Thursday, March 14

coffee in seattle

it was on my plane flight back to montana that i realized just how many planes i've been on in the last six months. i don't even want to count. it's a lot. and then i came home and the feeling of holy crap why did i leave my bedroom in this state before i left now i have to spend five hours catching up on all that i didn't do before i left set in. apparently i still haven't learned to clean everything before i leave. but, i was exhausted, so it wasn't until this afternoon that i looked at my bedroom floor and said to heck with all of this clutter! and i buckled down to it. it was the ultimate challenge! could i vacuum, do three loads of laundry, tidy everything, carry everything to my car and drive to the recycling center, do my homework, paint my nails, and do it all in less than five hours before bed!? turns out, i could! except when multitasking maggie gets busy, she gets way too far ahead of herself. and while all of my homework got done, the laundry was put in, and i even found time for a lovely run in the sixty degree weather, i may have put the laundry in before my shower resulting in an image i'm not going to dare describe to you. way to go, multitasking maggie. at least it's all done and i'm finally dry without the use of towels because they are still in the drier...?

anyways, outfit photos! what do you know! it's been a long time since those happened. while in seattle on sunday, i got to steal dillon (or rather, he stole me because he drove all the way out to where i was staying to get me) for the morning. breakfast and coffee at the sweetest little cafe occurred. just as we were leaving, he asked me if i wanted blog pictures taken. in my head i was like, you're asking ME!? because i'm so used to begging my friends and dragging tripods to railroad tracks by now. i even hesitated. so, we can all thank him for these pictures because it surely didn't cross my mind to even bother and in case you were ever wondering if i really do dress like this in the real world... i do. impractical skirts for montana wind and all! the realization that a long coat solves every skirt-blowing-in-the-wind problem was a big one in my life. har har har. but let me just say, this dress is my new go to for every occasion dress. so far it has met two incredibly dressed bloggers. 

aside from that i have exciting things that benefit you all if you can type a comment in an entry box soooooooon!

and thank you for the morning, dillon.
DSC_0281 DSC_0280 DSC_0294 DSC_0297 DSC_0278
dress: ruche // tights: modcloth // shoes: steve madden


Girl and Closet said...

Aw, go Dillon! Love that he offered to take photos... and you look beautiful, Maggie. Your hair is getting so long, it's just stunning + booties & dresses?!... My favourite combo on the planet! Ever!! xo

Shawnee said...

just know that you are lucky to fly that often! i'm incredibly envious. cuuute photos!

Two Happy Hearts said...

Cutest little dress!
You look beautiful.

Ashlyn said...

Ahaha, I love what you say about what you dress like in the real world. I dress the same whether I take pictures or not, so it is fun to hear that you are the same way. Multitasking can be dangerous even if it is efficient. I've found myself in a similar situation as you've alluded to. Hilarious.
Triple Thread

Hailey Devine said...

Okay, you are SO cute. That dress is perfect on you!

Hailey Devine

Rachel said...

That dress is gorgeous, where's it from?! It really suits your hair and skin colour :)

Mary said...

I love everything about you. Truly.

kylee said...

THAT OUTFIT! that dresssss. YES YES YES YES. i can't leave until my room is clean. in fact, i can't pack until my room is clean. same thing goes for christmas. i can't go to bed in a dirty room. weird? maybe.

Katie said...

You look adorable!! I love that dress + your hair! <3

And way to go Dillion for having the idea to take photos for you!

Jamie Rose said...

Haha the pictures of Dillon are awesome. I really love your heart tights paired with the pretty lace dress. You look adorable, as always!

lina said...

: )

ohhh dillon.