Friday, October 26

goals (big ones!)

accepted i told you in a post a few back that i'd started making some goals for myself. well, it's true. i think in light of the last six months, the best thing to come out of it was time alone to just think. about myself, about what i wanted, about my future, about things i wanted to accomplish, how i was spending my time, and was i happy? have i been happy? and in the end, i realized i wasn't happy with what i was doing and i wasn't feeling full-filled. i'm a person that's easy to make happy but there comes a point when you have to do things in your life to feel satisified and full. i'm a person that likes to work. and i haven't been working outside of school in two years. i was focused on just graduating and getting through school which truly, just isn't enough for me. i like projects. multiple ones. i like working for short term goals and reaching them. i like the big and the small challenges in life.

so that being said, here's what i've been working on/what's ahead for me:
  • running a half marathon in may 2013
  • getting into upper level creative writing workshops
  • studying abroad in ireland next june on a scholarship
  • minoring/double majoring in creative writing
  • building my photography business
  • becoming a CNA
i was holding out until i found out if i'd made it in our not, but i was accepted into the creative writing workshops i wanted that are competitive (!!!!!). i'm doing everything on my list. i'm running a half marathon to prove to myself that i can do something i don't think i can. i'm studying abroad because i crave adventure and i want to push myself to try new things, finally. i am taking more writing classes because it makes me happier than anything else. i'm shooting back-up at a wedding next summer and being paid for it. i've done fourteen senior shoots, three "couple" shoots, and four family shoots. i'm going to do CNA training because i have ideas of where i want it to take me after. and i'm doing it all just for me. what better way is there to do something?

and thank you, to all of you, yes, you, for being a part of the journey. this is all just really, really cool.


Jen Hsieh said...

This is all super excited and congratulations for landing that wedding gig as a back-up shooter! You're going to do amazing things and I'm super proud of you for taking control of your future. :)

Shawnee said...

you are so inspiring! for real - i have been 'off' lately and this made me to decide to really sit down and think about what i want. thank you. good luck with all!! xx

saraH said...

Congrats on actulally setting goals! I am 31 and JUST now starting to do that. I should have awhile ago. With that being said, I just finished my first half marathon this past sunday! It was challenging, and I wanted to give up with a mile left, but I was so proud of myself when I crossed the finish line! I had family there cheering me on, and it is just a great experiance.

kylee said...

i want to run a half marathon with you. study abroad in IRELAND?!!?! holycrapyes! cna?!?! so many good things in your future! i feel like i'm suddenly in the unkown. my plans are all changing and now that i'm close to graduating i'm wondering if i am doing what i want to be. sometimes i wonder if i should learn more about photography and make it more than a hobby, sometimes i wonder if i should try taking a creative writing class during my last semester. life decisions are too hard. now back to your creative writing workshops... i am seriously not surprised you got in. i am so so so happy for you! your life has so much excitement and promise right now!

Meg! said...

You are so amazing, and I'm so excited for you! You'll accomplish great things. I can tell. x said...

Good luck, sweetheart! My mum is a CNA and I have so much respect for them. <3

My Painted Bird

Beautifully Pure said...

So jealous that you get to go to Ireland! I've wanted to go there for years!! <3

And congrats for doing so well on your goals! That's so great for you. :D

How's the "asking a boy out" thing going?

hellolyndsey said...

oh my gosh this news is all so so super exciting! it really makes me want to sit down and think of all the things I want to accomplish within the next few years. thanks for being an inspiration maggie :)
lyndsey of hellolyndsey

becca said...

awesome for you!
your goals are amazingly grown-up (mine are always things like "try to like celery"), and you're working hard for them.

go you!