Thursday, March 7

my missoula family

oh hey, i've finished one whole paper and half of my second and it's only 9:13pm so of course i'm going to blog for 20 minutes, AGAIN. 

i always hated cats. let's get that much straight. i had one as a kid and it was too traumatizing of an experience to even bother reliving for the sake of a blog post. but really. he was an a w f u l cat. but i think the university of montana residence life gods knew that someday i would need a cat in my life so they handed me jenny. or maybe they handed me jenny because they knew i needed a 24/7 kind of human friend that i could count on for the rest of my college years that could accept my every flaw, go to walmart at 1am, listen to every country and pop song on the radio, tell me when girls were up to no good, eat pesto pizza, and be the best roommate soulmate i would have known to ask for. i barely scratched the surface. she keeps me sane here in montana. and you bet we have an anniversary and this august will be a third which is longer than i've known any single person here. 

anyways, back to the point. jenny brought along property this year when we moved off campus and this little guy is my second best friend (after jenny, of course). and i don't really know how it happened but loving this cat has made me love everything i love even more and then some. it's just a cat, maggie, is what you are all saying. but he isn't. property is like a dog in a cuddly soft maintenance free form. he can almost play fetch, he runs to the door when you get home, he sits on your lap while you do homework/watch one tree hill/talk on the phone to your parents, he plays hide and seek, and he is generally the biggest personality in our little apartment. and i can honestly say i've realized my mistake because now i have a huge heart for all cats alike. and dogs. and pets.

the three of us make the best group trio ever was. and without these two i would just be a melodramatic clothes hoarder by myself. 
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Shawnee said...

cuties!! what a sweet post. having a college family, a home away from home, is so important and fun :)

carly said...

as i was reading this, my own soulmate best friend kiwi cat came running up to my bed and is now purring his affection while attempting to spoon my arm.
i also caught myself showing off photos to my manager today, like he's my child. oh wait, he IS my child ;)
cats. what would we do without 'em?

Jamie Rose said...

I've always disliked cats too. I've never met one that was friendly in any way! Also the fact that I'm really quite allergic to them doesn't help.. I do enjoy ironic cat objects and cat printed things though...
Anyway, I'm glad your friend's cat is actually a nice, fun one! Maybe someday I'll meet a cat like that (and remember not to touch my face after touching it or anything it touched).

Maggie Shirley said...

This is such a cute post. I totally hate cats though.

lindsayisweird said...

My kitty is my best friend too. :) Where did you guys get those wonderful mugs??? They are adorable!