Wednesday, March 27

just so you know

  • there are some things you don't know about me. things that people who know me even moderately well in real life know that i'm sure roll their eyes when they read my blog because  well, i am not one without serious faults. i have many. and a big one happens to be that i eat like a five year old. maybe even a four year old. my mom visited this week as we all know and she filled my pantry and refrigerator with healthy foods. let's just say i was forced to eat three whole servings of vegetables and fruit in one meal which is maybe more than i eat in a week. this is progress, friends.
  • also, i know. i'm actually a horrible human being, you see.
  • you know when you need a haircut so badly you end up not even bothering if you blow dry it anymore and just kind of put it in a wet pony tail all day? i was getting so desperate i didn't even try with the wet pony tail and have gone to class with wet hair for almost two weeks. so i made a last minute appointment with my guru hair stylist who fit me in the only time she could before i leave for spring break. unfortunately, it was at the exact time my last class of the day got out so i kindly asked my lab TA if i could leave ten minutes early for an "appointment". she smiled and said of course. yeah. oops.
  • i tend to overreact about... everything. so that a hundred texts get sent to the same person about it until unremarkably everything is... fine. 
  • someone in an enormous truck with tires taller than i am parked behind me today in the very clearly marked compact parking area. i may have accidentally bumped him while reversing out of my parking space ( accident, in all seriousness) but i didn't feel guilty in the slightest and secretly kind of hoped i'd left even a tiny scratch.
  • at the josh ritter concert when the girl next to me asked me to stop singing so loudly, i sang louder. and when she said she thought she was in love with josh ritter to the girl next to her, i said as loudly as i could to my mom, "...AND THEN JOSH HUGGED ME AND ASKED IF MY NAME WAS MAGGIE BECAUSE HE THOUGHT HE REMEMBERED SEEING MY PICTURE." she definitely turned her back to me for the rest of the show.
  • ... i'm only finally announcing that nataly and heather won the greeting card giveaway! yay!


Paige said...

Haha this post made me laugh! Your not a horrible human being you are wonderful! Love the last part basically sounds like me at a gig! x

kylee said...

five year old twins! i eat mac & cheese way more often than i want to admit, and when we go to restaurants chicken fingers are my usual choice of food. overreacter twins too! hahahaha concerts are prime places for rude people; awesome people too though. the best is when the rude people end up being awesome by the end of the night. i might be considered one of the initial rude girls because hey, that's my spot and i don't want you standing in front of me or pushing me around.

Shawnee said...

haha. hahahah. seriously, i still think you're cool though. everyone always makes fun of me for eating like a little kid: string cheese, fruit snacks, bananas. like, okay.


Shelby said...

girl, you are not alone! i consume more fruit snacks, string cheese, and granola bars then most of the population of the U.S I'm sure of it. and I seriously just want to give you a hug and a high-five for your Josh Ritter experience. You are seriously the coolest person on the planet.

Shelby said...
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Shelby said...
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