Saturday, April 28

last friday night

... asking if "zac brown" lives here. like the band? no, his name was zach brown.
...meeting the cute kid who makes my coffee four times a week like a champ and recited my order to me. 
...adding him on facebook when i got home.
...realizing we didn't take one picture of the night.
...being the weird people that were casually invited but coming anyways and being the 'randoms'. 
..."is it legal to flurry with guts? oploid. tried to get free coffee." i really hate autocorrect.
...dancing to lady gaga because that's better than dubstep. any day.
...figuring out that i can fit my keys, phone, and cash in my boots for optimal dancing.

... last night out in missoula for the win. kind of. sometimes you have to make the best of a dud kind of night.

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Mary said...

It really is the little things