Monday, March 21

an education of sorts

I had a weekend of epic proportions. But before I say that, I feel like I have to admit what a snoop I was. If for some reason my friends read this for any reason at all: I am sincerely sorry if I was rude or introverted all weekend or if you felt offended when I said I just wanted to have a night in on a Saturday night. However, as much as I'd like to feel bad about making myself a hermit for a full 24 hours, it was kind of the greatest lived 24 hours I've had in a while. I don't think I realized when I went to college how different friendships would be. In college, it's not, "Oh, hey there. Let's giggle about this this and this," until 3PM when school is over and the occasional Friday night (or every Friday night with your closest friends) like high school. In college, it's between every single class and every 4 hour gap between them, every weekend, every evening at dinner, every evening after we finish homework, every afternoon after classes when we're pooped, and every single friday and saturday night and all day long every single day. Alone time is minimal, at best. And so, folks, I closed myself off and did Maggie things I haven't done in forever! Let's review Maggie's Hermit weekend.

[001] I've wanted to see An Education for.... well, ever. And so, I declared to myself that this weekend while my roommate was gone, nothing would stop me. So last night, everyone, I sat at my desk and painted my nails black while falling in love with Carey Mulligan. Oh my, I'm in love with this movie and every vintage dress and frame of Paris in it.


[002] Also, this weekend I determined I was going to talk to everyone from home. I talked to my sister for an hour and eight minutes and listened to her react to the Rebecca Black Friday video, talked to my grandma for fifty six minutes about everything, called Niklaas with my friend Maggie to discuss her love life (he's amazing for helping my friends), and my best friend Jenni. I sat in my room for three hours in my big cozy chair talking and genuinely soaking in what was going on with my family. Maybe I'm wrong, but being away and just having those phone calls makes me feel so grown up when I start talking about the economy or drunk driving or just about cars so that I don't have to say goodbye yet. I whole heartedly miss hearing my dad rant and tell me things going on at his work and it makes me realize how much I didn't always listen nor pay attention to when I was home.

dress-Forever21 top-Thrifted tights-Target boots-Niklaas belt- my momma headband-F21

[003] I slept in my birthday suit. Okay, not exactly because after the great fire alarm incident of December 2010 at 2AM when one unlucky girl was caught in just a hand towel to cover her body, I couldn't do that. But, I was in my undergarments and it was possibly the most magical experience ever. Clothes just get in the way, if you ask me.

[004] I wrote. I havent written anything substantial since winter break and oh, my. I have this folder of random everything. Sentences I love, paragraphs of random narration, chunks of what I dream to be something, the odd scant of poetry, and just...anything. I read every last bit of it and it was like drinking water in a desert. I need to do more Maggie time, clearly.

[005] Not all weekend could be hermit-like and Friday night wasn't a hermit designated night. And it was amazing. My best friend Katie who is transferring next year that I keep re-falling into obsession with and I and our best friend Kaleb who is our straight male girl pal went to Walgreen's to rent a chick flick and happened across giant bouncy balls with cartoons. Three for four dollars or one for five. So I got a disney princess one. And then we got cookie dough. And then we got ice cream. And then we cooked the cookie dough into one giant cookie and while hot, smothered it in the whole container of ice cream and devoured it. And then watched our chick flick. Ah-mazing.

[006] In lieu of this lovely awakening that was watching An Education, I edited these pictures for a post and as it turns out, I love this outfit more than I remember when I wore it. I've worn this dress twice on my blog but never have I worn it with a sweater or top, so I decided to wear it over something. I just love the lace too much not to wear it again. It's something Amanda from Upside of Wonder does so effortlessly and I loved the result! I got these opaque tights from target for $1.75 and I'm convinced that they are going to solve my opaque tight problem. They are nicer than any pair I've ever owned! This top was also thrifted for two dollars and I feel like it was a major steal. The little polka dots are perfect. And, of course, the boots. The boots. Niklaas really is perfect and I wear these shoes way, way too much. And I wear bows, way way too much. Awe, well. So that concludes the weekend of March twenty fifth to the twenty seventh, ladies!



Steffys Pros and Cons said...

gorgeous dress and i adore your tights/ the bow in your hair!

<3 steffy

Kuleigh said...

I definitely need a lot of me time so I think it's great that you took some time for yourself and had a good weekend! An Education was SO good. I wanted things to work out better than they did but I thought the same thing about 500 Days of Summer. The movie would have been boring if everything turned out perfectly but I'm a hopeless romantic. I just want everyone to be happy! I love your lace dress. I need to invest in one.

Gentri said...

I LOVE my alone time! SO don't you feel bad about having it. If someone doesn't want you to have it, that's their problem. Enjoy your alone time! I also LOVE that dress. DId you get it recently?? I'm obsessed with lace. :)

Rachel said...

I really enjoy having alone time as well...I really don't think there's anything wrong with wanting a night in every once in a while!
Love the way you styled this dress! I bought the same one about a week ago and can't wait to see how many ways it can be styled!

jamie said...

im alone a lot! and when im around people its so refreshing :) i also almost sleep in my birthday suit in fear of an earthquake though lol i dont want to run out of the house with only a pillow hehe. muah! sending you love

Amelia said...

love the outfit, i can see the romantic influence of an education already ;) and you go girl! it is SO freaking hard to spend time alone at college. so i completely support you

Jasmine, Transient Withdrawal said...

An Education is such a good movie! I love having time by myself. Your weekend sounds amazing and much needed :) I love your cute little black and white outfit! That lace dress is so dreamy! Have fun with Niklaas!

Natalie said...

Okay, let me just say that I completely know what you mean! I actually did the same exact thing this weekend. My friends invited me to do stuff, but in all honesty by the time Friday and Saturday rolled around, all I wanted to do was stay home and have some relaxation time. I still have yet to see An Education, but I am determined to sometime soon! I love your dress that was inspired by it. :) It sounds wonderful getting to catch up with everyone from home for once, and also just getting the opportunity to sit and write to your heart's content! I am glad you had a fun Friday night filled with delicious cookie dough and ice cream consumption too though, which I have to say sounds completely amazing.


Liz said...

Being alone is a good thing. Finding balance in a busy schedule is an art!
Good for you. Haha

Rhitbee said...

Ooh girl, you look gorgeous! I love that dress and I especially loved it paired with the black shirt.

Alone time is so key, although I tend to be a bit of a social butterfly I also really need my own downtime. Really, I need at least two days a week of it to feel myself. I'm glad you got some time in for yourself!

xo Robyn

Renée said...

that dress is so pretty!!

Le blog de Letilor said...

Beautiful dress!

Bea said...

I looove sleeping in my undergarments. it is the comfiest thing in the world. Love reading about your college experience, Maggie :)

Bea from A plus B

Alex said...

I think your body and brain just tell you what you need sometimes. Uni is such an intense time that a bit of solitude, even if some of it is spent on the phone ;-), is often just the thing to perk you up a bit. And it sounds like a fab way to spend a weekend to me!

Anonymous said...

It's great spending time with your friends, but it's always good to have some me time too. I love to do that every now and then and just stay in my little cocoon for a day.

Amber Blue Bird said...

First off I adore your dress. Secondly, alone time is so necessary, you have to recharge your batteries and it sounds like you did. Thirdly, I heart that film :)

Alex said...

I live home so I really haven't experienced that at all, but I guess alone time is crucial not just for a college student, but for everyone! So I am very happy you had your day and An Education is incredible! I fell in love with Carey Mulligan! If I was into girls, she'd be my number one crush. She kind of is :P Girls have girl crushes right :P Well, yes. I love her. And that dress is amazing Maggie D: I wish I could have that many awesome dresses! I am so glad Niklaas will be there! I saw your tweets right now (kind of late to respond), but yeah :DDDDDDDDDDD how cute is that?

Amanda, The Upside of Wonder said...

I really adore this look! Of course, I'm a huge fan of layering things with dresses. And the lace dress is perfect! I saw a few at F21 a few days ago and they were too cute except they were all too short on me! Such a bummer.

Bonnie said...

I want your dress.
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Courtney Erin said...

I love having random weekends to just seclude myself do my own thing - it's a nice stress reliever!

xoxo ~ Courtney

Meg! said...

I loooove me time, it sounds like you got so much stuff done! It makes me want to have Meg time. Although I get Meg time a lot. But anyway! I love your outfit, that dress is so lovely. Are you living on campus in Missoula? I miss that damn city, despite it being freakishly small.

Shy, Chesterfield said...

So I'm not sure if you live in Idaho but I decided if I go to Sandpoint this summer, I'm stopping by and stealing this dress. THIS is the perfect white dress I've been looking for! Of course I could try my luck at the forever 21 in the city but that place scares me!

Isn't it weird how in college, your with the same people so much you actually start to talk in code. You dont even have to say anything to get the joke across. Like it's such an inside joke it doesnt even need to be said?! Wait till you graduate and rarely see the people you spent every moment with for years. It's very weird and lonely! Dont I sound old and depressing! haha


Amber Rose, Laughing With Broken Eyes said...

Booger Twin!

I can SOOO relate to you on the college friendships, though probably not as much since I live at home. I have my hermit days and let me just tell you... absolute bliss.

I'm so glad that you finally saw An Education!!! I remember when I first saw it. I was watching them running about in Paris and I kept thinking "This is going to be one of my favorite movies."

You look absolutely beautiful in this dress. Like I said on twitter, I am copying this look tomorrow. It's crazy, but I always forget that, yes, you can pair shirts or cardigans UNDERNEATH dresses.

I'm so glad that you were able to spend time with Niklaas. <3
Did I spell his name correctly? I'm going to quick scroll back up and check.

You turd. You exclaimed it so I can't tell. Ha.

Anyhow, love you girl. Can't wait to get your letter. AND THE OUTFITTTTTT. I neeeeed clothes. Ha. Not really, my closet is bursting, but I like clothes. "I can quit any time I want to."

ps: "I don't want to lose my virginity to a piece of fruit!!"

That was funny. I think I'll tweet that to you right now.

Jen said...

I feel like you never really listen to your parents until you've moved out and gone away...then you realize they have so much to say and that there's so much you want to hear.

I love this outfit on you, especially those boots. I hope you enjoyed your Maggie time. I have yet to see An Education!! :)

emily said...

i love an education! pretty look too, i love how the cream dress looks over the black top.

Rosie said...

Everyone needs 'me time', and I think you handled it brilliantly :) An Education is amazing and god do I wish we had pre-made cookie dough in this country.
Your dress is beautiful,

Rosie x

Roma said...

sad to say this ...but I have almost zero contact with my high school friends. I had an opportunity once...but I blew's in my entry, :)

About being with college friends almost 24/7...I agree! We were inseparable then! Now that we have work though...I miss them so much! Cherish them maggeygrace! :)

lady sélénite said...

beautifully romantic ! Love your shoes !

Leah said...

Love your dress she's so wonderful ! and your tights too ;)

xx, Leah.

Heart Charlie said...

I love the way you've styled this dress! The belted waist is so flattering and shows off your gorgeous figure!

Laura said...

lovely dress! i really like these pictures!
and i can relate to the college friendship experience, i think i'll follow your footsteps and get a little me-time now and then!
that was truly inspirational!!


Ginger Snap'♥ said...

You have some gorgeous clothes! I love that dress some lovely photos! Thanks for the comment :)

Julie Iliana said...

oh Maggie, I can relate to everything you said in #2, especially about your dad. I'm glad you've realized this and are enjoying every moment he speaks :) I could say I'm currently learning that too with my father. glad you had a well-deserved Maggie time! I should try this out too. oh, and turning off my phone will only be the beginning of it! ha.

have a great week with Niklaas! :)

Rosy (of Raindrops on Rosy) said...

Hi! I'm a new follower and I saw you on commented on selective potential...i liked what you said so I thought I'd check you out! and I'm glad I did! I LOVE this outfit;)

Sick by Trend said...

very beautiful pictures and outfit!! lovely tights!! im following!

Look my blog and if you like it, follow me!



Coralie said...

I love this lace dress ! You make me want to wear my lace skirt again (don't be surprised if I do in the following days !)
Thanks a lot for your comment, that was sweet :)


Victoria said...

I TOTALLY understand how you feel ! I'm happy you had some me-time ! You deserved it :) And seems like you were able to do a lot ! High Five ! :)

Anonymous said...

i'm so in love with that last photo of you! you're such a cutie! and oh, that headband is lovely :)

Diana Smith said...

I love that white eyelet dress on you!! The length is just perfect!

Brooke said...

That is so great you took some "me" time. everyone needs that!! and...

"..It's Friday, Next comes saturday, and Sunday comes afterward.." oh rebecca black! ha

Becky said...

I'm so glad you were able to have a hermit weekend! I actually like being a hermit a lot more than socializing. Is that sad? Ha. No but as an RA at my school and being as involved in classes and activities and whatnot, I just like to have some "me" time. It's what keeps me sane. ha.

But yes, yesterday was not that great of a day for me. I still try to blog even on my bad days though because I feel bad if I don't otherwise. ha. But I probably shouldn't have posted yesterday because those tests just took a lot out of me. Oh well! I'm just glad they're over! Ha.

P.S. I'm totally stealing that cookie and ice cream idea from you!! My sweet tooth is begging for it now! Haha.

Catherine said...

Hey, sometimes there's really nothing better than being a hermit! Props on loving An Education and noticing the fashion, of course. The second time I watched it - with a friend who I encouraged to watch it - I pretty much sat there in awe of her wardrobe and the beauty of Paris.

Glad to hear things are going well!

Lea said...

Ah... do you live in the dorms? I never have, so I can't imagine being around people all. the. time. I love your outfit--especially the amount you spent on it :) and your weekend sounds like it was absolutely glorious.

I really need to set aside me time in the near future, before Spring term starts.

<3 Lea

Becca said...

wait, what's that about the hand towel??

ha ha.

I like that you stole some time to be by yourself. sometimes that is so needed!

Flashes of Style said...

Aww I love your tights+dress! Such a cute look.

I V Y said...

such a cute dress and love the tights! lovely.

visit my blog, follow me on twitter @zebraandmeerkat
and visit my store, xo
xo, zebra and meerkat.

Annebeth said...

I LOVE me-time, just doing things I want to do without stressing out about people's expectations. You need that sometimes. We have a RIGHT to that sometimes.

also, I read your comment on the silhouette girl blog, and I totally agree: I want to own that magazine too, substantial, cute, alternative and DEEP, without all the bullshit. I might start an e-zine sometime. I'll need someone for the html but I'll keep you in mind for the writing! :D

EevvaStyle said...

great outfit!

Nnenna said...

I love your lace dress and your pretty bow headband! :)

star-crossed smile

indie by heart said...

Oww, wow I love this look on you :) Bow suits you very well & that dress is so beautiful.. Nice look! ^^
I'm trying to hunt for a dress like that for myself ;)

feel free to stop by at
Indie by Heart