Thursday, March 21

next week and i will try to get along better

at one point today, i only had $4.83 in my bank account. but i got paid and deposited my paycheck, so have no fear, i can afford to buy frozen strawberries and yogurt tonight.

after a really bad start to the week, i went on a long run on tuesday. and maybe it was because of something i saw on my run or the urge i was resisting to yell at more than a few people in my life, but i ran better than i ever have at a pace nearly two minutes faster than my usual. and my pace was even getting half way decent at that! trust me, this probably doesn't mean anything and was a one time thing because all i care about is actually getting the miles finished in any way, shape, or form.

the official countdown to hawaii has begun. ten days. t e n.

my fiction workshop right now is kind of a big joke in that almost no one turns in their work on time so none of the kids who do their work have any work to critique. because of this, i thankfully now have a homework free weekend and a short story deadline pushed forward which is good because so far i am completely out of ideas.

when at target and buying nail polish, i may be the horrible person that tests out every color i'm considering spending the $8 on because yes, those eight dollars go far. that's two packages of yogurt, am i supposed to blindly hope the color looks half as good on my fingernails as it does in the bottle!?

getting dressed for the day when it's spring in montana is the worst. somehow i always forget how frustrating it is to wake up and have to spend twenty minutes scraping ice off your car while it snows but then peel off your jacket and sweater by 2pm because it's almost 60 degrees. on the day i wore my rain boots, it snowed, rained, and was 57 degrees all at different times of the day.

it amazes me that no matter how mad something or someone can make me, when i go to work with the kids i nanny it all suddenly seems so trivial. we had one of our best afternoons together since i started in which we went to the park with a backpack full of books and laid on a blanket in the grass reading. we took breaks to look at the clouds and told stories about the shapes we saw. missoula was kind and gave us some sun for the afternoon and in one word it was magical.

my roommate sent me a picture of our cat and asked if we had cuddled earlier in the day because he smelled like my perfume. i was (5) photo (4) photo (7) photo (8) photo (6)


Z said...

your posts always brighten my day :]]] no exception here, lady - so glad you're having a better-ish week. And with running: YES. ohhhh I wish I could fully explain to people how much faster you run when you're mad. I had some serious boy issues last semester and I remember one morning I woke up, realized all the stupid stuff that had happened the night before, and just TOOK. OFF. Holy man did I run fast!!! Anyway, glad you at least got some mileage from it and are feeling better. :]]]

Shawnee said...

ah, running makes everything better. sounds like my english writing class lately.. everyone's slacking! i feel the mid-semester slide too though. but almost done!! and um, you're going to hawaii?!?! AWESOME

and i love your cat.

Natalie said...

I'm still so proud of you for your awesome run. You are a CHAMPION.

Oh, don't worry, I definitely try out all the nail polishes also. That stuff is damn expensive.


▲my• said...

I never thought to try them out! I hardly wear nail polish, but I have this fairly bad habit of buying it anyway, and buying it in different variations of the same colors... oops!

Oh. Bank account woes, I can relate.

Hawaii sounds exciting!

Krissy said...

Hahah few things are better than perfume scented pets after a good snuggle session!

Shawnee said...

OH! also I'm so glad that I'm not the only one who sometimes has less than ten dollars or even just cents in my bank account. WHEW. paycheck to paycheck sometimes. ha

thank you for the sweet blog comment -- and no worries, girl! I just love that I feel I can relate to you so well!