Wednesday, April 4

spring adventure check list

at the beginning of this semester, i told myself that this was going to be the semester that we became true 'missoulians'. we were going to embrace the downtown life of missoula, hike, eat out, and do the cool things we said we were going to do fall semester but didn't get around to. i find that if i don't have an idea of what i want to do over the upcoming weekend that we tend to coop up in my apartment and watch movies. not that there's anything wrong with that, but it just means we aren't doing the awesome things we want to do. plus, i thought it was pretty important after last semester to push ourselves to do new things and explore, like we used to. dates. off campus. alone. absolutely crucial. there was a lot of 'what are we going to do this weekend?' lulls at first, but over time, it became less of a 'let's look at our list of things we want to do' and more of a spontaneous 'let's go do this!'. things that happened that weren't on this list but ended up happening and turned out to be awesome included going to matinee imax movies on tuesdays, eating brownies at just chillin, getting coffee on weekend nights, eating coldstone before dinner, a lot of red robin, and random 'day dates' downtown on my free thursday afternoons. we still have a few things left like hiking and going on some small day trip which we'll probably leave for our super cool anniversary coming up, but i'm really really excited about how many fun things we did this semester and how drastically different this semester turned out to be compared to last semester. i'm currently working on our summer list and i'm so excited to see what summer will bring!


Beautifully Pure said...

Congrats how much you did this semester! That's so great!

I really, really need an adventure buddy. There's so much I want to do, but I have no one to do it with! >.<

Natalie said...

Ah yes, having tons of fun adventures is always, of course, the best. There's never anything that exciting to do around here but somehow my friends always find something to keep ourselves entertained, rather it be spontaneous picnics in fancy dresses or Clue themed dinner parties. It sounds like your summer list is going to be even better. :D