Friday, September 30

According to Instagram

my first ever 'my life according to instagram'
courtesy of instagram
niklaas cute
molly in my dress
panini dinner
niklaas grad night
modcloth box
jenny ice cream oval
Photo on 2011-09-20 at 15.43 #2
calculus with niklaas
1) Niklaas being hipster with his new camera and my floral hat.
2) My adorable roommate Molly looking adorable in my dress.
3) Paninis for dinner! Also prepared by Niklaas.
4) Two dollar DVDs at Hastings.
6) Free Big Dipper ice cream on the oval with my roommate.
7) Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift.
8) Favorite sweep from Modcloth this week. 20 bucks!
9) Studying for our first calculus midterm.

Wednesday, September 28

Feline Fine

If you asked me to pick just one outfit to wear for the rest of my life... hands down, this would be it. A cat-faced tee, swirly cotton skirt, bow, easy to walk in wedges, and a side braid. I can't tell you how happy having a cat on my chest made me the entire day that I wore it. So, I might have first discovered this shirt when I saw a picture of Taylor Swift on tumblr wearing it...and I might have found it on Modcloth two days later...and I might have snatched it up when I fell in love. But regardless of the fact that Taylor owns this top and shops at Modcloth (eee!), I'm so delightfully in love with this top and I can't begin to describe the looks and comments I got (my favorite: dreadlocked stoner in the cafeteria looking at me up and down and saying, "Dude, I like cats").
Being a sophomore in college, I've been thinking a lot about majors, minors, graduate school, medical school, journalism school, and just the future in general. It's really hard to wrestle with the idea that my choices now could dictate whether or not I get into what kind of school I decide to go to, even though I'm not sure right now if that's what I want. There's only one thing I know and that's that I want to feel what Taylor Swift does when she's singing in front of a crowd of 20,000 people in whatever I'm doing. I've been to two of her concerts and there is no doubt when you're a fan in the crowd watching her perform that performing is exactly what she's meant to do with her life. I wish I had the fearless drive to just pick that thing lingering in the back of my mind to "go for it" without doubts like she sings about, but practicality always worms itself into my brain. I know I'm just 19, but being pre-med is a big commitment even as a sophomore and if I'm going to go to Medical have to plan ahead. Big time. Even when I'm sure that it's "the one". If nothing else, I admire Taylor for never doubting what she wanted and going the whole way. It's so much harder said than done!
I hope you are all enjoying my more life related posts these days. I just got instagram (maggeygrace!) so I've been instagraming like a fool in love. It's addictive! My new iTouch might be the best thing that's ever happened to me. I'm planning on several instagram posts in the future. I think it's probably on its way to being the new twitter or facebook. I love it!
I have three outfit posts backed up on my harddrive currently. Pictures, pictures! I have to say, I'm excited to be posting outfits again. This blog is a lot of things to me, but I'm realizing taking pictures of what I'm wearing is a more important part of it for me than I realized as I've taken a step back from outfit posting these days. Being pushed to look at my clothes in a whole new way every day and feeling that adrenaline when I am wearing something that makes me feel like I'm screaming to the world who I am in that moment is pretty liberating. I recently texted my sister and said, "I think there's a difference between wearing clothes to look "cute" and wearing clothes because you just like them." I was talking about someone in particular and my sister probably rolled her eyes, but I really think there's a genuine difference between wanting to dress a certain way for other people and wanting to dress for yourself. It's probably ironic considering I'm the one with a "fashion" blog, but I've only ever worn clothes because I see them almost as wearable pieces of art that make me feel more like myself in them. What do you think?
taylor cat tee
(I'd kill for her legs! She's so beautiful)

Outfit Details:
shirt- Modcloth
skirt- Urban Outfitters
shoes- Urban Outfitters
bow- Urban Outfitters

Monday, September 26


In my last (and first) week of summer one month ago, I spent my last week at home doing all the things I didn't do for the first 11 weeks of summer. One of these things was biking as frequently as I could. I used to spend my summers biking on our bike trails that meander through the golden hills. There's nothing quite like biking through the rolling hills listening to Josh Ritter on a bike.
Oh, Idaho, how I miss you.

Saturday, September 24

Niklaas' Film!

Niklaas has been taking some really awesome pictures for his photography class.
All of these pictures are film.
He's been learning to develop film and having a blast with it.
Here are some of his favorites from his first roll!
One of these days, we're going to take all outfit pictures with his black and white film.
One of these days.

Thursday, September 22

A Thong Story

8:45am. Sara Barielles cooing softly into my ear, which 43 seconds later turns into a screeching triumphant tumble out of bed. Remove my Gap polka dot melon shorts. Drop the drawers. Reach into my plastic drawers purchased for $7.99 at Target to find just one clean pair of skivvies left as a result or prolonged procrastination to do my laundry which turns out to be the last of my newly purchased bundle o' undies from Aerie. Eyes closed, pull them up, and reach for the nearest pair of athletic bottoms. Find yoga pants (yes!), throw on sweatshirt, lazily shove my feet into my adidas running shoes, run my fingers through my hair, wipe off mascara with make-up remover (who actually removes their mascara before bed?) (okay...everyone) and run (walk) out the door (like I care about getting to Cell&Molecular Biology on time).
Once the bitter 33 degree air hits my face, I'm almost instantly awake. Is it possible to get some mechanical device that blows 33 degree air into my face at 8:45 in the morning? I'm walking. Walking, walking, walking... hold on! Something feels weird. Oh, pesky wedgie. Look around me and find only one person in sight. Pretend to twist my arm behind me to feel for something in the side pocket of my backpack to untwist said wedgie. But...the dang sucker won't let go of my chops. Less obviously pull and tug. And then it hits me...

I'm wearing a THONG (sorry for you TMI cringers). A thong. A foreign entity to me and to my bum. And not only is it creeping up there, but with every step, it's letting everything go every which way it wants and I can't help but turn around to check if anyone can notice that there is only a single layer covering my rump. I hit myself for not taking the extra seven point four seconds to check my American Eagle shopping bag online to check that I checked every box I meant to check.

Class ends fifty five minutes later (in which I wish that for once, I'd slept through Sara darling's voice) and I continue to tug-a-lug all the way to the gym. Spot Niklaas near the Liberal Arts building. Half run, half skip up to him and the first thing I say is, "I'm wearing a THONG!" and ignore the fact that the population density at ten in the morning on campus is greater than any square mile in Japan. His eyebrows raise and of course, no male could ever understand what this exactly entails (a perpetual pain in the rear flossing job). His empathy is lost on me and I continue my way to the gym.

Once at the gym, I realize what this means. Working out. In tight yoga pants that aren't forgiving in their slightest and especially unforgiving on the elliptical. Couldn't help but notice the men's fitness class all using the weights directly behind my elliptical. Try to pretend I'm not aware of them and turn up the volume on my iPod to drown out their huff and puffs all elliptical ride long.

Come home. Promptly throw uncomfortable morning ruining thong in trash. I mean no offense to those who love the things. In fact, I applaud you. A whole lot. But, clearly, they will never be for me. Underwear lines? Not a care in the world about them.

Monday, September 19

Not Even Once!

my weekend was spent...
rapping to lil wayne and kid cudi and lady antebellum
befriending my cousins' floormates that are in the marching band
....three target runs...
rescuing a roommate from hypothermia
eating coldstone at 15% off student night
...dancing...with limbs out the car window
realizing my child sized hands are in fact really child sized
going to Lion King in 3D with 13 other college kiddos
footballing it up like a baller (oops, is that basketball?)
trapped inside a laundry basket

Saturday, September 17

First Griz Game!

First Griz game of the season.
(Which would normally be my only game of the season...
but somehow I found myself enjoying it? I guess
having real friends attend them with you makes a difference?)
University of Montana vs. Eastern Washington University.
Supposedly the national 'champs' last year, we beat them 16-13.
Yeah, yeah!

I think this is my favorite picture of us to date.
40s/vintage/college-y cliche couple picture much?

(I might have been taking advantage of my roommates'
iPhone and using her instagram. la-la-la!)

Wednesday, September 14

On the Tracks

<untitled> 5
Boy oh boy, does it feel like forever since I've done an outfit post! I have to tell you guys something, though... it's been really nice to just blog about whatever is on my mind instead of going through the tedious routine of putting on something I want to blog, finding the time to take pictures, edit them, finding the time to write a post and upload pictures, and then finally hit post. That being said, I think you can expect more outfit ones now that I've settled into a routine with school and without the pressure of getting them published at an exact minute on a precise day, it feels so much less like work and more like fun. Which is why we're here anyways, right!?!
<untitled> 48
<untitled> 46
<untitled> 56
School so far has been really, really great. It hasn't been easy between juggling school and adjusting to a new kind of relationship Niklaas and I aren't exactly used to (being in the same place, what!?) but I already feel so much better about this year than last. I've transitioned to a better studier this year and more of a "routine" girl than I ever wanted to be last year. My goal for this semester is to fit in gym time - at the end of last year, I was finally getting down a schedule and it just made life so much happier! I felt like I nailed school last semester so I'm focusing on that and getting some healthy endorphins in my system this semester!
<untitled> 79
<untitled> 108
<untitled> 58
<untitled> 8
The other day, Niklaas and I were driving around our quaint little big city of Missoula trying to find a place to take pictures. We found these train tracks that are not only super close to campus, but basically deserted. They're awesome. We have so far taken two sets of pictures here, so I think you'll be seeing them a lot. I got this lovely little dress at the Forever21 in Nevada. I couldn't believe how big it was- I'm used to a small inventory store 80 miles north of my hometown in Idaho, so being in a huge store was insane. I swore of Forever21, but finding this polka dot dress was too good to be true. I love the sleeves and the polka dots and the tie bow in the front and how it's elastic. It's so perfect!! I've worn it probably four or five times since I've bought it and for me, that is a lot of wears.
<untitled> 26
<untitled> 65
<untitled> 31
<untitled> 86
I loveee how these pictures turned out- Niklaas is taking his first ever photography class right now and he's in love with it. By the end of the semester, he will be able to develop his own film which is so cool! I can't wait for the many adventures we will have in Missoula over the course of this year- and to blog about all of them! Last year was amazing with my friends here, but I so missed escaping with Niklaas when we were apart for our little adventures!
<untitled> 11