Monday, April 2

coffee date

As far as spring break goes, so far it's been pretty dreamy. And by that I mean a whole lot of sleeping (my bed at home > dorm beds), playing sims 3, baking, not showering, wearing niklaas' flannel, freezing my buns off, and going running. It's nice. A lot of my friends are off on tropical vacations (...all of them) and while being on a beach seems nice, I'm really really happy I am at home with my family. There isn't a better paradise than that and I say that with unwavering truth!

Niklaas and I took these pictures during a little coffee date a couple weeks back. They were taken before I got my haircut!I still have a couple old sets of pictures left to post until I'm caught up. It was insanely windy on this day and that made it hard to take pictures. It's been really fun to explore Missoula and take pictures there but I definitely miss the good old Palouse. I guess I'm more inspired by the rolling hills than by brick buildings! That's the one thing that hits the hardest when I come back home. The environments are completely different. While the culture of both towns are very similar (hippie oriented, outdoorsy, college towny, and full of downtown hipster coffee shops), Montana definitely lacks the rolling wheat fields that kind of seem to go on and on forever. And the farms. And the many old abandoned buildings nestled between those hills. Montana has pretty and impressive mountains that put our little mountain to shame, but they don't compare to the wheat fields of the rolling hills.

After borrowing my roommate's Jcrew cardigan for months, I finally decided I wanted one of my own. My sweet Grandma picked me out this color and sent it along as a treat during midterms- I'm so thankful!! You seriously can't go wrong with a Jcrew cardigan, especially the 'favorite fit' ones. They are so soft yet they fit perfectly. I hate cardigans that aren't quite baggy but not quite fitted, either. Or ones that hit in a weird place or are too short. I know I've been a bit on the predictable side lately by pairing colors with black and white patterns (*cough* the past three posts *cough*) but it's just so easy! I'm kind of stuck in that winter blah mood I guess! Here's to spring and hoping for some variety ;).
I'm wearing:
dress- Urban Outfitters
cardigan- Jcrew
tights- Nordstroms
shoes- Target
necklace- Forever21


Natalie said...

That dress! I love it so. And that cardigan looks like perfection. It is oh so difficult to find the right one! So many of mine are either too long or too long, too baggy or too tight, something wrong with them somehow. That one is such a great color, too.

Yay spring break! I'm currently on spring break, too, and nope, no beach vacation for me either, but I'm fine having endless amounts of free time (well not exactly endless considering I have so much work I should be doing, but shh) to sleep in, run, spend all day on the internet, or have movie nights with friends. That's my idea of a spring break well spent!

SomeoneLikeYou said...

Your key necklace! I am utterly obsessed with it! And it's so funny that you mention liking to stay at home with your family rather than go on a tropical vacation. I posted this same thing on twitter earlier today! x

Marie @ Lemondrop Vintage said...

sweet polka dots. I want a coffee date!
Marie @
Lemondrop ViNtAge

Jasmine, Transient Withdrawal said...

Love that dress! Red, black, and white is one of my favorite color combos! Well anything with a pop of red makes me happy hehe :) Glad you're enjoying your spring break so far! I need to check this J Crew cardigan out soon!

Beautifully Pure said...

Aw! I love the sheer top and that dress! Too gorgeous! <3

I want someone to go on coffee dates with. The only friend I had in my hometown went off to college a couple years ago, so I'm basically on my own unless one of my friends comes for a visit. :-P

Michelle said...

Very cute x

Charity said...

Yay for coffee dates!
This whole outfit is absolutely divine. And I can't even begin to articulate the irrevocable love I have for cardigans. Yours is simply perfect. JCrew = <3
Just found your blog a couple weeks ago and just love it. I can't wait to see more!


Seeking Style said...

That dress is so cute! I live it paired with the red cardigan :)

Xo Jennifer


Seeking Style said...

That dress is so cute! I live it paired with the red cardigan :)

Xo Jennifer


hellolyndsey said...

Oh sweet mags you are just so gorgeous. I love this ENTIRE combo and I am so jelly that I don't have a dress just like that in my closet! I'm really glad your spring break was dreamy. It's so nice to get a break and just go back to the regular life that you miss.

Wind always seems to be an issue around here too! It always blows my dress over my head or my hair in my face bahahaha. I wish we could explore around here and find more locations to take photos, but we always get run off or "we're going to call the cops!" on us if we take photos anywhere that isn't our property. people in this town are crazy.