Friday, August 13

birthday week!

(my birthday princess crown!)
When I started this blog in March, it was meant to become the partner blog to my chictopia and show my life aside from clothes. I posted pictures of prom dresses I wanted, random things that made me smile, pictures from my weekend adventures, gripes about how life was going, and just a general gateway into my actual "life". As of lately, it's been outfit, after outfit, after outfit. Which is fabulous and you have all made me the happiest girl in the world, but since I'm currently recovering from surgery and no where near in the state to take pictures let alone get out of bed, I figured I would answer some questions from awards and show pictures of my birthday!
(rock climbing on *real* rocks! My rock climbing attire below!)
My birthday week was one of the best in my entire life!! Since my birth and ability to realize what July 24th meant, I've been able to celebrate my birthday in week-long increments because  we are never home during my birthday and are usually in Wyoming, driving, or camping. This birthday week started with camping and lake-ing!
my sister took these pictures on the hike. I skipped out to rock climb.

This week I was lucky enough to spend my 18th birthDAY with my grandma and dad:). At midnight, Niklaas called me and after gathering several of my friends, sang happy birthday to me. IT WAS THE CUTEST THING EVER! The funny thing about this birthday was that it was the least materialistic and big shabang that it ever has been. I didn't unwrap a single present! And, yet, throughout the entire day alone, I felt like there was absolutely nothing missing. I was so happy just to have the people that I do and enjoyed my birthday for what it was all week: a celebration! No fancy shmancy presents and only two cakes all week. Rather than seven. Ha! Growing up? I think so...:)
I may have purchased the same swimsuit as Niki Adams after I saw her pictures from Mexico...

(bath time!)
My grandma and dad spent the day at the happiest place I've ever known; our family cabin in Wyoming. It overlooks the spectacular WindRiver mountains and is completely in the middle of nowhere on the prarie. There are cabins within walking distances and every year, we take long walks along the dirt roads or along the creek. Did you know that there are more antelope in Wyoming than there are people?? Well, there are. By almost double. Haha :). This means, of course, that the cabin is surrounded by thousands of antelope that we see daily. During our deluxe dinner of grilled cheese and french fries, antelope were literally sitting 10 yards away in the grass watching us eating at the picnic table.
This year, I got a My Little Pony birthday cake. Hehe. I swear, my cakes get younger and younger in theme every year. Last year, I got a dinosaur themed one. Both cakes from the same local bakery in town 30 miles from the cabin. So great. My mom and sister and then my best friend and her whole family called and together with my dad and Grandma sang Happy Birthday in a conference call by speaker-phone. It was sooo sweet.
(singing happy birthday)
(I love those dated curtains. They've been there since my dad was born!)
(I removed the my little pony rings, unfortunately)
(my glamorous birthday "day" attire!)
I went to sleep the happiest person that ever existed and wrote a novel in my diary :). Our cabin doesn't have television, no computer, no internet, and basically...nothing except four spacious rooms with a giant fireplace from the 50s and very old furniture that hasn't been changed since our family built it in the 60's. It's the epitome of rustic and Wyoming.
The cabin (below)!

My great grandma was obsessed with birds, so the cabin has tons of hanging birdhouses EVERYWHERE! I love it. Bluejays a plenty!
This outhouse is the coolest thing ever. It's been there for more than fifty years!

SO! The day after my birthday, we drove the 15 hours home and I texted the whole way and watched lots of movies! And when I got home, the birthday week truly began...

I saw Niklaas almost the second I got home and immediately we ran off for an adventure photoshoot. We went to a gorgeous cemetary (see pictures here). Probably my FAVORITE event all week (but not solely because it was with him!) was going to SILVERWOOD!! Silverwood is an amusement park about 2 hours away from our town and up until last month, I was a rollercoaster virgin. Luckily for Niklaas, he could take my steel coaster virginity :P. Haha! We rode roller coasters all day long, walked hand in hand, and starved ourselves so that we could get frappochino's at the end of the day. It was perfect. I would spend every single day exactly like that with him for 14 hours if I could! At the end of silverwood, we drove home to attend a birthday party, and got lost on the backroads, which turned out to be somewhat of a perfect adventure. Driving the country roads, listening to corny adorable songs (Fly with me Jobros, Taylor Swift, and Selena) and the legit adorable songs (Josh Ritter, Meiko, Ingrid) completely lost without service. So fun.
(I made him go on the carousel with me. I LOVE carousels!)
I love rollercoasters now! Niklaas had nail marks in his hand, however. After going on the quadruple loop super fast roller coaster twice in a row (three total), we went on the paratrooper and I was so ready to puke. Hahaha.
So, the next night, was the family birthday celebration because we had been separated on the actual day. We went to dinner at my favorite Italian pizza place and I dressed up! Yay! I took pictures of this outfit a different day, so hold your horses :) That will come. My sister didn't want to be pictured on my blog, so I had to blot out her face haha.

Love always,

P.S. Thank you so so so  much for all the kind words about my surgery! This is me post surgery in bed and it was the least scary, easiest thing ever. Thanks for putting up with my baby behavior :) I'm doing very well!! It was fine!! I'll be back to normal shortly :)
P.P.S. If you read this post (or even scanned the pictures!), thank you!!Outfit post in TWO DAYS! And.... this one is really quite special. It's different from the rest. I hope you're excited because I seriously have been itching and dying to post these pictures! And I set it up just differently... New location, *special* lighting, very "period" piece'll see!! 


sophiasa said...

Awws and wows and lols! Great post hun!! Those are some great pics. Glad you're having what looks to be an AMAZING summer <3

Victoria's other secret said...

Great pics!


libys11 said...

aaahhh awesome adventures!!!aaahh your bikini is so so cute!!! and i think you're having way too much fun!! so jealous!!! summer has been so boring (because, i spent it looking for a real job!). aaahh!! great post! :D

have a great weekend, dear!

Animated Confessions

Megan said...

That place looks absolutely gorgeous!

Melissa said...

Wow, what a fantastic birthday! Glad to hear it went so fabulously!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! It looks so pretty there!

Megan said...

Ahh, sounds like such an amazing birthday! Jealous for sure. And you are precious! These photos are just great. :]

Becca said...

Ooh I liked this post a lot! Just your life, plain and simple, and how you felt and what it all looked like.

How is it that you make all that stuff interesting??
Some people, I don't care to read about their life like that, but this is good. I guess you just have a lot of emotion? It's great.

And I'm so glad you're doing well after the surgery! Told you it would go awesome for you ;)

Mel said...

It sounds like you had a blast during your birthday week! Love all these pictures! Glad the surgery went well! Feel better soon!

Bea said...

Amazing! I just love reading your stories about your adventures just as much as seeing your outfits. It sounds like a truly grown up birthday because you're coming to appreciate the more important things rather than the presents :)

Your cabin sounds like a magical get away and I too am scared of roller coasters. I guess if you were able to handle it I might too!

Bea from A plus B

Jaymie said...

Those picutres were lovely makes me really to go to america and have an adventure even more!
your birthday sounded like a lot of fun, i try and drag mine out aslong as i can to haha im not content with just the one day!
that cake looks so tasty!
now following :)

layia said...

such a beautiful place! i swear you posts these amazing locations i am so jealous of! the water looks amazing by the way haha

~Abby~ said...

Haha cool; rock climbing!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE intertubing. I do it every weekend out on the lakes during the summer.
Those are really great pictures that your sister took. :)
That lake looks really nice.!
Haha you are so short and your dad is tall.
I love Fly With Me, that's my second favorite JB song. :)
I LOVE amusement parks; I love rollercoasters!
You said you were going to answer some questions; where are they?

Chloe, Butterfly Cupcakes said...

Happy Birthday. Your little cabin looks amazing, I love it.

Oh and I'm recovering from surgery at the moment too.

Hannah said...

I like reading about your life too :)

✿ren said...

Wow wow wow! The photos look AMAZING!!! What a birthday week, and there's so much love around you!

You're making me change my mind about not celebrating mine this year XDDD

Anonymous said...

looks like fun!

Chloe, Butterfly Cupcakes said...

Oh how strange that we both got them out on the same day. I am doing fine too, it wasnt as bad as other teeth I've had out. Although today, the third day in, it feels a lot more swallon and sore :(

Anonymous said...

first, I'm so happy the surgery went great!

hang in there!

these pictures are amazing! sounds like the best 18 ever!

I wish I have a good 18 too!

that cabin sounds awesome!
so away from everything. very peaceful!

I want that!

Anonymous said...

btw I love PLL too! so much! I so want Ezra and Aria to be together! is that wrong? lol

and I agree Ben is such a clinger!

Ricky and Amy forever!

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

What wonderful pics!

Alex said...

I've been a super bad blogger! You have two posts now! I haven't been able to post a comment on any :( however, I read them as soon as you post them! Seriously, you are at the very top of my list when it comes to blogs. I just always read them on my ipod and I am too lazy to comment there because I always get an error so I don;t bother :P Anyway!!! I love all the pictures featured here! My computer is way slower than my ipod so all the photos took forever for me to see them again, but they were worth it! They are incredible and it looks like you had so much fun :)! We are now twitter buddies :P

I need to comment the next post now :P! Maggie, you are my role model :P

erin :) said...

Oh! So much fun and so many sweet pics! ( I wish I had a nice cam so I didn't have to edit all mine and they'd come out naturally nice like yours. -_- Anyway!)

Thanks for sharing these! I feel like I had a fab summer just looking at your pics.

Maybe I'll hear from you soon via email? :D:D


Erin :)

layia said...

Yes! I do have tumblr. It's Whitetipped. I do have to warn you that I don't post a lot of outtakes there. I mostly just post my stuff from flickr and some photos from blogspot...That could change though lol

genevieve, sandbox romance said...

"My Little Pony birthday cake". Love it! And Happy Birthday!! It sounds like you had a super amazing week; the thing about Niklaas calling is adorable. Love the pictures; beautiful scenery. May you have a speedy recovery!

Miki's scrapbook said...

I love your bikini! Oh, I want cake now, haha. Your birthday cake looked yummy! =P

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

aw, these are beautiful!

Ebony said...

This looks like the greatest birthday celebration ever. You and Nik make me miss David and I in the early days. There is nothing, and I mean nothing to do in this town and we get so bored and sick of eachother. I can't wait until next year where we can go off and have adventures too! :)

Oh and those bathers look great! I can't wait for summer here!

Sara, Swing The Day Away said...

I looooove all those pictures from around your cabin! Glad you had such an awesome birthday week and vacation! :)