Friday, April 6

*happy list*

(one) falling asleep on the couch with my sister watching gilmore girls
(two) having a kitchen again 
(three) texts goodnight and texts goodmorning
(four) cleaning... did i just say that!?
(five) getting the OK to buy sperrys. yeahhh!
(six) spending all day watching how i met your mother
(seven) laughing in the passenger seat while driving in 
your hometown after being gone for 3 months.
(eight) moms
(nine) snowy mornings even in april
(ten) being home and knowing that although you 
have to leave soon, you'll be back
for summer in one little month.


Jasmine, Transient Withdrawal said...

I adore the idea of having a post dedicated to things that are making you happy at the moment! Can't wait to see you in sperrys!!!! I'm so jealous! I would've had a pair by now but they look terrible on me unfortunately :(

Megan said...

That sounds so amazing! I'm happy spring break is going so awesome for you!