Monday, May 31

prom 2010 (picturess!) =]


As promised, I FINALLY am posting my pictures from prom!! I figure these pictures can say more than I can in my usual blabber, so I'm going to try to refrain from writing a novel. Try, at least. If you really don't want to read all my blabber, skip to the pictures. They will probably prove to be more interesting. 

So in a nutshell (can I do this??), prom was absolutely amazing. If you read my last post of our story you know that in the months of pining for my current boy, I pretty much fantasized that I would be the geeky Taylor from the You Belong With Me Music video and he see that he belonged with me, and I would get my senior prom with him. Well!! MUCH to my amazement, it happened! If you read my post from April, you would also know how he asked me. Putting it mildly, the way it worked out absolutely blew my mind.

We had dinner at my dear's house where he and the two other boys made us three girls dinner! We went in a group of six. It was actually kind of funny because the other two couples were not couples in the slightest and were all baby little sophomores. However, Alaina and Caitlin are some of my favorite friends- because they're younger, they are positively goofy and we never cease to have the most random adventures. After a delightfully unawkward dinner of sphagetti and cheesecake (MY FAVORITE!), we attended the actual dance. My favorite moment? You belong with me being played. It was AMAZING! You could say it mimicked the music video precisely. I was the geeky Taylor and I had my boy.

After prom will not exactly be said in great detail (hehe!), but it was really sweet and adorable. It wasn't scandelous!!! I know you're thinking that. But I'm really not a scandalous girl, at all! Basically, we started out watching The Exorcist, but I fell asleep snuggling with him and that's what happened for three hours. NOTHING SCANDALOUS :)

It was the perfect prom and I can't believe it happened. To me!! I've never had a date to a dance that I actually liked so I definitely didn't take advantage of it. I know it's a cliche, overtold story, but it made me realize why it's cliche- it definitely has justification for being so! Getting dolled up in the most amazing dress of your dreams, spending an entire night with a boy you absolutely adore, and dancing like a madwoman with all of your friends that make you happiest one last time in high school- it was just special. Whoever said prom was lame seriously needs to be capped with a dunce hat. Or be forced to stare at my blog. 

Oh, lordy. This definitely isn't "in a nutshell". Oh well.


It was kind of amazing how it worked out. First, I ordered the cutest dress ever from Modcloth. And it was absolutely stunning, but it's short length and poofy tulle skirt fit me funny and I didn't feel "it". You know how they say when you try on a wedding dress, you know that it will be "the one" when it's on? I think trying on prom dresses must be the same way because after I ordered this one at the very last second after seeing only one blurry picture of it from a small retailer for very cheap, I definitely felt "it". The best part was that it was only $98 from I HIGHLY recommend going there- so many amazing dresses like this one for SO cheap!!! I got my hair done in style of Taylor Swift which took 3 hours in the salon but ultimately, was more than I could have asked for and got my makeup done by Caitlin's (green dress) mom who used to be a makeup consultant. She was AMAZING. I couldn't have asked for more. I felt like an absolute princesss!

the prettiest dress I have ever laid my eyes on. 

by the way, it was snowing. see mountains behind me!
it was so bright outside. but it was absolutely beautiful outside. It had rained all day so the sunshine was amazing.
my one tiny grievance about prom: my mom and sister were gone and couldn't "see me off". However, the other two girls' moms were wonderful and steamed my dress, took these snazzy pictures, did my makeup, and helped me in the strapless bra department. It was seriously the kindest thing, I felt so loved.
Unfortunately, this is an unattractive picture. But it's the best of my necklace and the roses on my dress! I couldn't believe my luck when the necklace went with the dress.
 These are the delightful girls I went with!! I couldn't have asked for better people to go with. And for my last prom! It was special.
Haha I love Caitlin's face in this picture :) (green dress)
This makes me tear up a little bit! I feel a little bit motherly towards my sophomore kiddies. I've known them since they were baby junior high kids :)
seriously cute girls.

and the silly pictures begin...
ha. ha. ha. :)
I really wasn't angry, I promise!
Ohh.. the "what to do with my hands" endeavor.
 full length! 
Definitely, probably my favorite picture of the whole night/evening. hahahaha.
 hehehe. You have all definitely seen this! me and my sweetie. After the photoshoot with the mom's, we had dinner and had a photoshoot with the group inside.
 we didn't even talk about how we were going to match! I just told him I was wearing purple. And, shazam! perfect match!!! They both "shimmer" :)
Hehe, I think he is kind of cute... maybe...;)
 I seriously have a problem with looking at the camera when I'm getting pictures taken of me. Seriously. Devilish much?
see?? we matched SO well!! It blew my mind. A lot.
I absolutely fail at the boutonnière. He had to do it himself. Ha. Ha. Ha.
Is this the infamous "look" that I give him?? Maybe??
We took these at my house. Ha, my dad made it hard to smile normally!

dance time!
they had this fun photo-op place. we took pictures, of course.
Jenni and Sarah are some of my best friends :)

Jenni- my very, very best friend!!! We shopped for dresses together. She's also my neighbor. And basically, sister.
is this more than just a crushhhhhhhhh? (david archuleta!)
dancing. you know.
the giant....and the dwarf! (6'4" and 4'11")
I kept it classy with my hellogoodbye bracelet. Ha. Ha. Ha.
very possibly my favorite picture from prom. I loveeeee it!

Jenni again :)
my sophomores!

is this love? (yes!)

my sophomores again- oh! Alaina was Prom Princess by the way!:)

My Murn.
With niklaas...I always have to keep an eye out for onlookers.

Prom was unforgettable 

The end!


Ebony said...

YOU DRESS IS AMAZING! Amazing I say! Wow - so glad it was such a great time :) You and your guy look fantabulous together - matched so well and those photos are the cutest!

Yay! I'm still so happy that your prom was perfect. It gives me a buzz to read about it, hehe.

The night of my year 12 ball, I had a boyfriend (who was a dick) but I first met my David at my after party... I was slightly drunk and didn't remember this chance meeting until he told me when we moved in together. Haha!

Oh I LOVE The Click Five. But I was talking about 5ive the boy band - do you remember them? They did that Queen cover and sung "If ya getting down" Hahaha.

Love you xxoxoxoxo Can't wait to read your answers!

its simple love said...

You are ridiculously gorgeous and you found a dress to match your beauty. Wow. You re stunning. This dress is worthy of the red carpet.


m said...

you're so pretty.
your dress is amazing!
love your blog :)


~Abby~ said...

you looked soooo pretty in your dress!
I'm glad you had a great time and nothing disastrous happened!!!!

tess said...

glad you had fun! that is such a pretty shade of purple on you

Alex said...

You look absolutely stunning! The dress is so beautiful and different - great choice.

Your friend in the black dress looks amazingly familiar but I can't work out who she reminds me of. Ooh that's going to bug me now!

sophiasa said...

awww these pics are so sweet (as are you)!! nIt looks like you had a blast! I'm so happy for you! Thank you for sharing this=)

You look so amazing!!! You truly are a princess, and that dress, wow,it is GORGEOUS, but it doesn't hold a candle to you:) <3

erin :) said...

These pictures are fabulous and you look stunninggg! Thanks so much for sharing em! The lighting is so pretty. :) I wish I had your dress! I think many students at my school are going for the short poofy dresses but i like the classy idea with the long dresses. Anyhoo, you would look great either way and you look great here :DD It looks like you had a lot of fun. :)

You're about the same height as me! I rarely meet people height! I'm 4'10" :D

And I can't believe those are your sophomore friends! =O The sophomores at my school look like babies compared to your adult-looking friends!

Email is on the way! And at the NHS board, I totally talked about your idea and we're probably doing a senior citizen day. :) Woot for NHS! xD

Erin :)

PS. Thanks for the 50 followers congrats! It's so exciting! You're almost there! I think your readers are more interactive though, if y'know w'i'm sayinnn. ;]

Mel said...

Wow your dress is stunning! I love the color and the shape! I'm glad you had such a fantastic time! Thanks for sharing the amazing pictures!

Catherine said...

I love these photos! And while your dress is gorgeous in every way, I have fallen in love with your necklace. I think I'm on a jewelry spree lately, but I just can't get over how pretty it is! I'm glad you had a great time!

simplyhope said...

I LOVE your dress SERIOUSLY! You have my best dressed vote! Also the necklace is so pretty too! These pictures are GREAT! I loved every single one of them:) So glad you had an amazing time!

harajukuloveee said...

as all the other people out there, i LOVE your dress! the colour, tha jewlery and the shoudler detail (especially), its just gorgeous!
so cool that you had a good night, hoping mine will be as fun as yours was,
somehow, i kinda stoped following your blog, but luckily i got back to it and i realised i love it a lot ;)

blorange dice said...

aww!!! haha thank you for your super sweet comments.

and oh my lands, that dress! it really is gorgeous. and it looks like you had so much fun with your cutie cute boy (:

p.s. i love when people write a lot in their posts, it makes it more personal. don't stop!

see you around!

kate maggie said...

Aw, WOW! Your dress is absolutely gorgeous. I was in awe when I looked at these photos. Its very rare that I ever see prom dresses that I actually like. Yours is so so gorgeous! I am so glad you had such a fun time! Your blog is so lovely. x

Anna said...

I hope my prom is as fun as yours! You and your friends are so cute, and I love your dress! My favorite is the crinkly part of the bodice.. if you even know what I'm talking about haha :/. The necklace is so amazing too.. I was going to read just a part of your "in a nutshell" but ended up reading the whole thing and ooh & ah-ing at the pictures!

Erica Leigh said...

ohhh my gosh!! your dress is amazing and you look gorgeous! the color is my favorite! looks like you had the perfect prom. i love how you and your date match, too! hehe. :D

catching up on your blog, now!


Danielle said...

That dress is beautiful! It looks like you guys had an AMAZING time.

Kimberellie said...

Gosh you are just cuter than cute!!! Your dress is amazing!!! So unique and beautiful! Love it! And love the perfect match of purples! AWWWWW!

Leona said...

Oh, it really does sound so great! It's nice to hear that you had a wonderful prom. I've never been to prom, so it'll be my first time this school year. Hopefully it'll turn out as absolutely amazing as yours. ;)

And that dress! You're right; it's lovely.

Have a great day!

Signed, Leona.

Alex said...

You look stunning maggie :)! Your dress is unbelievable! You are really pretty and he's really cute and together you just look perfect!

Sanna said...

Wow sooo many lovely pictures ! We have similar "prom"thing in finland, but i wasn't there :( I would love to dance and dress up and and and <3

Breanne at Bella Vita said...

Gorgeous dress! I love it's a vintage piece. It's nice to know you won't show up at prom and be wearing the same dress as seven other girls!!

You just looked lovely. I'm so happy to know you had such a great time!

Visit Bella Vita and enter to win in a giveaway every day this week!

Fashionista- I am your fashion mannequin said...

nice dress!!

Tieka, Selective Potential said...

You look so pretty here! Oh my gosh, I'm loving your dress! What a perfect color for your skin tone - and paired perfectly with that amazing necklace! It looks like you had a wonderful time. I'm so happy for you girl, you deserve the best. You are SO sweet. xo

Anonymous said...

cutecutecute <3


I love your dress! It's absolutely cute! :D

Looks good on you! love the color too!

I also love cheesecake! haha.

Glad you had fun! I can't wait for my senior prom! :)

Fourth Daughter said...

you all look so lovely! And I loved reading how you got to be a couple... aah takes me back to my high school years (many, MANY years ago)... except that nothing like that happened to me! I hope there's still time!!

char said...

this dress is lovely, and you look absolutely STUNNING!
OH and i like your blog, it's really sweet! xx

char said...
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your dress is incredible! purple is my favourite colour & you are so stunning! i really adore the roses on the shoulder, wonderful :) looks like a ton of fun!

Sara, Swing The Day Away said...

Glad to see you had a blast at prom! You looked gorgeous! :)

Kuleigh said...

Oh gosh. I LOVE LOVE LOVED proms so much. I went to 5! This dress is beautiful. I love the shoulder detail and sweetheart neckline. Very flattering for your shape! Your makeup looks so pretty too.