Monday, March 18

the dark side

today at noon, i finished my day, spotted one friend of mine i don't see on campus much anymore and never in class because i'm no longer a biology student and she is on the fast track to pre-medical science student success! i.e. she's going to get in. we meandered into the chemistry building where another one of my old science major buddies was slaving away on chemistry related things. she asks me how the english world is treating me. i ask her if she's going to OMG, the josh ritter concert in a week. 

her: "on a monday? i have a test the next day, i can't. i really can't!'

me: "oh, just do it anyways...!"


her and other friend simultaneously: "maggie, you are an english major."

oh, yeah. that's right. so then the subject of my schedule (being done at noon... what?) and free time ( have nothing to be doing right now?) was discussed and my friend says, "maggie, your life is weird."

my life is weird.

nah, it's not. i thought. and then i went home, ate a cupcake that was one of two dozen i made over the weekend during the day, curled up into bed because it had started snowing outside, opened my computer to watch only 30 episodes of the lizzie bennet diaries and somewhere in-between, i fell asleep. and didn't wake up until almost 6pm with my eyeliner rubbed off on one eye. and concluded that, yes, my life is weird in the sense that my homework takes no more than an hour to do most nights when a short time ago i definitely used to be friend #1 and #2. though not really, because even then i could study for hours and still just pass as a mediocre student. also, i have time to do things like curl my hair every other day and put on lipstick. and i work. and i have time to go running. and all i have is time, time, time. 

so maybe they have a point. and as my english advisor said today, "welcome to the dark side!" with an almost unsettling but still friendly toothy smile.   


Shelby said...

HAHA this is seriously the greatest, and i am sooo jealous! well, i think i am. haha every time i wish for more time and get it, i always feel like i have nothing to do and get bored. then i just eat... lots of food.. and watch tv. it's probably better that i don't have too much time! this post made me laugh. not what i was expecting by the title of the post. hahaha you are the best!

Shawnee said...

bahahha. this is awesome. english students, unite. {except i'm an art student too so those classes take up tiiiiiime} xoxo

also, cupcakes. yum.

Abbey said...

Sooo funny. I was literally in the same position as you.. ex-bio major turned to something happy and less time constraining. Also. THE LBD.

Z said...

wow this is so strange to me - I go to a liberal arts college where our main majors are film, television production, marketing, and writing/publishing. I'm in the writing/publishing boat and WE are the ones that get lots of work - that is, compared to all those majors. It's insane for them to imagine that we have several papers due in one week or copious amounts of reading, while they have a movie. Not to say I don't love and value them and their creative powers it's just...not fair, you know!? But, when you bring this up, I realize I'm just hella spoiled. Sure, maybe I have "a lot of work" compared to these guys but I could not IMAGINE studying a math or science in college. or even, like, TAKING a math or science class...