Wednesday, March 9

weird with a capital WE

I'm not normally one to just simply "blog" things. I like to tell a story about why I like things .. instead of just...posting things I like...without explanation. If there's any difference.  I virtually have had no time to write a post or edit any pictures or upload them or even ask someone to fill in. BUT. Niklaas emailed me this delightful poem and it tickled my heart. And let's face it, it's too adorable not to share. And I feel like a post is better than no post! And this poem....I love it. I can't find the author...but if I did, I'd probably put a poster of him on my wall;) I promise to be a very very good blogger next week and comment EVERYONE back because I haven't done that in daysssss! Wish me luck on my test tomorrow and I'll be back this weekend! Ya-ya!


I remember the first time
you named me “Good morning.”

And how, the night before,
you considered my ceiling,
where the passing cars outside
the passing cars outside
the passing cars outside
cast their shadows and liquid lights
through the slats of my blinds.

You said: “Hey Romeo--
your CD player is skipping again...
but your ceiling’s like fireworks for poor folks!”

And I liked that.

I like the tall pauses you take
when you tell your nephews knock-knock jokes.
And I like your theory
that men and women’s shirts button on opposite sides
so that couples can get dressed facing each other
after making love.

You seem to season your seasons,
your days, your time
with rhyme, not reason,
I’ve seen you. Daily. Nightly.
I’ve watched you housebreak a puppy
just by asking politely.

And your remedy for insomnia?
Is to pile every pillow and blanket into the tub
and you nap there like you’re taking
a patchwork bath,
and I said once: “Oh--I wish I had a PICTURE!”
and you said: “Oh--I wish you and I had HOT SEX,
and then ELVES showed up at our doorstep,
with a PIZZA, to tell us JESUS just built a TREEHOUSE
in the backyard, and he’d like to meet us both,

You’re weird,
with a capital “WE.”
And I’m grateful, I marvel,
you’ve helped me hammer
some of my worst manners into manhood,
but I still admit--I like the way your shorts fit,
and how, overall, you’d call me “smart,”
even though sometimes
I do really stupid shit.

And I like how you giggle with your lips closed
like you’ve got a secret little moon in your mouth.

But I’m not insisting you’re some kind of goddess,
(I know you’re suspicious of unspecific love poems).
You’re more like a sunflower,
growing in the courtyard of an old folks home--
you mean things to people on a daily basis,
and this petty poem won’t explain
just how “my favorite” your face is,
(but I wish I’d been your bathroom mirror
the day they took off your braces).

You’re so pretty.

You’re like a vivid video game
and I’m the idiot kid
just trying to get to your next level--
I like your right-shoulder angel,
Hell, I like your left-shoulder devil.
I admire the lively deeds you do.
So if you come through a doorway again,
in a thrift store poncho,
or a drop-dead evening gown,
twirling and asking:
“Well, whaddya think?”
I’m gonna tell you:

“Shit howdy, Sunshine,
sit your fine self down!
If you’re looking for a compliment--

I think you’ve come

to the right place.” 



Trixie said...

That photo of you and your boy (I assume it's your Mr...) is so cute! And that poem is hilarious. This part:

"You’re like a vivid video game
and I’m the idiot kid
just trying to get to your next level"

reminds me of Like A G6 by Far East Movement because there's a part that goes,

"Onto to next level - Super Mario."


And about not-blogging-often-enough - I HEAR YA! I'm exactly the same... as soon as Uni starts, my blog is like... tumbleweed town. Hah.

Abbey said...

I love this!!

Anna said...

I LOVE THIS POEM!! made me smile so big and i feel like i haven't been to your blog in a long favorite part: "And I like how you giggle with your lips closed
like you’ve got a secret little moon in your mouth."

Emma said...

the poem (i nearly posted porn haha) is lovely and so are you. xo

Alex said...

I'm not much of a one for poetry - if I see it quoted somewhere then my eyes tend to skim over it. I've read every word of that though and loved it.

Steffy's Pro's and Con's said...

love the last photo you look so happy :)

<3 steffy

Tanvi said...

It is a cute poem, if I may say that ... the the picture at the bottom is priceless. Reminds me of happiness :)

from ©

Rachel said...

That's one of the most amazing poems I've ever read. :D

Natalie said...

That made me smile. :) And so did the picture of you two. SO CUTE!

elanor, said...

such a silly, cute poem. and of course, i love the photo of you two... :)


Alex said...

aw this is sososososososo sweet :D

haze said...

aww! so sweet! and is he Niklaas? the two of you looks adorable!

shallowmallow said...

That 's the most beautiful poem :)
Happy Friday!

Chelsea Lane said...

haha sooo cute. I love the images you paired with this :)


dejoiss said...

I love story telling too. :) Wish you get the flying colours in your exam! :)

dejoiss ♥

Genuinely.Unique© said...

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Hearts and Kisses!

Krystle said...

i love this!

thank you so much for checking out my blog :)

dear winsome

Fashion Fabrice said...

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Farah @ FashionFabrice.

Have a FABULOUS day:)