Tuesday, March 26

what i was wearing when i met THE josh ritter

when and if your favorite musician is in town, always:

- dress in your best. do your hair. wear lipstick. 
- walk around downtown especially near the venue on the off chance your favorite musician happens to be lost and looking for a way to get into the venue for their sound check.

i unfortunately forgot the last part of that.

forever my biggest regret as of an hour ago will be not asking for a picture while my iphone was in my hand and although he was lost, josh ritter took five minutes to talk to me and thank me for buying a ticket to his show. 

but really. my life is now complete. and this is what i was wearing when i met THE josh ritter and looked into the most beautiful eyes i've ever seen. too far? never.

and if you've never listened to josh ritter, you really should. he is the literal best. it was perhaps the best concert i've been to (i'm looking at you taylor swift)(I KNOW, I KNOW!) with the best set list i could have asked for. also, just as a note, it seems to me that if you are bothered by people next to you singing and dancing, don't stand in the front row! i tend to be a little bit enthusiastic at concerts. 
DSC_0411 DSC_0406
my "i just met josh ritter!!!" phone call to my mom and below, my reaction
about the whole thing. extremely accurate, really.
DSC_0423 DSC_0443 DSC_0422 DSC_0410
top- american eagle // skirt and cardigan- urban outfitters //
shoes: steve madden


Jasmine, Transient Withdrawal said...

This outfit and you are absolutely perfect!!! <3 I've actually never heard of Josh Ritter so I will go listen to his music when I get a chance :)

Jennifer said...

This outfit is just as adorable as you! And I can't believe you got to meet him! :D

kylee said...

woaaa american eagle?! win! i haven't been in that store for years.

Shawnee said...

aw! cutest! i'm going listen to him right meow.

Z said...

I've been meaning to write a "the time I met..." post for all the random musicians I've met for the longest time. this sounds so awesome though!!! so glad you got to meet him AND see his show :]]]

▲my• said...

That sweater is lovely! So are you!

Brooke Stapleton said...

so, SO jelly.

Jamie Rose said...

Haha that's awesome and I love your reaction pictures! You looked adorable while meeting him too! Your top is so cute and I really like this mix of black and brown.

Laura said...

That is so awesome! and you looked completely amazing by the way! I love that skirt and sweater - super cute!


Dus Katrina said...

bahaha i LOVE your face on the pic below your phone call. that's super cool to meet a singer you love & that he took time to talk to and thank you! i'd fail at the hair + lipstick part but you look amazin'! love the neuturals and mustard w/ lace, you are too hip!