Thursday, October 25

all too well

DSC_0847 my approach to blogging has changed drastically in comparison to when i first started. i used to have a precise schedule of what days i would blog what i was wearing and never veered from my pattern. blogging quickly became a passionless chore and then i discovered lifestyle blogs (KYLEE!) and after a long break from outfit blogging, i came back. i'll be honest, i definitely don't have a pattern anymore. most of the time, i blog about what i want in the moment and if i'm wearing something i like that day and have time, will take pictures of it. but it's not the end of the world if i can't take pictures on a tuesday to post at exactly 3:00PM on wednesday. i don't stick to "one" thing anymore and tend to post regular lists and stories. it was kind of my way of saying "this blog is now going to be all me and only what i want to post now". is that rude?  it's easier. i feel no pressure. maybe sometimes i slack or sometimes i don't post an outfit for two weeks, but i'm happier this way and it keeps me posting continually with passion. because if i'm not  ' it, i doubt you will.

today, however, was definitely a "feelin' it" day. um, hello perfect dress. i've had a lot of perfect dresses come into my life lately. SEE, dresses and i are definitely back together. if you remember, when i met up with kylee, the fate gods sent me this dress. after holding out and listening to the nagging voice in my head that said don't spend your money on something you just 'like', maggie, something you love is around the corner! this one took the cake. it makes it all better that i was with kylee when it happened and that it just happens to be the best fall dress in the world. and i also just happen to love these shoes which magically walked into my life last month as well.

anyways, i get my news back tomorrow. and after that i'm excited to spill the beans about every *big* choice/goal i've made in the last few weeks. for the first month and a half of the semester, i really took alone time seriously. i came to the conclusion that i have indeed gotten myself "back" and i know myself again (...if only i could go back six months and be who i am now in the same situations). and thus, it's time to push the envelope a bit. AND I'M THIS EXCITED EVERYONE! DSC_0856 DSC_0890 DSC_0869 DSC_0843 DSC_0905
dress: nordstroms // tights: target // shoes: forever 21 //
headband: modcloth


Shawnee said...

that dress is adorable! perfect for autumn :) as are the polka dotted tights..

i'm so happy for you that you're happy! truly. i understand about not having a blogging 'schedule'.. i never could do one as i dislike schedule and planning A LOT; spontanity is fun as is randomness! never apologise for anything on your blog :) it's yours and you can do whatever you like!! your true readers will love whatever you do:) xoxo

Ashlyn said...

The perfect fall dress indeed! I feel similarly about blogging, but my problem is that I feel like I'll overwhelm readers if I post as much as I'd like to. I tend to post outfit pictures at least five days a week, but I would love to expand into some more written content because lemme tell you, ideas are a-swirlin'. I can't wait to hear your news!

Triple Thread

Maggie Shirley said...

I've already told you how much I love that dress, but THOSE SHOES. Where did you get them?!

Jen Hsieh said...

I'm so glad you're feeling like YOU again - I can definitely feel it with your tweets and all your blog posts. I've definitely been straying from my usual strictly outfit posts schedule to post things I really want to post instead. They are our own blogs anyway - we're not a business catering to the needs of our audience. We're people. Sharing our lives on the internet. :)

But enough of the serious talk. THAT DRESS? WHAT? Please wear this every day for the rest of your life. I adore it.

kylee said...

holy crap, it's even cuter on! i love that you changed your blog a bit, that you kept up with the outfits but adding in the personal stuff too.

Meg! said...

Well you are SUPER CUTE in these photos. I mean, you always are, but argh that dress suits you sooo well! <3 And can't wait to hear your resullllts!

Leslie Quiros said...

this is such a beautifull xdress.. absolutely love the tiers and also the color.. perfect for fall and these pics are gorgrous!

PS- Please come check out my new blog - would love to hear your thoughts!

his little lady said...

Okay, just had to drop by and say how absolutely ADORABLE your outfit is! I would wear that in a heartbeat ;)
xo TJ

hellolyndsey said...

MAGGIE. I'M DYING HERE. OH. MY. GOD. this outfit is like, PERFECTION. i looooooooooooooooove it!!!! and i also love your new approach to blogging. I've been all over the place with my blog for some time and I am continually finding myself liking that much better than making it a schedule. I've tried and failed so many times at making blog schedules and then it just hit me like, I never schedule anything in my real life so why would I start now?


lyndsey of hellolyndsey

Katie said...

I love this outfit so much! I am super jealous of your pretty fall leaves. I wish we had that here in Florida. You seriously have the cutest style. Is your dress a recent purchase from Nordstrom or is it an older piece?

saraH said...

Love the tights! I'm SO glad it is tights weather!

Laura said...

That dress is so adorable! It works perfectly with the fall weather. :)