Sunday, March 24

polka dots and mint and being a lumberjack on saturday nights

yesterday, i confined myself to my bedroom with the door closed and a cat on my lap for the sole purpose of churning out a short story. i wrote. and wrote some more. and at the end of the day i hated every single word. despite what i said about my workshop previously, one thing about myself remains: i can't turn in something i'm not even the least bit proud of. so there you have it. finally, i gave up and realized i couldn't write something i could connect to from my room. if i needed ideas, i needed to get out of my bedroom and do something. i needed people and experiences and emotions to exaggerate. so i did just that. and today, my friends, in half the time i did it. i wrote a brand new story. it helped that last night was, well, interesting. maybe, just maybe the creative writing world is the only world in which procrastinating on your work by socializing and getting out of your bedroom is productive.

i'll give you a hint: montana has a thing called the forester's ball put on by the forestry department at my school in which swing dancing and flannel are required.

on a different note, my momma is coming to town to visit me and attend a concert tomorrow and i'm looking forward to some much needed mom time. moms really are the smartest people when it comes to everything, aren't they? they have the answers to it all.

also, this outfit happened sort of very accidentally. as in, i was downtown with my camera and best friend/roommate and was like, well hey, i haven't been taking outfit photos very frequently lately so now is as good a time as any! so thank you miss jenny. for procrastinating with me and being the best saturday night gal there is.
DSC_0375 DSC_0402 DSC_0397 copy DSC_0384
shirt: modcloth // skirt: francessca's // tights: the gap //
scarf: jcrew // boots: steve madden


Shawnee said...

writing is funny like that. actually, all art. "Art is never finished - only abandoned." -leonardo da vinci

sounds like an interesting night!! it's fun to change it up. and moms really are the best. <3

sunglasses in your outfit posts = spring MUST be coming. (crossing my fingers) love the boots!


Kirsten said...

UMMMM YES. I love this outfit. It is all cute and minty fresh. PS cats are excellent writing assistants. :)


Mary said...

"moms really are the smartest people when it comes to everything, aren't they? they have the answers to it all."

yes yes yes yes yes

Ani Barrington said...

Loooove this outfit! Love mom time too!

Natalie said...

Haha, oh my. I kind of really want to read this short story now. It's definitely true that most of the work in writing something is done in having the experience that serves as the inspiration for it. I love the color of that shirt and no lie I wore a dark blue polka dot skirt today too. Twins~~.

Katie Aman said...

Me oh my, I love everything about this look! Mint and navy is such a fun, beautiful combination. I love that you added a striped scarf too-it pairs so well with the polka dots! I always wish I had the talent of writing. That went to my older sister and she is amazing! I always envy those of you who are able to put pretty words onto paper :)

Jamie Rose said...

Mint and navy blue look so pretty together! I just love your polka dot skirt paired with the striped scarf too. Such a cute mix of color and print in this outfit. You definitely look very spring-y! I hope you have a fun time with your mom tomorrow!

Minh Nguyen said...

You look so lovely! Polka dots are the cutest ^^

Malin Rouge said...

This outfit looks soo good on you :)
I'm really into stripes and dots lately and I simply love this look!
I just stumbled across your blog and I really like your cute style :)
I’m following you now and I’m looking forward to your new posts :)
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Tieka, Selective Potential said...

You're such a cutie. Love this outfit. :)

Krissy said...

I love Francesca's. And that skirt

Oh, and so jealous of Hawaii, have fun!

kylee said...

i sincerely and whole-heartedly love your writing life. i love that it's raw and real, and that you are experiencing so much from digging deeper into this passion of yours. i love that your mom is coming for the concert.

Z said...

I'm the same way with writing - I usually write out my essays (I write nonfiction) in one big push, usually between 2 and 4 in the morning. And also...the night before it's due. I need to be in a crunch to turn out good writing! but yeah, I try to get out of my room and even try writing in a common room or friend's room, then the words just flow! glad you finally got a draft you were happy with.

▲my• said...

Always jealous of your hair. Always.

Laura said...

That skirt is AMAZING! oh my goodness, how adorable.


Dus Katrina said...

i dont do anything creative for my homework in grad school but def get stuck just sitting there staring at my textbook and also find a change of scenery helps. and fun distractions liek that never hurt either. flannel plus swing sounds like the best thing ever. did u get pics? like the simple chic look of this outfit too w/ the understated colro combo.