Monday, April 9

pictures with danielle {part 2}

see part 1 here!

my sister and i are really, really different.
case in point, we got in a fight yesterday about towels. 
i'm the kind of person
that doesn't really think twice about using whatever clean towels are on the
towel rack when i get out of the shower, but she is. 
i'm the kind of person who is pretty easy going and free flowing,
i don't have much of a personal space bubble at home, but she does.
her room is her room, her stuff is her stuff.
i'm really, really bad sometimes at being considerate of these things because
our mindsets are so different that i don't think
about the fact that someone else will be upset if i do something
differently than they do.
it's pretty much the only thing that ever causes fights. and they almost
always start that way.
i feel bad, i really do.

i think one of the most interesting things about humanity
is the way people see themselves.
i think i'm an easy person to live with because of how well my roommates
and i mesh at school. at school, i've learned to be very conscious
of my actions and how they affect others.
but at home, i'm comfortable. and i've realized that i do
make terrible messes and i do push buttons, even if it isn't intentionally done.
i clean when i want to but not always when i need to.
i really do want to be better but to do that i'm realizing
i really do have to place those thoughts into priorities in my head
like i do at school.

it's one thing to grow up and excel at being on my own
(i'm still not always perfect there, either) while i'm at school,
but if i haven't learned that at home then what have i accomplished

 i think that's what my sister has been saying all along...
and i should probably start to listen to her.
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Miss Lynne said...

That last photo of you two is stunning, it has a real magical quality to it. I would love to have a photo like that with my siblings but they are boys and don't really care for 'pretty' photos like these. Oh well. These are great and I enjoyed the post because I am the same way at home.

lazy explorers said...

You guys are sooo cute!
I need to do a sister post!

kylee said...

oh hey cute sisterly shoot.

Jessica said...

I can totally relate! My sister and I have pretty opposite personalities, yet we still click in a lot of ways. Super cute pictures!

Beautifully Pure said...

You two are so cute! I just love that outfit of yours. The blouse + skirt are perfect together. <3

And that last photo is really lovely. I'm planning a photo shoot like this with my "adopted" big sister when she comes for a visit this summer. I can't wait!

elanor, said...

what gorgeous girls! and both of you are dressed so nicely. <3

Natalie said...

As an only child I have no idea what it's like to have a sister, obviously, but it sounds like even though you two are opposites, you have a great relationship. :) You both look so adorable! I love her dress and your top, and that last photo.