Monday, April 23

seattle in 24 hours

it all started with a hey, i have to go pick up my car in seattle this weekend to bring back to missoula, wanna go? text followed by a laura, niklaas invited us to go to seattle this weekend, wanna go? freefreefree. and a i want to go to seattle! yes!! text after for us to decide to make the 8 hour trip (...accomplished in 6) to the west coast for less than 36 hours. it was hands down one of the best days we've had in a long, long time filled with seattle sunshine, city street walking, spontaneous adventure-ing, family seeing, friend seeing, and floor crashing fun. it was one of those things that made me really appreciate the fact that we're now 19-almost-20-year-olds with the world to explore on our own. i absolutely enjoyed every exhausting city minute in the 75 degree seattle sunshine.
the space needle was unfortunately SOLD OUT by the time we got to the seattle center so we didn't get to go up, sunset plan and all. niklaas has never been and it was my goal, $20 a pop or not, to get up there because i love it soso much and everyone should really view seattle from the space needle once in their life. it just gives us another reason to go back, though... right!?
we all piled into a suburu. it was me, my best friend laura who is from seattle and my pre-med scholarly friend who is one of the few friends i have that has a similar school/studying mentality that i do (aka, bordering on the edge of insanity...), my roommate molly (the funniest person i know, seriously), and niklaas. we made a fab travel group, taking the eight hour drive in stride, getting along seamlessly without grumpy travel spats, exploring seattle spontaneously in a relaxing demeanor, laughing a whole lot, and being quite the mature group of teenagers on the loose (i was proud, though i probably shouldn't have expected less from any one of the four of us).
niklaas and i luckily got to steal a few hours in the morning together to walk around seattle alone and browse the stores. um, awesome! it was nice to have a couple hours to ourselves. also, i realized that we went to seattle a little more than two years ago together with our high school before we started dating and it was kind of awesome to come back together, two years later, as much the same people together with an official title now. i love being together but feeling like we're the same best friends we've always been. it was fun. i blogged about our trip to seattle two years ago here. (does anyone else feel embarrassed when they look back on old blog posts..?)(...horrible braces? saying things like 'hehe' and typing like thhhiissss? smily faces and winky faces? UGH!).
just before the sunset. so perfect. the space needle was looking like quite the little beauty on saturday in the sunshine.
when i was in minnesota with maggie, we couldn't get a Jcrew employee to even look at us let alone if we needed help (i guess we don't look the 'jcrew' part)(i.e. classy/sophisticated/has a lot of money to spend), but when i was in the jcrew with niklaas he got complimented by two employees and smiled at. it might have helped that he was wearing their pants, but he really did gather quite the up and down looks. what a stylish jcrew stud. also, my uncle thought he was pretty "hip".
nothing tastes better than pizza after walking for hours and hours on end. especially big mama's pizza. holy cow, was it good (and cheap and by the slice and wonderful). i even tried pesto pizza and it was fantastic. i have a new favorite.
definitely my favorite skyscraper in seattle, if you ask me. i'd die to see seattle from the top of it.
although we didn't get to go to the top of the space needle, we were able to hang out on the 33rd floor of laura's dad's environmental law office. it was crazy cool!! laura's family lives on an island one 30 minute ferry ride away from downtown seattle. her dad is an awesome environmental lawyer and takes the ferry commute every morning and then bikes the few blocks to his building where he gets to enjoy this view every day. i could live with looking out this window at the space needle every day.
pikes place! i'm not a huge fan of pike's place for some reason, but i do love the fresh flowers. they have the best flowers.
the picture of pike's place that every single tourist takes. i looked like a tourist with my nikon and huge purse while niklaas was mistaken for a local a few times. i really brought the team down.
we spent a solid two and a half hours in nordstroms helping laura find business professional clothes for job shadowing and job interviews (when did we get so old where we need business clothes?). niklaas ended up picking the winning gorgeous suit top and the winning shoes. he won for the day.
my roommate molly is seriously the funniest person i know, as i said above. but she's also one of the nicest people i know as well and i love her a lot. she decided to room with us at the last minute last year and i was the only one between the three of us that knew her, so it could have gone terribly bad or incredibly well. i'm so glad it was the latter! anyways, i think she looks gorgeous in this picture and it depicts the sweeter side of molly we all know lies underneath the sarcastic one. oh, and she has a killer sense of style. i love her closet.
the seattle aquarium is entertaining for twenty five minutes...and then it bores me. i like the zoo more, what can i say?
DSC_1788 DSC_1803
i was really excited to finally wear my favorite new sunglasses for the spring. oh, but i definitely got a nice sunglasses burn on my cheeks.
we went to 'molly moons' ice cream mostly because it was called 'molly's' and we had our own molly in the bunch, but it was fantastic. homemade waffle cones, homemade thin mint ice cream... i'm drooling right now.
laura is great. i think one of the best parts about going to college is the fact that you get to meet people so different from you that you'd never have met anywhere else. i love getting to meet their families and their friends and getting to know them from the place they live in. it was truly a neat experience (and the sappy moment ends).
coolest library i ever did see! we didn't get to go inside, but maybe someday? next time? when we come back?
DSC_1784 DSC_1856 DSC_1812
there was a laura b's design, a molly moon's ice cream, and lastly a maggie's shoes. niklaas was left out.
i wore my sperrys, but i quickly developed a blister halfway into the day in a spot that kept rubbing against them. i very badly wanted to hop on this horse...
DSC_1859 DSC_1806 DSC_1809
where the awesome homemade ice cream cones were made. they were still warm!
DSC_1814 DSC_1834
i like this boy a lot. two years later. adventuring. seeing new (and old) things. we're so much the same as we were and i'm so happy for the two years of experiences we've shared. two years! we're days away from the big day but there's no point in not acknowledging it two weeks early, right? (i started saying 'two years' a few months ago whenever people would ask us how long we'd been together, anyways so it's close enough in my book to now celebrate it).


Shawnee said...

lovely photos! looks like a fantastic time. someday i hope to make the long journey out there. xo

kylee said...

seattle! so glad to finally see the story behind the instagrams that had me super jealous of your super awesome trip! i love road trips so much. espeically when you luck out with the perfect group and zero fights. okaay i feel the same way about old blog posts. i look back and wonder who even wrote it because surely i couldn't have written such an awful post. and as soon as finals are over i plan to write you a letter. give me two weeks and my life will be mine once more.

Natalie said...

Ahhh! I am already oh so excited to go to Seattle this summer, so hearing of your adventures makes me even more enthusiastic about it all. Oh my gosh. You and Niklaas are so adorable. I can see why the JCrew people loved him, haha! All of your photos are lovely and make me want to run around Seattle and looking at all of the pretty buildings and such. Hopefully next time you'll get a chance to go to the top of the Space Needle! I hope sometime sooner rather than later I'll get the chance to have an awesome road trip with my best friends.

Jasmine, Transient Withdrawal said...

I looooove these photos! Next time you need to come further down the west coast to Southern California ;) I hope Robert and I can go to SF this Summer since that was our first trip together and that was like 3 or 4 years ago. This post makes me happy and makes me want to visit Seattle ASAP. I remember going with my family years and years ago--but it was raining a lot, but they had really really really good seafood pasta hehe<3 Happy (early) Two Years!!!

elanor, said...

Aw you will definitely have to visit Seattle again when I move up there for school in the fall! These photos are so fun and it looks like you guys had a great time! :) You're making me excited to get up there myself!!

Mara said...

You couldn't have picked a better weekend to come! Sadly we're already back to rain, ha. I agree with you on the market though, the flowers are nice but you have to get through some pretty crazy smells (and like 8 trillion people). Looks like you had a ton of fun, you guys are really cute.