Monday, April 19

sing me to sleep (Seattle!)

The greatest feeling in the world??

Walking through your front door and returning home after a trip. The morning and/or the day after, maybe not so much (once you get over the I-miss-the-feeling-of-being-in-my-own-bed disease), but the single moment that you walk through the door and smell your "house scent" and collapse into your bed...priceless.

Seattle was everything I wanted it to be and more. It was the perfect 3 day getaway that I desperately needed and it definitely surged me into work mode again to finish out the school year!!

I figure I'll just recount how everything went (pictures included-I'm forewarning you!) in chronological order! I'm realizing this is going to be the longest blog post ever.

Day one (Thursday):
After completing my seemingly never ending To Do Before I Leave List (somehow-it ended!) and going to bed at one in the morning, I woke at FOUR in the morning. I scurried through the house, managed to shower (mind you- I did shampoo not twice, but three times), and threw my luggage together at the last minute to be picked up by my dear. We boarded the yellow school bus like zombies. I slept on and off for the first 3 hours of the drive, stopping to eat a snack, giggle with Niklaas, take pictures, yada yada yada. Hehe. We took lots of pictures...but these are my favorite!

he loves me ;P
We stopped in some strange town I've never heard of and visited a chimpanzee emporium!! It was AMAZING. The chimps there know sign language, so we literally got to sit there and sign to them through the glass. It was so surreal actually seeing these animals so close and if anything, it was like communicating with any other human. It was...ahh! Breathtaking. I couldn't take pictures however:(

We arrived in Seattle at about noon and were given the freedom to go to anyyy museum we wanted- all courtesy of International Club funds! Nik and I chose to go to the Science Center since a majority of our pals were going and both of us had neither been there.

I loved the dinosaurs!! c


Part of the science center is this Tropical Butterfly Emporium! I have never been a huge fan of butterflies (bugs in general creep me out, even being the great hiker that I am :P), but it was MAGICAL! Nik and I walked around for an hour watching the butterflies fly around our head It was like being in a different world! The butterflies were gorgeous!

he's a cutieee.

The whole day was spent walking around Seattle together. The freedom was amazzzzing. We were in small groups of 4-7 people without supervision (hehe) and just explored downtown. We went to dinner on the pier overlooking the water and I had a massive grilled cheese. At the Seattle Center, we visited the spectacular fountain and amazingly, it was warm enough to get our feet wet :). It was so exceptional to sit at the fountain for an hour and enjoy the sun with fantastic company!

our little group!

fountains make me a (little) excited.

niklaas was proud of this picture he took. hehe.

fountains :)

Day Two:
The purpose of the trip was "Purely Educational". Hahaha, bulllll crap :). But, indeed, we did have to sit through 16 hours of Model UN-ing. I wasn't sure what to expect- I mean, I really had no idea how the UN works nor what it does. However, I now understand it in and out. I was representing Dominican Republic- which was a huge challenge because their struggling government made it hard to really have a say in anything that was going on. The debate was fascinating and the whole workings of it was SO real. There were the power hungry snobs, the ignorant kids without common sense, the shy brilliant ones, the brilliant loud ones, and every kind of political character possible. The politics of it was so interesting- in fact, one group was even being orchestrated by their teacher and brought food to bribe people for votes. It was ridiculous!!! But so real, I suppose. I loved it. International relations? yeah. New interest.

all of us UNers lookin sharp.

MHS kids!

the huskey!

concentrating reallllly hard! :P

this is my tired face at the end of a long day.

we are so business professional.
After the first day of UNing, we went to dinner at a Moroccan restaurant. It was extremely comfortable and also extremely unique.... the food was...well..interesting. I don't eat meat (but I'm not really a vegetarian either), and the entire menu was "Lamb, Hare, Squid..." you get the idea. I ate rice. Haha. But there was a belly dancer which, among a group of high school students, made things interesting.

Belly dancer!

Adina is an exchange student. Who we coincidentally love.

couldn't help myself.

AHHH. Possibly my favorite part of the trip..........was shopping!! EEE. There was an H&M right across the street from our hotel and I went three times. Niklaas helped me shop like the cutie he is and I spent a chunk of change...hehehe. I found some GREAT spring pieces! I'm so excited about them. In my next post, I'll showcase my new dress (which was already chictopia-ed, might I add!). He was really so cute though, he held my clothes for me and helped me pick things out. Fun!!!

He held my clothes for me:)

We also checked out barnes and noble....did I mention niklaas is sort of a little bit of a hipster??hahaha

Day Three:
Day two of model UN was much the same as the first. I liked my business outfit much more the second day than the first! :). I wish I'd taken more pictures....but essentially I wore a Juicy Couture button down top and a lacey black skirt with my favorite pair of tights.

During the second session, just as I was about to gouge my eyes out from frustration and boredom, I got a note from the country of "Tuvalu". I expected nothing of it because passing notes was part of the recruiting experience to get countries to sign resolutions, but it said, "How you doin? ;)" Just like that! For the rest of the two hours, we passed short notes with heavyyy flirting. For example:
Me: Wow. That was a blame response. I expected someone with locks like Justin Bieber to be more fun.
Him: I can be fun ;)
Me: Prove it.
Him: I like short skirts...and girls in them ;)
Me: I have a closet full of them at home ;)
Hahahhaa. I showed Niklaas and he thought it was amusing. Anyways, I got a picture with the Justin Bieber lookalike after the conference was over!

He looked soooo good:)
We had fun at lunch walking around with the freedom to eat wherever!

pike market :)

last night :( Cuddle puddle!

So, at the end of the day, we packed up and headed home. It was a longgg drive home-8 hours but we got back at around..midnight :). I snuggled with my dear allll the way home and passed out. I've never held hands with anyone before, tehe.I can add that to my list of new experiences! I got home and collapsed in my bed. Ohhhh how it felt :)
bus rides!

I was so tired.

Kind of cute :)

It was overall SUCH a delightful trip. I loved the freedom we were allowed- walking around Seattle exploring thrift shops and eating at random restaurants was spectacular. Just a little taste of how adulthood will be like :) I'm so happy I went- and now there are only 5 weeks left of the school year! eee!

My roommates

Thanks for reading :)
This was more for personal documentary purposes...but I hope you didn't get toooo bored!

Love always,


erin :) said...

you mustve taken a lot of time to upload all these pics! i appreciate it! i'm glad you enjoyed seattle! let me know next time you come!

in the belly dancer pic, the dancer looks like she's flashing that one dude. xD you and your boyfriend are so adorable, it makes me happy! :D your friends look so friendly! i wish i went to your school! we don't have model UN either. :/ and the H&M pic is so funny with your friend bowing, haha. :D

i'll email you soon!
erin :D

ps. you look so pretty when tired too! xD

Sara Lynn said...

such a cool post, it looks like you had a blast, I loved your hair with the braid, super-cute!

Ebony said...

First of all - you and your guy are freaking adorable! You both look like you have so much fun together and he held your shopping? How sweet. David does that for me, but apparently a lot of boys don't like shopping? Blasphemy!

This whole trip looks like such fun! That is so cool that you got to walk around and do as you please in your spare time.. *sigh* I wish I was still in high school :) Alright, I only graduated two years ago but I still miss it!

You'll have to tell me all about how the UN works. I'm a little hazy on the details. I also love the sound of the chimps doing sign language - man, I really should learn now, I can't be shown up by a bunch of monkeys :D

Now I wanna see heaps of butterflies. Ah, I love the sound of this trip. I'm so glad you had an awesome time and shared it with us.


Erika said...

:DD Glad you had a blast & came back to share it with us. You pulled off "business professional" so so good! I mean, you managed to be stylish AND appropriate! Haha...& I love how you still incorporated tights! Killer style like always.

You & your bf, adorable :)) and LOL @ the Justin Bieber lookalike story ;)

GRRReat post! I enjoyed it, for sure.
♥ Erika

Ana said...

I love you outfits so much, you seem to have a lot of fun:), I love your blog so much , it's full of live and joy and youth, I've registered myself as a follower so that I can keep track you your posts more easily:)


Cheyne said...

Oh my this looked like so so so much fun! I went to a H&M for the first time when I went to New York in January (we don't have any in Oklahoma!) and I WENT CRAZY. It was like a Forever 21 except better quality. I died. (:

Yayaayaya hipster boyfriends! My boyfriend's pretty hipster. But I guess I'm pretty hipster too. Haha. :D


Jasmine said...

your trip looks amazing! i love all your outfits, especially day 2's shorts and tights and your pink headband! you and your bf are SO cute!