Sunday, October 28

halloween 2012

i did a halloween recap last year and after the night we had,
i knew i had to do it again. halloween, after all, is my 
favorite holiday and forever will be.
-fake eyelashes purchased again because it's the one time a year i can wear them and no one will judge me because it is halloween and people do a lot worse.
-a costume thrown together from the contents of my closet, once again.
-lipstick bought and used for the first time in my life.
-a plan change mid-day and previous tickets sold on facebook last minute.
-"you're a...maid?"
-spotting "the coffee boy" yet again. instant recognition. coffee order recited. and now i can never go get coffee there again.
-asking a girl in a white bra and skirt what she is. "a polar bear!" ...of course.
-dancing with a boy in physics class who sits behind me. "you're one of the cute girls that sit in front of me!" 
-dancing simultaneously with his shirtless friend who could be an abercrombie
-finally getting the thumbs up to do jenny's make up.
-getting asked to tie someone's shoe because "you're so close to the ground already!"
-my conversation breaker in the bathroom = asking everyone if they like taylor swift.
-making best friends with the guy in the fleece tiger costume.
-messing up the dance to gangham style. getting called out on it by everyone.
-bringing our best guy friend with us to serve as a 'bouncer'.
-finding a girl who sits behind me in my writing class and talking about Hunter rainboots boy for twenty minutes.
-"you're not a freshmen?"
-"you're not 21?"
-stealing hats right and left. wearing them.
-finding the friend of someone i'm not so fond of.
-coming home to eat a bowl of pumpkin ice cream.
DSC_0359 DSC_0344 DSC_0354
top: modcloth // skirt: francessca's collections // shoes: urban outfitters


DawnieP said...

I love your outfits! You look so adorable!


sarah welsch said...

love the on the spot costume!

Beautifully Pure said...

Aw! You look so cute! How could anyone not know who you are!? Now polar bear girl... that could be easily mistaken... O.O

Dillon said...

Sounds like such a fun night!!! The best part of any good night is coming back and relaxing, and pumpkin ice cream just sounds fantstic.

kylee said...

sometimes i crave fake eyelashes in my daily life, can they please be a non-halloween thing too? hahaha polar bear chick, hilarious. "you're one of the cute girls who sits in front of me".... halloween was obviously far more boy worthy than mine.

Z said...

Ugh this recap is so cute! Sounds like the perfect Hallo-weekend!

Autumn said...

I thought you were a retro snow white? Am I right...or am I wrong? haha

Ashlyn said...

This is so perfect. I've had the thought cross my mind a few times that I never see bloggers talk about when they go out or party (even if they don't drink or anything). It's such a fun part of college, but I have no idea how to incorporate it into my blog's feel. You did a great job and I adore reading things like this. Your costume is so sweet, even better that is was free ;).

Triple Thread

hellolyndsey said...

you are the cutest and this was the cutest thing EVER. maybe she was a shaved polar bear? said...

You look ADORABLE! Modern Snow White. It fits you perfectly. :)

What is your friend in the workout clothes costume?

Jasmine, Transient Withdrawal said...

So I seriously stole your idea after we Skyped last Friday and decided to be Snow White today too! :) You'll see it on my blog tomorrow hehe. You look absolutely adorable! I'm so glad you had a good night Maggie!