Tuesday, October 16

it could be...

that i celebrated the success of a wonderfully successful photography weekend and a good grade on a physics midterm (WHAT!) by a little *more* retail therapy. on that note, my christmas is basically already accounted for and my handmedown iphone 4 is about to be bedazzled.

i have decided on two crazy crazy goals for myself that make me both extremely happy and extremely nervous that i can't let myself go into detail about yet until i've actually made significant progress in both (for commitment is one of my bigger struggles).

i finished an entire season of sherlock in less than 24 hours. which means 4.5 hours of those 24 hours were spent watching sherlock. i'm okay with this.

i fail in the art of getting a boy to ask me out. 

one of my all time favorite bloggers is BACK!

blogging nearly every day is becoming a habit i'm growing to love.

i was told i'm not a hipster because i'm not annoying. biggest compliment of my life (let's ignore the fact that i have NO idea why people are still trying to say i am, it's not flattering).

i designed my first ever complete blog layout for someone and it was the most tedious exciting five hours of my life (link to come!).

my cat and i have an abusive relationship. and the more i ignore him, the more he hurts me when i finally have time to cuddle before bed. 

i think i love my parents more than anything in this world. and their phone calls make my day. it scares me sometimes to realize i'm truly never going to "live" at home with them again but knowing also that i have two amazing people to forever watch and learn from is extremely comforting. they're only as far as i want them to be, really.


Talia Candler said...

Oh my gosh, the layout. I'M SO EXCITED.

Abbey said...

My roommate got a kitten in June, and I swear if I ignore him for one second when he's hanging out with me it's like the end of his world. Those little kitten claws and teeth will be the death of me. But your cat looks so sweet haha. Congratulations on photography and physics success! :)

Beautifully Pure said...

Blogging everyday is the best! <3 And I've been so loving your blog lately! <3

I can't wait to see the layout you coded! I bet it looks amazing. :)

Did you ever get my email? Just curious because over the years I've stopped trusting technology. ;D

I hope you're having an absolutely brilliant day! xo

Mary said...

"i fail in the art of getting a boy to ask me out."


becca said...

yay for your new blog look! it's super cute and fun.

and I love these odds and ends...
what are the goals? I'm dying to know!

keep up the good work, whatever it is!

Jen Hsieh said...

I'm so glad you had so many photography jobs this past weekend and I can't wait to find out what your two crazy goals are. Good luck and I know you can commit to them! WORK IT.

And I'm starting to love blogging every day (well, almost) too!

Jessica said...

yay for Sherlock!

Anonymous said...

omg is this your kittie? I have the same exact looking one! adorbs <3

xx. Hybrid Hunter