Sunday, March 27

week(end) in pictures (best weekend ever)

this is why I go to school in Montana and why I'm in love with Idaho
out at sea for seven years, I got your letter in Tangier thought that I'd been on a boat 'til that single word you wrote
,that single word it landlocked me, turned the masts to cedar trees and the winds to gravel roads. Idaho oh Idaho

can you tell we're related? i love cousin visits
Niklaas came (again! second time in a week!)


Alex said...

Aw Maggie :D I am so happy you get to see Niklaas so regularly now :P or idk, but it's very nice that he does that! :) I'd love to visit Montana! And Idaho! Everything looks beautiful O:!

Abbey said...

Beautiful pictures, Maggie! That first one looks like you're photoshopped in! hah. Looks like you had a good weekend. :)

Catherine said...

These photos are lovely! I've never seen anything like that... it's odd how much the geography varies in this country! But I want to see it all :D

Sounds like a lot of fun.


Nnenna said...

I love your t-rex tee- I have a paleontologist friend who it would be absolutely perfect for! :)

star-crossed smile

Estefany @ The Helmet Head said...

Awesome pics!
My gosh your boy looks like Corey from boys meets world hehe

Rosie said...

Such amazing pictures - can definitely see why you'd want to live there. Looks amazing,

Rosie x

lady sélénite said...

how lucky you are to have such beautiful landcapes ! Love your t.rex t. shirt !

Annebeth said...

You remind me of Topanga, it suddenly dawned on me! :D hot!

and these pictures make me crave summer :( very fun!

mj { a r c h i ♥s m a r y - j a n e } said...

where was the swimming hole? looks like fun.

and sadly i didn't see taylor swift like you advised me. (ha! i didn't want to be arrested)

Leah said...

USA had amazing lands, Im jealous !
You're so cute as always ;)

xx, Leah.

coldlight said...

awww these photos are fun! glad to see you've been having a fun time!!

coldlight said...

haha just noticed that I said "fun" twice! >< silly repetitive me. I meant to say "awesome" time!! also the scenery is so different to what we have here in Australia! xoxo

Elizabeth of PrettyNiftyThriftyFashion said...

oh your look like you are having so much fun!!! and the scenery is beautiful :)

Kirstin Marie said...

These pictures are so cute. I love your T-Rex shirt :)

Kuleigh said...

I love your TREX shirt. The places you went look so gorgeous! I want to go to the mountains and swim in the river where it's nice, sunny, and warm! Glad you got to see your bf too! Yall are too cute!

Meg said...

Oh my, such a lovely scenery! I'M in love with the picture with the pond in the forest! It's magical!

Shy, Chesterfield said...

Ok... I NEED to go to Idaho again this summer!


Julie Iliana said...

ah, those mountains and lake look so peaceful. I've only seen mountains in California and they are beautiful! I love these pictures :)

are you dressing up or dressing down said...

looks like such fun! Love the lighting in all your photos.

Helen, X

Meg! said...

Oh... I miss the mountains so much. I hiked to the M once during my entire college years (I used to go all the time as a kid when I wasn't a lazy ass), and I nearly died. I swear. That trail KILLS ME! So I'm impressed that you did it. It's a gorgeous view, though. Ah, UM.