Monday, March 14

two weeks

Something amazing happened today. I was walking along the sidewalk skipping in my glittering Toms letting the sun warm my face without a jacket on when I decided to check the time. Now, my fancy newly working watch that finally has the battery in it to make it work shows the day of the month at present and as I looked at it...I was the 14th! WHAT! Remember how I was complaining for weeks about how February was so gosh dang slow and how is it only the second, fourth, twentieth, sixteenth, and fifth of the month?? I haven't complained once about March and it's already HALF WAY THROUGH! How is this possible?? These past weeks have flown and I just couldn't be happier!!!

I'm sorry for going AWOL without notice. It wasn't intentional, I promise. In fact, you might (or might not have) noticed that I disappear every three weeks. Or so. And last week was one of the worst I've had yet! I had midterms, four papers, a project, and a presentation due. I was exhausted silly and blogging was not even on the radar. So here is what I've been up to for two weeks (my weekly update is going to occur weekly except for weeks like last one).
my roommate and best friend
new toms new toms new toms new toms!
taking a walk
the most unhealthy meal ever
1am albertson's runs in our boxers
note: two jars of peanut butter
we haven't swept in a while....
adventures in missoula = finding puppets
199368_193287337369104_100000635185560_515677_6986114_n (1)
we believe this was taken not twenty seconds before he got pulled over. 
185874_193287294035775_100000635185560_515675_7979114_n (1)
moose seem to be everywhere
the scarf i've been dying for
red lipstick!
making cards has become a new favorite
julia = the prettiest girl I have ever met in my entire life. She might be on my new list of girl crushes and someday when she's a preschool teacher, I want to send my kids to her school. 
what happens when you lose your keys at night walking home
THE HUNGER GAMES THE HUNGER GAMES THE HUNGER GAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3<3<3<3 <3 <3 <3 <3
vitamin water is essential to the health of a college student


I'll be back tomorrow! I'm going to get back in the swing of blogging, I promise:)


jillerwich said...

you are to funny. love the toms, peanut butter, homemade cards and tired moose!

Katie, Tinda Keelie said...

I fall off the blogging bandwagon ALL THE TIME, and I always feel so bad for my readers when it happens. lol.

Steffy's Pro's and Con's said...

adorable images and i love the toms!

<3 steffy

Selma said...

I like your new Haircut style! Cool Pictures! Awsome blog!

Seego said...

What is that thing you're holding in the picture under the peanut butter picture? hahaha but it looks like you're having an amazing time though. Memories to keep forever. <3 You're adorable.

Abbey said...

AH the hunger games!!!!!!!!!! and vitamin water! hah i love this post, especially the last picture! So cute!

Dorien said...

Oh you look ever so cute! I wasn't able to check up on blogs the last few weeks, and I really missed yours!

Lace n Coffee said...

Fun photos :)

Hannah said...

SERIOUSLY with the Hunger Games. So stinking good!!

And I take a break every week so you're good ;)

Amber Blue Bird said...

new tom! woo hoo. Oh and i know we share a mutual love for Josh Ritter and I just heard his song Wings, have you heard it?, its amazing

Evelina said...

I love this photo diary post!

i completely understand about school interfering/blocking online activity... Grrr... But welcome back! :)


Natalie said...

I know! Today my orthodontist told me my next appointment was the 23rd which is next week! It's crazy how fast March seems to be going. But holy crap, all of those tests/projects/etc. in just one week? That sounds terrible! I'm glad you got out of it alive. O:

I love these weekly update posts! First of all, your Toms are SPECTACULAR. I suppose that food does look unhealthy, but also delicious, sooo... that balances itself out, right? Haha. I love your boxers. Classy. ;) And the multitude of moose! Yay! And all the fluffy hats! You guys are all so gorgeous. And gah, I still have not read The Hunger Games despite all of the fantastic things I have heard about those books... Someday!

Alex said...

Oh I love the dust photo! Haha, your face is brilliant.

Those glittery Toms are amazing! I want a pair.

Rachel said...

LOL, I disappear whenever something big is due in class. XD
Great pics! Looks like some great times!

Alex said...

I love all the pictures hahaha I always want to document my week but I am far too lazy to carry my camera around with me :p especially to school :p anyway, I love how you rocked the red lipstick and OHMAIGOSH I want those TOMS. I have THE most boring pair of TOMS ever... the navy blue ones! hahhahaha I don't even know why I have those... asdhafskdhbfhasdhfjasdfh I am so jealous of yours :) and you have actual moccasins :P I have the slipper ones and everybody is always telling me "Alex, don't bring slippers to school!" hahaha damn :p please let me have your closet :)

Jenni Wells said...

Great pictures! I adore those glittery toms!!

~Abby~ said...

I want April and May to fllyyyyyy by, I'm so ready for summer!
Love the Toms! Fanncyyy!
Wow, the scenery there is gorgeous!♥
LOL you all looked so happy...and then he got pulled over. XD
Julia is VERY pretty, tell her I said so!:) She does sorta look like a preschool teacher.

You and Jenny always seem to be getting into some sort of mayhem! Haha.

Glad you're back! =)


Megan Joy said...

Aw, what a lovely glimpse into your past two weeks! Thanks for sharing! P.S. I love the Toms!!!

Catherine said...

Ah, sounds like fun minus the midterms and all that! I really wish I had the motivation to document my weeks like so, but it would probably involve me sitting around on my computer way too much haha.

Also, what toy store is that with the moose? I used to work somewhere that had a similar set-up...

I hope all is well!


Brittany said...

the last photo is my favorite, you look like you're having a blast girl!

jamie said...

youre so darn cute!!

Gentri said...

Love the picture update! :) It looks like you have such a fun life and are loving it!

Rachelous said...

I love your pics- it looks like you've been having such a lovely happy time in between all the assignments! Sparkly Toms? Genius! xx

Julie Iliana said...

you're adorable! I love all these pictures :) it's as if you explained a lot without explaining too much. your images did just that! hehe, if that makes sense. I love your hair by the way!

darn, I should remember to pass by your blog more often. it's full of cuteness! :)

Meg! said...