single emotion I seem to have, and playlists specifically dedicated to certain people. Like, people I used to have crushes on or later let me down. Or that I drive to soccer with. Or my best friends and neighbors. Or the freshmen that I tow around. Or my sophomore BFF's. I am playlist crazy. It's actually one of the most personal things about me because literally my life is tied to these playlists. Just ask Niklaas....I have some rather secretive playlists on there that kill me when people find. Hahaha. I only reluctantly hand my ipod over to anyone anymore.
SO, for my "sub-things", I'm going to list my current month's playlist of the songs I've been obsessed with this month. Just a warning: this usually includes the songs I sing to that come on the top 40 radio stations. Hehe.
1)How Lucky We Are! Meiko
2)If the Moon Fell Down Tonight! Chase Coy
3)The Only Exception! Paramore
4)Change of Time! Josh Ritter
5)Our Kind of Love! Lady Antebellum
6) Boats and Birds! Gregory and the Hawk
7) In My Veins! Andrew Belle
8) Go Together! Jillian Edwards
9)The Saltwater Room! Owl City
10)Yours! Fay Wolf
11) Where the Road Meets the Sun! Katie Herzig
12) Collect Call! Metric
13) If We Ever Meet Again! Katy Perry/Timbaland
14) Break Your Heart! Taio Cruz
15) Kissin' You! Miranda Crosgrove
16) Butterfly Nets! Bishop Allen
Did I mention I graduated? Oh yeah, because I forgot to mention it and include pictures. So, in the midst of talking about me, me, me, I'm going to push the narcissism even more and include pictures from that because, apparently, graduating is kind of a big deal and since this is a blog about my life, it would be wrong not to document that. By the way, these honestly were the absolute best two days of my entire my life.
(my momma and dominant gene supplier)
Fourth Daughter tagged me with these questions (I didn't forget about you, see! hehe):
1) If you had to spend three consecutive days on the same train, who would you want with you and why? Maybe my answer is cliche...but yes, it would definitely without a doubt be my boy. My sister would be runner-up, but I choose him because I know that he would enjoy spending three days with me much more than my little sister would haha! She can only put up with me and my childish hyperactive moments for so long. And also because, more than anyone, I can spend hours upon hours with him doing nothing at all and never get bored or run out of things to do. Every simple thing feels like the most grand adventure in the world with him, even if it's just watching a movie in my basement.
(the big walk across the stage)
2) Have you ever had a sewing related injury? Give gory details! If not, list any irrational fears. Aside from the occasional (okay, frequent) stabbing of the needle into my fingertips, no. But irrational fears?? Ahhh...there are just too many. Okay, firstly, being stabbed and/or shot terrifies me to no end because of all the scary movies I watch, and second, I have a horrible weird fear of mascotted anything. Santa Clauses', Easter Bunnies, Chuck E. Cheeses, Clowns... anything with a mask and costume makes me squeal and hide and freak OUT.
3)What wouldn't you get caught dead in? Bell-bottoms. Eww. I hope that trend never comes back. At least, on me.
(my darling cousins)
4)What garment/accessory do you wear the most? Scarves pushed aside, I wear my tiffany&co necklace pretty much every single day. I got it for my sweet 16 birthday present and is my most treasured item!
5) What pattern/vintage style have you been thinking about recently? On my list of clothing items I need are a vintage straw hat, black v-neck shirt, denim vest, and some vintage heels.
6) What is one place you really want to visit that you haven't been to? Umm...everywhere? Seriously, there isn't one place I probably wouldn't go. But... probably anything Europe. Ahh.

7) How do you relax? Oooh! My favorite thing is to read. Books are my obsession. Or at least, one of many. And watching tv calms me so much. I don't watch a lot of it these days, but when I do, I'll watch it for hours straight and get my monthly fix. Oh! And definitely writing in my diary. I do it every single night to unwind and if I don't, I can't sleep.
8) Favorite Holiday? Halloween!! Eep! And Easter. And Father's Day.

9) Favorite literary character and why? Elizabeth Bennett is my hero. I love that she is completely her own person and doesn't let anyone dictate what she thinks or does. Even when it goes against every set notion in society, she doesn't marry the first man who proposes to her, and instead waits for her prince. "Only the deepest love will persuade me into matrimony." That quote has stuck with me since I first read the book years and years ago.

10) What was the best date you've ever been on? Oh, goodness!! My favorite "dates" have been ones that don't have an absolute set in stone, "Oh, let's go to this movie", and end up getting ice cream afterwards or playing wii or driving around or having q&a sections. Also, I hate being the one to dictate what we do all the time. A girl likes to be thought of, you know? My first date ever in my life, I didn't even know was a date until later and my mom was like, "Maggie- he paid for your ticket to see the play???" And I innocently said he had, and she just rolled her eyes and said sternly, "Maggie- that is a date," like I was an idiot. But! I was 15. What can I say?
literally, every single person I have ever loved and that has ever loved me was there for me and it was the best feeling in the entire world to be so surrounded. 45 members came to my little hometown just to see me walk across a silly stage. I love my family more than life itself and I owe them the world.
Love always,

Thursday, July 8

i can't help myself

*yawn* Does anyone else think summer is moving along much, much too quickly? Because I most definitely do. College is becoming less and less of a spec in the distance and more of an, "Oh, s***, I'm actually a real, live breathing college student who lives alone.... 200 miles from home." I'll let you know if I'm getting more excited or more scared as it grows near.
Lately (and by lately, I mean, the past week), I have done nothing but wear this shirt. Jasmine, if you're reading this, I love you! I could wear it with anything in my closet and in a million thousand different ways. I couldn't be happier if I had picked it out myself! You all know me and my love for mixing florals and stripes and, well, today was no exception. You're probably all like, "Okay Maggie, we get it, stripes and florals, yeah yeah." Hehe. I apologize!
These flounce floral shorts from forever21 are the comfiest item in the entire world. Aside from the shirt, at least! (I'm seriously obsessed) I honestly hope florals never, ever go out of style! In all of these pictures, my hair looks so dark. I don't get it! I look so different, though, and I almost like it? I don't know. It's more pale vampire/dark contrasting Alice Cullen hair than I'm used to. Ha! I apologize for the twilight reference. But really, my conversation with my hair in the morning goes like this these days:
maggie: so, hair, what shall we do with you today? Straight or curly?
hair: F*** off maggie, I will do whatever I want regardless of who you want me to be and no amount of heat or gel will change that!
maggie: *sigh* Well, okay.
SPEAKING of Twilight....yes, I might have gone to the midnight premiere on Tuesday night of last week. And yes... I might have been a mean girlfriend and dragged my dear with me. On my behalf, it was the night he got back and I kind of really wanted to see him and I didn't make him wait in line for ten hours with my friends...we only waited for three! I might have been a mean girlfriend, but he was a really really good boyfriend for going! Hehe.
i'm wearing my favorite michael kors wedges. They just make me a happy girl.

Again, thank you so much for reading my blog. Just reading it means the world to me. And trust me, a huge thank you is coming your way tomorrow when I post my giveaway!!! 5 dresses!! FIVE! Hehehe. I'm so excited! Anyways, here are some "life-y" pictures from this summer and spring. Feel free to SKIP over all of these!!
top- forever21 clothes swap shorts-f21 belt- Ann Taylor Wedges- Michael Kors

yours truly,
I'm best friends with my sister's friends. Weird? Yeah, probably.
From forever ago, my friends and I meeting Sons of Sylviaa at the Carrie Underwood concert! The lead singer was holding my hand...and later told me I was cute. Thus, excited face.
the "awww" inducing picture. Wedding clad!
Jenni wore a dress to school so, naturally, we had to take pictures of this historic moment :).
It was my grandma's birthday!
Exploring tunnels! You have all seen this dress before: H&M dress
The "Holy cow, Carrie Underwood is in the same room as us" face at our hotel.
I'm big with those younger than me.
I like swings. Known fact.
texting niklaas during warm up water breaks? caught.
lake. enough said.
this is so old! Swing dance back in February when I didn't think he knew I existed. hahaha.
bored in physics. Guess who drew Taylor Swift in the top corner?:)

my favorite picture of us to date. Cute. It was for my friend's video of STD's for wellness. Hahaha.
My soccer team:) Again, underclassmen! I love them more than life.