Thursday, April 5

pictures with danielle {part 1}

earlier this week, my sister and i went out for a little photo adventure with our very talented friend danielle.
danielle is awesome. really, really awesome. she reads my blog and her whole family likes it and that's just the coolest thing ever because i love them!!! it's a really great feeling when people you like so much like something that's so near and dear to your heart. truly. i love their family and danielle could be a Modcloth Model herself (as you know, only people really high in my book get that nickname). these pictures were a blast to take and i was laughing so hard. she's taking pictures of niklaas&i and then we're taking pictures of her and her also gorgeous sister on friday so YAY! enjoy (because i sure do).
*more to come soon*
you can tell danielle how awesome she is here.


Shawnee said...

adore your outfit. so fun! xo

Beautifully Pure said...

What lovely pictures! I just adore your outfit. That skirt is so perfect!! <3

Jamie Rose said...

Aw you both are so cute and so are your outfits. Fantastic pictures!

Hope Bidinger said...

Awww you too are so adorable! Lovin the polka-dots with the mint green nails and your sister's dress reminds me of T-Swift!

Jasmine, Transient Withdrawal said...

Gorgeous! Photo shoot days sound so much fun! I wish I had photo friends to do that with, so come on over to CA already! :P You look amazing! I love your hair curled that and your outfit is so cute too! I love that skirt! Can't wait to see the rest of the photos!

elanor, said...

aw the first and last photos are so cute! i just love your skirt. i wanna go on a photo shoot date like this!

Anonymous said...

Aww,that looks like so much fun! Her dress is so pretty and I love your skirt. I thinks its great how close you are with your family.

kylee said...

i will never stop loving your bangs. keep them forever will you? i'm in love with your polka dot shirt too.

Alex said...

ASDFGHJKL I saw that you posted one of these pictures on FB and got all excited because you look beautiful, Maggie!