Wednesday, April 11

two years ago


on april 11, 2010 he told me he liked me for the very first time. i pulled out my old journals just for fun last night because i couldn't sleep and flipped to today's date not knowing that two years ago to the day it was the first time that he said it. i remember that night perfectly and i remember driving home with a huge smile on my face and writing about it seconds after i got home.

was i shocked that he said it? no... not really. the entire school knew. i thought i knew. but he was the last to figure it out. but to me, it was one of the sweetest moments of my life until that point. there were a couple people i'd "liked" but no one that really made me think was worth risking something for.
no one i'd liked enough, anyways.
i couldn't explain it, i couldn't decide why i thought that he was so special nor why i thought that there was something there. i didn't know, but i guessed and taking that leap of faith got us further than i ever expected it to. i can't believe that it's been two years or that it turned into what it did. i had an inkling that it was something, but i didn't know. i couldn't have guessed anything that would have happened after that. clearly, i didn't think we would survive the summer, do the long distance thing, survive the long distance thing, and make it to the same college. i don't know why or how, but it's been two years and he hasn't stopped saying it since.
i'm lucky.


Ronida said...

Aw, My gosh, I'm so giddy with this post. So happy for you. You're blessed!


Ashlyn said...

This is so sweet. It's awesome because my three year anniversary with my boyfriend is actually next week (the 17th!). Our story makes me so happy every time that I tell people about it, and yours is just as sweet. I'm so happy for you!
Also, on a related note, I love that you are a journaler! I would describe my journaling habit as obsessive, but I always love to go back and read similar moments!

So happy to have seen this post! Lovely as always.

Triple Thread

lazy explorers said...

Awh! You too are so cute! I think I leave a comment telling you this every time you post something about you two. Hahaha.

Heather said...

What a sweet post! :)

Abbey said...


Sofia said...

This is so sweet. You seem like an awesome couple :)

Natalie said...

Hghfdigjdfo you two are just so... ah. It makes my heart smile. Just judging by the pictures it's funny to see how some things appear to have changed over these two years, but yet... some things haven't, and you guys are just as as cute together as ever. :) It's awesome that you can look back on all of it in your journal.

kylee said...

i loved this post. i love that the story continues. i love you two together.

Isa said...

This is so, so, SO sweet! He is clearly very lucky as well!