Wednesday, March 6

word vomit happens during midterms

it turns out during midterms, i really want to blog all the time for those 20 minutes of joyous word vomit i get to publish for the world to read. except, the problem of course, is that i don't have any new pictures to accompany said word vomit because i'm too busy not showering and wearing sweatshirts. and yoga pants. but don't tell anyone i said that. because i swore i'd never be an in-public yoga pants wearer let alone a yoga pants wearer at all unless i was doing the downward dog on a yoga mat.

so i apologize for these photograph less posts.

so here's what is up:

this song is getting me through midterm paper writing because it's just oh so catchy and also happy which reminds me that there is a world outside that is good and i'll return to it soon, the fact that the most popular missed connection in idaho is walmart made my entire week and i was not surprised in the least (i spend 87% of my time in idaho at walmart doing i don't even know what to tell you the truth), the fact that one of my papers i spent the past two nights working on i believed was supposed to be 6-8 pages only has to be 3-5 is just kind of soul crushing but uplifting all at once, my high school kin and fellow blogger pal has a kick butt photography site that kind of makes me want to snatch a boy off the street to be my staged boyfriend for a fake engagement shoot, in a moment of weakness today i almost bought this dress even though it would eat up half of my last paycheck and probably mean i couldn't get captain crunch or coffee creamer for the next month (i didn't get it, but i still want to), josh ritter released his new album and it's utter perfection, and sarah dessen has a new book coming out which i will admit you to judge me for being excited about but i couldn't care less because the truth about forever is still my second favorite book. sophie1
also, i really, really miss my sister. but that's a perpetual feeling that never really goes away. she's touring colleges next week and i'm just not ready for her to not be home when i go home on weekends. at the same time, she deserves all of the good things coming her way and the opportunities she's made for herself make us so proud.


Z said...

your word vomit is the best kind of vomit...if that's a compliment. :]]]

Shawnee said...

OMG I've read and obsessed over all of Sarah Dessen's books. Still love her. The Truth About Forever is my favorite.

Shawnee said...

*of hers, I mean

Abbey said...

Oh Sarah Dessen... she gives you the feels.

kylee said...

THAT SONG! oh my gosh, i love it. also, i just pinned that book to my 'to read' board.