Monday, April 16

"the mondays"

I tried really hard to like today. In fact, the universe seemed to want me to have a good day. It gave me a wonderful cup of morning coffee, an easy 7:30am wake up call, a brisk three hours of class, and a delightful package from Jasmine with lots of great goodies. I tried. Because what reason did I really have to be unhappy? I'm a believer in saying what you need to say in the moment, a little lesson I learned last October. If someone reacts differently than you hope, then at least you said what you could and can't regret that. But then I remembered that when I'm sleepy, I get emotional. Emotional to the point of pulling out The Fault in our Stars just to cry. And then I felt stupid for getting emotional over something that actually was so much more simple than I made it out to be in my tired little emotional head. I'm an overanalyzer and overthinker and I'm aware of both of them that are both my strengths and my greatest downfall when I've gotten three hours of sleep. Especially when I've gotten three hours of sleep. Of course, once I realize that I'm exhausted and that's why the whole world seems to hate me as it so clearly does not, I realize that I really have no reason to be upset at all and feel dumb for loathing in self pity which makes me feel worse.

In the end, it's nearly dinnertime and the fact that I have no class tomorrow means that I'm going to sleep in, get a full night's rest, and drag my brain out of its funk. I may over-think things, but I am good at forcing myself out of a bad mood, too.

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Beautifully Pure said...

UGH! I HATE that! :-P

I get so darn emotional when I'm tired and it's just the worst! It's like, a day you could have been PERFECTLY happy is suddenly the worst day EVER just because you didn't go to bed early enough the night before. :-P

Don't you just wish the caffeine patch from Meet the Robinsons was real?

Hoping today was a better day than yesterday!