Monday, April 30

two years

dear you,

a little more than two years ago i wrote that if we just had each other, we could have it all. i was a little desperate back then, a little naiive, and very optimistic, but looking back i don't think even then i knew how true that was. i couldn't have. because it wasn't until we became the kind of best friends that we are today that i could know how it felt. we're the kind of best friends that only two and a half years of friendship can make: the kind that tell each other when one is upset with the other, the kind that more than anything respect the other, the kind that tell each other everything and never run out of things to say, the kind that when there's nothing to say know just what to do to fix it and can also sit comfortably in silence, the kind that push one another to go after their dreams and believe in themselves, the kind that are always laughing together, the kind that have grown up together, and the kind that at heart, you'll always care about. i couldn't have guessed what our relationship would develop into and i certainly couldn't have guessed what it would feel like two years later. and it's better in a completely different way that i dreamed of.

i'm so happy we're us. i'm so happy we've come out the other side of being apart for a year, transitioning from a high school couple into a college one, and from the big and little mistakes we've made. i'm so happy that it's so easy to talk about uncomfortable things now. i'm so happy that the first time we had a real conversation on the beach in mexico, i was right in that you were special. i'm so happy that we continually get better. i'm so happy that it seems like i like you more every day and fall for you again over little moments. i'm so happy that we're not perfect and we had our struggles. i'm so happy that fate seemed to take our side and place us at the same college together. i'm so happy that we still can be the 'cutesy' couple that we were in high school, but that in college we act more like best friends that care deeply for the other; which is how a real relationship should be. (i love cutesy, i'm all for the cutesy, but the deeper stuff is great, too). i'm so happy how comfortable it is to be together. i'm so happy that we got this far. i'm so happy that we grew into something so unexpectedly great.

the roadtrips. going to each of our senior proms together. coffee dates. seeing taylor swift live. knowing we'll always be tied to her music. going to matinee movies. our graduations. hgtv. online shopping together. going to concerts. the letters. taking so many pictures.

i'm so happy that we're just us right now. i don't know what "we" mean and i don't know what "we" mean for our future, but i don't really know that i want to know that. i just know that the present is wonderful and what it means for right now: happiness.

yours truly,

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Jasmine, Transient Withdrawal said...

I love you both! Congrats on your second anniversary! I wish you the best and most love-filled day in the world! <3

Abbey said...

(: have a happy day!

kylee said...

obsessed with that last picture of you two. i honestly cannot get over how cute you guys are. ps] i finish with finals today which means a letter will be written for you this weeeek!!

The Flightless Darling said...

too too cute! a big smile and much love to you both :)

Bethany Kellen of bunnypicnic said...

happy anniversary! and omg that last photo. omg. and then niklaas' face in the top ones. omg.

Jessica said...

Aw, this is so sweet! Congrats!


so sweet! :) Happy anniversary! :)

Natalie said...

Reading this makes me way too ridiculously happy. I love the adorable story behind your relationship, and you two are seriously just too adorable for words. Happy anniversary. :)