Sunday, March 17

habits i should probably put an end to

i should probably stop taking naps after dinner. i'm blaming daylight savings. because yes, it does still feel like i'm waking up at 6:00 instead of 7:00am.

i should probably stop reading two books at once because splitting my study break between the two never works. oh, it's time to switch to the maze runner? but they just found another lead on the quest to find out where margo went! oh it's time to switch to paper towns? but holy crap, there is a GIRL in the glade now!

i should probably, no definitely, stop reacting audibly when i see boys i gave nicknames to freshmen year (...who i never actually introduced myself to) that are still adorable as juniors at the same coffee shop as me. especially when i know they are creative writing majors and i mean, that's just kind of adorable in itself.

i should probably not go to target when it's that time of month because every single thing i might even want a teeny bit can be justified by an emotion. OF COURSE i need a new tea flavor, tea makes me relax  OF COURSE i need new running shorts, exercise does wonders when you otherwise feel like curling up into a ball! OF COURSE i need nail polish, i just deserve it. ugh ugh ugh. not okay. in my defense i definitely only bought those three things...

i should probably stop wearing the same outfit two days in a row just because i have different classes each day so i figure no one will notice. they noticed. twice.

i should probably stop thinking sometimes because sometimes i think too much.

i should probably stop watching the '22' music video by taylor swift. well, maybe not.

i should probably stop meeting people from the internet because they're always more awesome than i expect them to be and i hate that they live so far away.

i should probably stop wearing snow boots to class because seven times out of ten it's 50 degrees by 3pm even when its 20 when i walk out the door. but the other three times it does snow, so there's no telling in montana what to wear in march.

i should probably stop making peanut butter cupcakes with peanut butter cream cheese frosting. from scratch. because now i'll never be able to bake anything else again. and i may not be able to run a race because of how many i expect i'll consume.

i should probably stop trying to make 'yo' happen in every day dialogue. no, wait, i shouldn't. because today my coffee barista greeted me with a profoundly enthusiastic YO! and my heart melted. 


lazy explorers said...

You are the cutest person, I hope you know. This list is adorable, and you shouldn't stop any of it.

Shawnee said...

i love your lists. and i just about died because i have the same classes, every other day. sooo yep i definitely am an outfit repeater. it's just easier, ya know?

also, michigan's weather is just as crazy.. lately: bring sunglasses. no matter what. even if there's a snowstorm in the morning. on that note, always wear boots. oops.


Katie said...

I love your random posts, and this one is great! I'm jealous of the 50 degree weather you get seven out of ten days. It's been in the high 20's low 30's where I live. Blech!

kylee said...

MAGGIE!!!! THE MAZE RUNNER! why didn't you tell me you started it?!?! are you loving it?! target has theeee best running shorts. all of mine.. from the kids section. peanut butter cupcakes whaaaa? want. now. yo, i'm always trying to make yo happen but every time i type or text it out i overthink it and delete it.

Natalie said...


Yes yes yes to the meeting people from the internet thing. Except no no no do not stop meeting them because they're awesome. It's just the fact that it's so distressing to then not live anywhere near them. So many problems.


Z said...

why does every blog post you write make me want to collapse into a pile of pillows and scream MEE TOOO really loudly?! that was a terrible image but YES I feel you. and I still see a lot of cute creative writing majors and my heart just breaks. and snow boots are dumb.
that's all the normal-ish comments i have to make at one in the morning.

Tsu said...

You CAN make YO happen.
Make it happen!

You are awesome!