Friday, March 29

to heck with it all!

excuse me for the next nine days while i just forget about everything. every little thing. DSC_3399
school, last year, people getting your phone numbers in the last week and oh my heck what is that about, snapchat creepers, things that are annoying, chores, spending all of my money on gas, charles dickens and genetics, and how much money this plane ticket cost me.

because, none of it will matter! least, not until april 8th. but that's okay. something tells me it'll all be okay after nine days of bliss. and even if it's not... it's nine days. of not thinking about anything.

i assure you, however, the one thing i won't forget is my cat. who i will miss my daily cuddle sessions with.


Shawnee said...

ahhhh; ENJOY your vacation!! just live it up + forget all worries and responsibilites :)

kylee said...

snapchat creepers?! TAKE ME TO HAWAII WITH YOU!

Beautifully Pure said...

What a pretty picture! <3

Enjoy your vacay! I can't wait till my summer get away!

Isabella said...

Nine days in bliss - I'm jealous!
Have a fantastic vacation. You deserve it!
Isabella xo

Hannah said...

Woooohooo vacation!!! Make it your best one yet, girl! :)