Friday, March 4

Happy Birthday, Lifesize Paperdoll!

YAY! My blog is officially one year old! It was one year ago to the day that I posted my very first blog post ever!!!!!
It's nothing short of insanity to think how different one year can make. Between reading my journal from a year ago (I've been through three since) and reading my blog posts from last March, all I can do is laugh. A year ago, I was unsure and scared and desperate. I guess it kind of seems like looking back on myself now, I feel like I was such a little girl then because I was that scared and that desperate and that unsure of the future. It was all I thought about and all that I cared about. I had faith in myself, I suppose, but I didn't have faith that my decisions were right for the people around me; leaving my newfound and only true best friends I'd ever had behind, never telling someone I was on the brink of being completely in love with them, and choosing between an extra year at home or leaving. It was literally that point in your life when you come to a fork and have to choose one way or the other; that defining life changing point where you are forced to pick one, make sacrifices, and decide what you want.

I wish I could tell myself just that everything would be okay and choosing one path didn't mean I couldn't have what the other did. It didn't mean the end of anyone or anything and it didn't mean leaving everything behind entirely. I've always had it instilled in my brain to leave, it's always been my agenda, but the thoughts in my head had me questioning where then was it. I wish I could tell myself to breathe and relax. I wish I could tell myself that the only thing I could do was be myself and pray that everything worked out, just like it did. I got everything I wanted in the last year. I got a change of place. I went to college. I graduated. I turned 18 in the best place on the planet. I somehow managed to make Niklaas fall for me at the very last second and hold onto him even when I chose leaving. I made even more best, best friends that I always want to have. I love my parents more than I ever have and feel so lucky that they have been the influence that they are- I've never respected their choices regarding my sister and I more than I have now. I'm so appreciative and lucky to have what I thought last year meant the end of the world if I didn't get. And the truth? Regardless of whether I got the boy or left home, every moment that built to this one has defined me and I know myself better now than I ever have. And that's what makes me happiest.

Anyways, now that the sap talk is over, I figured I would just go through some of my old posts and my favorite posts and the life-changing posts! Here is a recap of my favorite posts!
1) The Curse of the Good Girl Most of my first posts are almost exactly like this one: whiny, desperate, but hopeful at the same time. I guess this one kind of strikes me because reading it I realize just how ready and willing I was to be with someone which is a first. A huge first. I never, ever wanted to truly be with anyone until him and more than anything else, that's what sets him apart. I remember writing this feeling so many things at once and being so completely frustrated but the second I wrote it all down I felt so liberated. At the end of the day, no matter how frustrated I was and no matter how many people told me I should just let everything out in the open, I knew I had to do things my way and I wasn't going to cause a scene. I was going to wait it out like I do best and it was worth every second.
2) Why Do I Hate Mondays? I guess this is really where my wearing dresses to school kind of took off. I still love this outfit to this day! It's funny looking back and seeing things that I would never wear like I did before again. But this outfit, I'd wear any day. My friend Omni and I took these and it was so fun!
3) PROM!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the post I'll look back on forever. It's soooo fun seeing us all dolled up and remembering how perfect of a day/night it was! I know prom is such a cliche, but it really was symbolic of the whole year and to share it with Niklaas was an irreplaceable memory. I love this post.

4) Our First Photoshoot As you can probably guess, this was Niklaas and my first 'shoot' together. I was seriously so nervous! I think he was, too. I swear, there is no better way to get to know someone than them taking your picture. Over and over again. Like that. It was scary! But, they were cute, and though we could do much better now, I still adore them.
5) They Sing Raindrops This is one of my all time favorite shoots. I think it was the first one where we really just figured it out. They turned out so well and the minishoot beforehand for my friend to draw made it even better. I love the pictures of Niklaas and I. They make me giggle and I'll always cherish them! I wouldn't say "hipster" is exactly "country" but it was our best effort. I still need to get a hold of the drawing my friend did of us from that day!

6)Birthday Week I happened to have the best birthday ever this year! I wrote every single detail about it in this post and it's fun to remember every single detail of the whole week.
7) Teenage Dream I think it's an unspoken agreement that this is our favorite post to date. It was so spur of the moment to take these pictures but they're the best we've ever taken. They truly are beautiful and I'm actually excited that I'm in such pretty pictures. I'm not saying I like that I, myself, look good, but that I am in such a gorgeously taken picture. Niklaas did a perfect job.
8) Cataldo Mission I think it goes without saying that Niklaas driving all the way to Missoula to get me was the nicest thing...ever. I still can't believe he did that. And then drove back to Spokane for the Josh Ritter concert. There was nothing quite like going to Josh Ritter and being with my mom, sister, her best friend that I love, Niklaas, Margaret, and all my friends. It was an amazzzzzing weekend home and I loved every second. It made my fall.
9) Christmas in Modcloth This dress was the first dress I ever purchased from Modcloth and it fueled a passion that is now undeniable. My Christmas was lovely this winter and coming home was unreal. I loved every second of being home with my family again and I am so excited to live with them again over the summer!
Merry Christmas Modcloth!
10) Teen Vogue As of winter, this is my favorite outfit I've worn yet. I loved how these pictures turned out and I loved wearing my Taylor boots and I loved my patterns and even though it was a last minute shoot, it was one of my favorites!

So! There are my favorite shoots to date. I can't believe it's been a year and I'm so excited for another year of blogging! Thank you for listening to me for a year and being such wonderful, wonderful readers. Every single comment means the word to me and you all have truly helped make this year what it is!



gee said...

happy birthday lifesize paperdoll..!!! <3
you are absolulty beautiful maggie.
have a wonderful weekend.

Rachel said...

What a great year of blogging for you! Congrats. :D

Stef / Diversions said...

Happy blogiversary! :) To many more like it :D

blorange dice said...

aww, yay!! your blog is one that i've been reading since the very beginning, which is crazy cool! i loved the recap (:

Steffy's Pro's and Con's said...

congratulations!!!!!! i just found you on your one year anniversary :) thanks for commenting on my blog, and i am now going to follow you!

<3 steffy

Jen said...

Happy one year anniversary!!! I love seeing how you've grown as a person and as a blogger through your posts throughout the last year. You only get more beautiful and stronger each day!

And I still can't get over how gorgeous you looked at your prom. :)

Natalie said...

Congratulations and happy one year bloggerversary! :D It's so awesome to go back and look through all of your old posts.... that's definitely one of my favorite aspects of blogging. It sounds to me like you've really grown a lot over the past year, and that your blog has changed with you. So yeah, happy one year anniversary, and here's to many more. :)

jillerwich said...

happy one year bloggerversary! so exciting.

Nicole, Coco Maria said...

Ahhh! Congratulations on your one year blog anniversary! It was so fun to see your favorite old posts/ moments from the year :)

jamie said...

Happy Birthday Dear Maggie!

im happy our blogs crossed paths :) youre awesome. and i love your honest, down to earth, and humorous personality <3 i wish your blog many more years to come, love


Collections said...

Congratulations on the one year anniversary of your blog! That's great.

Seego said...

happy birthday lifesize paperdoll! I love your blog and it was definitely one of the first blogs I discovered and just fell in love. I love knowing which ones were your favorite posts.

P.S. I looooove the picture under 5. It's prefect. :)

KateLainey said...

Happy Bday to your blog! hehe
What a lovely compilation of photos!

Amber Blue Bird said...

many many congrats on your blog birthday! I always enjoy reading your posts and seeing the fun outfits you put together. Heres to birthday number 2!

Alex said...

Oh, God. I remember every single one of them. Single Maggie who secretly wanted Niklaas. Taylor-obsessed Maggie. High school Maggie. 17-year old Maggie. I remember everything and WHAT? It's been only a year. How incredible. My blog turns a year this march too! Next Thursday :p It's like we synchronized :P

You are such a great friend and a great inspiration :)

Whenever you come down to the old West Texas... well, I'll be here :)

Julie Iliana said...

aw, I followed you just in time to see you turn one year! :) congrats, happy birthday and all those wonderful wishes! my favorite posts are #5 and #7! you guys look adorable in that picture, I love it so much! and you look fab in that other one with that cute dress and hat! can't wait to see another year of awesome posts :)


Lee said...

Happy bloggidy birthday! =]

Kimberellie said...

It was great to spend this year with you! I think I've been around since your very first post! And you just keep getting better (and cuter) and better!

much love: kimberellie (with a baby in her belly)

Kirstin Marie said...

Yay! Happy Birthday to your blog! :) You are one of my favorite reads, (which is why you were one of my firsts on my blogroll). I really like the shoot of you with the polka dot tights, it's really cute!


Gertrude said...

Happy blog anniversary/birthday!! :) Looks like you and the blog had a great year! It's nice looking back to see how you evolved! The ModCloth dress is gorgeous by the way! x

Emma said...

what an amazing journey :) the favourite post of yours is really so beautiful, i hope you keep blogging dear :) xo

Hannah. said...

happy blogiversary ! :)
your blog is really lovely, glad I came across it! xxxx

~Abby~ said...

Same here; my one year blogiversary was about a month ago...and ohhh how much I've changed!

But look, you ended up just fine! And that was without someone to tell you it was gonna be alright. So that must mean you're a pretty amazing person. :)

Awww I loved your prom post! You looked beautiful and Niklaas is such a cutie! ;)

I loved loved loved the Teenage Dream post too! ♥

Thanks for being such a lovely blogger & person! I look forward to all of your future posts. :)


Two Happy Hearts said...

happy one year anniversary! you're too cute. i loved looking through all your blogging memories :) where do you live? it looks gorgeous!

Fantasy Candy said...

congratulaton. u have a nice blog.


Hannah said...

Well.. this post is awesome and it so wonderful to see how you've grown up with this blog.
Happy 1st Birthday! :)

projectvee said...

congrats, maggie :)
i hope you keep growing through blogging - and that next year, you'll be able to share more amazing things!

Laura said...

Happy Birthday to your blog!! Amazing recap! I love your pictures and you always look beautiful!!!
many hugs!


ana b. said...

Congratulations, Maggie! I love visiting your blog. You're always so peppy and smiley and you and Niklaas are the cutest thing. You looked so so beautiful in your purple prom dress. I'm looking forward to more photos and outfit shots from you and your boy.

Les Deux Filles said...

Happy Birthday Life-Size-Paperdoll! You are such a sweet girl and I love all your dresses. I can't wait to see more posts from you!

Looking at your pictures makes me miss my home so much.. :((


Natalie Suarez said...

super super cute! i really love this :)

Karly said...

Happy Birthday to lifesize paperdoll!
Your blog is awesome by the way^^

Catherine said...

Aw, congrats and happy blog birthday!! It's really come such a long way, though I must say, Teenage Dream was by far my favorite photo shoot of yours.



A big congrats to your bloggy turning one! And I love the re-cap that you did so fun to see your first photo-shoot and that last pic + outfit, is just gorg. xx veronika

Shy, Chesterfield said...

Happy Blog Birthday! I loved those sunny pics too! so beautiful!


MARY said...

Happy Blogiversary...=) I'm a new reader n totally love ur outfits, style n blog Maggie...=D xx

Leah said...

Cool post ! you look gorgeous for your prom bal !

xx, Leah.

piapia said...

happy birthday for your blog :) nice post dear, i love your whole photos. the one you shoot at railway is cool :D

Neon Noose said...

Wow, one year...
Happy late Birthday ♥

Liz said...

Aw, you're so gorgeous!! Congratulations on blogging a year! I've only been blogging (publicly) since November. It's fun!
Love your blog. I'm now a follower.