Friday, April 20

red wall, green boots

Let's get one thing straight. My Hunter Wellingtons are my favorite item that I own. I wear them in rain, sun, and snow. If they weren't so expensive, I'd probably buy them in every color and wear them every single day. They are absolutely my favorite gift that I've ever received and I get so many wears out of these babies! I realized today that I'd never worn them here, which is strange considering how often I do wear them. I got dressed today prepared for a rain day and put on my atypical rain uniform: a dress, tights, Hunters, big cozy scarf, and a big bun. It didn't rain... but finding this red wall while I was wearing my Wellies seemed like fate anyways.

Also! I've sometimes worn my fake UO readers here... but I always feel a bit silly walking around in fake glasses. Today, I just happened to be wearing my actual prescription glasses when we went out to take pictures and happily obliged to show them off! I used to have boring glasses that were cheap and completely covered by my insurance. But once my eyes got worse enough that I had to wear glasses all day long at school, I invested in a nicer pair with a bit more punch and I love them. Maybe one day when I get over my fear of touching my own eye, I'll opt for contacts but for now I'm happy being a four eyes when I drive, go to class, watch movies, and watch tv.


Tonya said...

I love me some polka dots :) And the scarf is so cute with the dress! Great look!

Shawnee said...

as soon as i saw this post title, i knew you had hunters!! eeeeek love them. xoxo

Marie @ Lemondrop Vintage said...

Seriously have always wanted a pair of those! Lucky!
Marie @
Lemondrop ViNtAge

Jessica said...

Buying my Hunters was one of my smnartest purchases ever! They really do hold up, and I've had to walk in some deep puddles!

Also--I love your glasses! The shape really looks great on you!

Two Happy Hearts said...

I love those boots!! I need to get my hands on a pair soon...before all the fun Spring rain is gone!
You look oh-so-lovely, as always!

Jamie Rose said...

Your glasses look great! My boyfriend is scared to touch his eye too so he's still in glasses even though he does sports and stuff. I don't get it because I've always been able to touch mine! haha I'm sure you'll figure it out someday if you want to.
Also, I love your dotted dress! It looks really cute with your rainboots.

elanor, said...

you know what - i think i need these boots, too! you've convinced me! nice job! ;) i'm most likely going to school in the pacific northwest, so i definitely need a pair of rainboots...

haha i got contacts when i was in 8th grade and touching of the eye was something you get over really quickly once you start doing it!

you look so cute in dots! and i adore the red wall.

ellie said...

Such an awesome scarf. Cool boots too.

Jasmine, Transient Withdrawal said...

I love the photo location! I am obsessed with red walls! Ah! I love that polka dress on you! And those boots are adorable! I have no such use for those here in CA, but I'm sure if I were there with you, I'd have a pair too! :)

Natalie said...

Pretty sure I'm going to invest in some Hunter Wellingtons before college after begging my parents to ignore how expensive they are. I really want some purple ones. I love your glasses and if I could wear glasses, which I've wanted to since I purposely failed the eye exam in second grade, I'd totally wear some like that. AND YAY POLKA DOTS! Those always make me so happy.

Megan said...

Oh my gosh I adore hunter wellies! I would love a pair but I cannot justify it as it rarely rains here.