Friday, March 15

mole hill paper company giveaway!


one of my favorite and dearest blogger friends that i have had the upmost pleasure of knowing since i was a senior in high school and posting pictures of myself in awful floral forever21 dresses just opened a greeting card shop and they are to die for. trust me. so much so that i immediately emailed her and said that everyone in the world needed to know about her shop. because they are that darling. i pretty much begged her to let me host this giveaway if not just to spread the word that her quaint little shop exists and also because i will probably buy out her whole shop for the rest of my life. 
beccacards beccacards2
to enter!
  • leave one comment with your favorite card design from her shop.
  • include contact information so i can email the winners.
  • two winners will receive a greeting card pack of their choice!

*you don't need to be following my blog to enter!

**also, her blog is adorable, too, if you feel like saying hi! becca is a newly wed and was possibly the most beautiful bride i've ever seen. and her love story is one of the sweetest around, too.
happy friday!


rachel said...

I love the Happy Day Bunting card!

Breenah said...

Love the alfalfa mini greeting cards. They're so cute!

Shawnee said...

um..i'm supposed to pick just one?!? i absolutely LOVE them all! mae in coffee stain +happy day bunting though, if i had to. :)

thanks! xo

claire said...

what a great giveaway! it was seriously too hard to pick just one favorite but i had to decide on the "happy day bunting" it's just too cute! xx

Z said...

the raindrops one is so pretty! thanks for hosting this giveaway :]]

Megan Lane said...

Yay!! I am loving her new shop. The olive ewe dear one is prob my favorite, but they are all lovely.

Faith said...

How is a girl to choose?! I especially like the Tumbleweed set. :)

faithspeaks21 [at] gmail [dot] com

Nataly said...

The Happy Day Bunting is insanely cute!

lazy explorers said...

I love the Olive ewe one! So so cute.


Elaine Hearn said...

i love the rain drops one!

MB Isaac said...

Alfalfa mini greeting card (4-pack)- very cute

heather m said...

Mae in Coffee Stain, most definitely :)
I want them all!

Caroline Gant said...

becca is such a sweet person! love her!

my favorite in her shop is the mae mini greeting card. :)

In Response said...

We "olive ewe deer" is the best best best.

Well, actually olive Thomas and Becca the most most most...

-becca's bff M.M.
- thomas' bff E.M.

Krissy said...

The tumbleweed card is SO CUTE. Definitely my favorite