Wednesday, March 23

you are the northern lights

I tweeted about it, I wrote it in my calender with big hearts, and I talked to my mom about it for days. Niklaas came to Missoula yesterday!!! This semester is kind of different from last in that I came home about every three to four weeks last semester. As of right now, it's been over a month since I've been home and it'll be two more weeks until I return. Niklaas skipped school and joined his mother to Missoula where he got to visit meee! Unfortunately, he was sick, so the adventuring around Missoula wasn't as extreme as we hoped, but he got to spend a couple hours in the morning with me freezing our butts off outside and a couple hours after my classes in the study lounge. He gave me wonderful music (Adele!) to put on my iPod since I fail at doing so and it was lovely! He was also babysat by my best friends and really got to see my whole life here. I was going to skip every class of mine...but, getting to meet them was pretty valuable in itself since next year, he will no doubt be spending a lot of time around all of us. It was a lovely simple day and just seeing him made me a lovely happy little clam!
It was so funny all day long because people kept saying to me, "Wowweee, dressed up for Niklaas, are you Maggie?" Psh!! If only they knew that I tend to only "dress up" around him when I have to look presentable for a special reason or when we take pictures... other than that, I am a sweats girl! I got this dress from Goodwill back in November and it has been my favorite Missoula Good Will find yet. My stylish friend Maggie (coincidink much??) told me that it was ugly and absolutely not to get it...but I just had that gut feeling that it was cute. And when I tried it on at home, it fit me too perfectly and even she said she was glad I got it! It's vintage and floraly and the collar is strange, but that makes it all the better!
Last week, I was at Target, and while part of my becoming an adult has been to limit my impulse shopping, I found tights for $1.75. And, also despite of my becoming an adult and telling myself I wouldn't buy opaque tights ever again... I did. And these babies will never get a run in them!! Target officially is my new favorite to-go place for tights and these pairs are high on my list of 33 pairs. The pattern is so cool and unique among all I own!
I have this huge problem. You all know about my creepy obsession with Taylor Swift. Well, I am highly and very susceptible to crushing on everything. And I mean, everything. And, in fact, it might be even more than a crush because of the amount I love it. I'm that annoying girl in homeroom at 8AM on a Monday chirping away incessantly that could easily be tossed into the bimbo bin. Yes, I'm that girl. It might be more normal if I developed these crushes on people I knew personally, but it goes beyond that. Inanimate objects are not left out. In fact, they are a huge contributer to my list. And people I see in passing just once? I swoon every time I see someone even remotely adorable (and usually they're the dorks and girls dressed in cute clothes) and obsess over talking to them! Well, this doesn't become a huge problem until something happens, like today, when I'm talking loudly in the foodzoo about my new friend so and so that I sat next to in biology...and I turn around, and realize that during the entire 40 minute dinner, they were right there. The person I was ranting about that I exchanged two words with. Whoops!!! (Might I add that I had this sort of crush on Niklaas after just one plane ride and was dying to become his friend.)
dress- Goodwill tights- Target boots- Niklaas necklace- Alex belt- momma
Anyways, I've been very, very lazy these past two days. I didn't do my homework last night. And today I said I was going to write a lab report due next week, polish my paper, do my homework for the third time, and read my textbook....and I did... half of two things. Yikes. So, this means, I need to go to bed right this very minute so that I'll have the energy tomorrow to get things accomplished!


Alex said...

Maggie I LOVE that dress! It's not ugly at all - the pattern is so sweet and I adore those buttons.

Glad you had such a nice time with Niklaas :)

ps - you absolutely must come to Europe. Start saving now.

Steffys Pros and Cons said...

aw so happy for you! and you look so pretty, i love your shoes so much!

Rachel said...

You look so lovely! I can't see how that dress could be considered "ugly", especially the way you've styled it!

Rachelous said...

Glad you got that dress it's lovely and fits you like a glove! Aww what a sweet surprise to see Niklaas like that, glad you had fun :) xx

Leah said...

Love that outfit you're so wonderful ! The dress is just perfect !
Thanks for your comment, you're sweet ;)

Have a nice day, xx leah.

Julie Iliana said...

bahahaha I love the crushing story! I could just imagine how you felt :S but at least they got to know how you feel about them, and you weren't saying bad things so that's a good thing! poor you :) you look cute! I envy you for wearing tights so well. I can't seem to wear them in the right way, ha.

PS- I should look for a knock off pair! F21 perhaps.


~Abby~ said...

Aww how sweet of Niklaas! I'm glad you got to spend some time with him. :)
I am absolutely in love with Adele's song Rolling in the Deep!:)

What a cute dress! It went well with the weather...Does that even make sense? It does to me. Haha.

I love seeing the mountains in the background of your pictures. I'm from Indiana, and there aren't any beautiful snow-topped mountains! So I enjoy looking at your pictures. :]

Ahhh! I'm like that too with people! Everytime I see someone adorably cute or unique, I just wanna give them a big hug and be there best friend! I obsess over them! It's so weird. :P

I must get back to working on a report about Hitler..due Monday! Ugh, this is what I'm working on during my spring break! But I had to stop and come read Maggie's post! Haha. ;)


Anya Rudn said...

Your a cutie!! Love your dress! =)

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Your newest follower,

jamie said...

tights for under $2? lucky you :) you are so adorable and as always, im loving this look. muah!

Abbey said...

What fun!! It'll be so cool when y'all are at the same school again. :) You look adorable in that dress! I am definitely a sweats girl too. I just got home from class and I'm already in my polka dotted pjs. oh well. :)

And adele's new album is probably one of my favorites of all time.

Kuleigh said...

I can't believe you got that dress from goodwill! I love the shape of it. I'm glad you got to see your boy! So exciting.

Jen said...

You look so gorgeous in this dress and I'm so happy you decided to snatch it up despite what you friend said! Follow your gut! I'm so excited for you that you got to see Niklaas even though he was sick. It must've been nice just to be able to see him and be with him :)

Natalie said...

YAY NIKLAAS. :) I'm glad you guys got to spend some quality time together even though he was sick! And psh, that dress is definitely not even close to being ugly... it's so quirky and cute and goes amazingly with the tights and boots and all! $1.75 is not a bad deal at all, haha. I'm definitely the kind of person that either puts effort into what I'm wearing OR just wears pajamas. :D

Good luck getting everything that your procrastination prevented you from doing before done! ...Whew, that sentence was kind of awkwardly written but whatever, you get the point. :)

Renée said...

you look so cute!!

Marie @ Lemondrop Vintage said...

Lovely print mix! Yea Goodwill dresses!

Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
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Amber Blue Bird said...

cant believe you got that dress at Goodwill, its so cute. Oh and 33 pairs of tights?!?! You put my tight collection to shame

elanor, said...

i have those tights! they've never ripped at all, too! one of my favorites. :) and your dress is adorable! too cute, girl.


haze said...

darling, you look a lot prettier when you're with Niklaas! look at that smile :)

p.s. love the dress... and ohh! that tights!

Alex said...

yay for the necklace :DDDDDD it looks exactly as I hoped it would! And that dress is beautiful! but yeah, I get your friend Maggie... sometimes you see some things on the racks and you just go like "nah, not good" but once you try it on, your perspective changes dramatically :p happens to me all the time! it looks beautiful! and I am so happy you saw Niklaas! I want to meet you guys :p you must be the greatest couple ever!

Amber Rose, Laughing With Broken Eyes said...

Now I keep singing "Who's that girl?" !!

You are such a personable, down-to-earth sweetheart!

Seriously, I just adore you. I can't say that enough.

This dress is amazing-- such a wonderful thrift-find. That collar is so unusual, but I love it. I'm so so so glad your boooyyyy is with you. My heart is happy. xoxo

Amber Rose, Laughing With Broken Eyes said...

I just realize that I press "enter" a lot







Roma said...

happy you have a go to place for tights :) and a dollar for tights? that sounds cheap... :) here in the philippines..tights are not easy to find. if you do find one, they're expensive. around P500 so roughly $10.

and oh..happy you got to spend time with niklaas :)

Roma said...

happy you have a go to place for tights :) and a dollar for tights? that sounds cheap... :) here in the philippines..tights are not easy to find. if you do find one, they're expensive. around P500 so roughly $10.

and oh..happy you got to spend time with niklaas :)

Viv said...

beautiful photos, i'm in love with the dress and how you styled it!

Rosie said...

Ahh, glad you had a nice time :)
I personally love the neckline of the dress,

Rosie x

Annebeth said...

beautiful beautiful dress! and I am crushing on your adorable little story, haha, you sound like such a character :D I get excited easily too, but I don't develop crushes on people! :D I do gush though. Oh well :D

EevvaStyle said...

wow, i really love this dress!

Francesca said...

cute photos. my sister makes rips in her opaque stockings hours after wearing a brand new pair lol x

Courtney Erin said...

I think that dress is a great Goodwill find! Very cute and the pattern is lovely.

xoxo ~ Courtney

Jasmine, Transient Withdrawal said...

Love these photos on the bridge :) You and Niklaas are so cute! Love that you kept the dress even though your friend told you against it! It looks so good on you and will be perfect sans tights in the upcoming warmer months!

Rebekka Seale said...

So cute and I LOVE your tights!!!

Bonnie said...

You are way too damn cute.
These pictures and that outfit are amazing.
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Lea said...

Your posts make me so so happy :) Just sayin'

You look so happy and pretty in these photos. I love how your posts are a mix of outfit and life too. The balance in wonderful.

The buttons on that dress are such a cute little detail. As is your little birdie necklace.

<3 Lea

arielle @ a beautiful journey. said...

oh i LOVE your outfit!

especially the boots and necklace...and the dress, all just lovely :)

Coralie said...

You were right not to listen to your friend, because this dress is gorgeous ! It's really vintage and totally your style, I really like it :)

Thanks for your comment !


Rosy (of Raindrops on Rosy) said...

I love this outfit so much it makes my heart hurt that I don’t have it! I have never bought tights from Target but I will definitely hit it up now:) That’s neat that you had a special visitor! I love that:) I think if I found something like this at Goodwill I would cry of excitement! What a great buy!

Ginger Snap'♥ said...

That dress is GORGEOUS! I want one like this, them boots are so cute aswell! I think i want them too haha. Thanks for the comment.

KateLainey said...

I gotta go to Target and get some $1.75 tights! Beautiful dress and landscape! :)

A Certain Vintage said...

thanks for commenting on my blog! can't believe the bargain of your tights and this dress is so cute with the little flower buttons. Sweet photos, you look so happy...sounds like you had a great time :)

Caroline Ergy Erg said...

These photos are ever so lovely :D i really like your outfit too!

Laura said...

lovely pictures! i'm glad you had a good time with the boy!
and that dress looks beautiful on you!


Catherine said...

Ah, sounds like you had a great time with Niklaas! I'm so glad for you that you did get that dress - it fits you perfectly! Sometimes seemingly bad pieces end up looking wonderful.

Also, I'm sorta prone to the same kind of crushes! I had a huge crush on some guy that went to my school... and then two years into said crush, I finally talked to him. It's been pretty much a year that I've been with him. Weird, right?


GoodFrameofMind said...

Well, isn't your blog lovely? This whole outfit is styled to a T!

Heart Charlie said...

Oh I love your printed dress!! And again with the perfect belt accessory!! You are the queen of the belted look officially!!

Rachel said...

I love scruffed up boots. They look great on you.

Victoria said...

Wonderful photos ! Love the colors ! :)
And awww, you're making me miss Target and Goodwill! Two of my favorite places in California :D

Les Deux Filles said...

You are just so so so cute in writing and pictures, that I just want to give you a big hug :D

I'm so glad you got to see Niklaas again! Though I still think that the way his name is spelled is absolutely bizarre, in a good way!

Collections said...

Love the dress.

LAVEL said...

So nice dress and so nice photos :>

Meg! said...

Ah, that's such a great dress! I can't believe you found it at the Missoula Goodwill, I never found ANYTHING decent there. It has a funky smell. And you're on the walking bridge, I used to walk across that every day on the way to class my last year of school. We lived right near Kiwanis Park! I don't miss that walk... so cold in winter. :P