Tuesday, March 19

i repeat: it's not weird, it's not weird

it's not weird to wear sweatpants to class. it's uncomfortable in that it is so comfortable and i kind of feel like i should be at home in bed which is the only place sweat pants usually happen because if i am too cozy at school i start to fall asleep. but it isn't weird.

it's not weird to be afraid to go to your hairdresser for the fourth time to get your bangs cut for free because you haven't paid for a haircut in six months. okay, it might be time for one. and my bangs definitely need it. but i don't think i can go back in there promising that yes, yes, i'll be back soon and give you money to do things with my hair until i actually have an appointment.

it's not weird to cry when taylor swift plays your favorite taylor swift song of all time never before played at a concert and replay it over and over again. also, not weird that it made your bad day okay.

it's not weird to have a terrible tuesday, no, the worst of tuesdays, and go get coldstone by yourself. it had to happen. it just had to. and did i feel better? yes.

it's not weird to accidentally befriend people that work in retail stores and your coffee baristas and grocery store cashiers... and, well, your friendly river hobo who you sometimes run into while literally running.

it's not weird to skype your best friend who lives in california and maybe accidentally bond with her boyfriend. and proceed to steal him and dominate the skype call with your conversations about scary movies and boys and city life compared to small town life. janelle, I APPROVE, and i'll make it up to you soon.

it's not weird to hang out with your "ex" and actually realize sometimes you need to hang out with someone who has known you the longest of anyone in your college town away from your home town. and yes, let's just establish that we are friends and it's actually kind of an underwhelming story.

it's not weird to realize the kid who's been talking to you since day one of lit but you kind of, maybe, wrote off for being a freshmen is actually a sophomore and therefore, suddenly befriend him in one class period. it's not weird. especially not to add him on facebook the same day. right!? it's not. it's not weird.

it's not weird to have owned this shirt for months and only now wear it on the blog. oops.
DSC_0369 DSC_0363 DSC_0371 DSC_0380 DSC_0393 DSC_0396
shirt- forever21 // skirt & belt- urban outfitters //
 lipstain- revlon in gothic


Shawnee said...

nope, not weird. quite relatable, actually. loveeee your shirt.

Shelby said...

you are literally the greatest. and i didn't find one weird thing about this post. not one.

Jasmine, Transient Withdrawal said...

And this is why I love you so so so so so much! <3

P.S. You wear red lipstick the best.

Z said...

nope, not weird at all! haha I love these little lists. :] and befriend that guy! eat that coldstone! go you!

Mary said...

I so agree with Shelby -- "the greatest" indeed. Also, I do solo ice cream dates all the time and never even questioned that it was a weird thing...

becca said...

nope, not weird.
just nice!
oh, so many nice, happy, unexpected things!

Ashlyn said...

Maybe it is all "weird" and that is just fine too. Then again, I can't imagine someone who doesn't have these types of incidents/quirks, so maybe none of it is so weird after all.
Lovely post from a lovely lady. Wish I knew more people like you IRL.

Laura said...

I love your outfit so much! That shirt is just amazing!